7 Facts about St. Patrick’s Day: March 17th from a Grade One Perspective

I must confess… I love St. Patrick’s Day—probably more than any other holiday. One reason could be that my birthday is the day before St. Patty’s Day. I have always enjoyed celebrating my birthday with a green cake. Another reason...it’s just plain cool. Who doesn’t like to be green for a day?

I was subbing in an elementary school on St. Patrick’s Day and was given some unique insights into this special day from the grade ones I was working with.

Please Note: The facts below were supplied by grade one students.

Did You Know...

Fact #1) On March 17th, everyone must wear green or they will get pinched. But, you can’t get pinched in school, because it’s against the rules. The teacher said so.

Fact #2) People from Ireland are called leprechauns.

Fact #3) Leprechauns love rainbows and keep a pot of gold on the end of rainbows.

Fact #4) Leprechauns are attracted to green things and shiny things and when you put both of these things in a shoebox that is painted green… voila! You get a leprechaun trap.

Fact #5) If a leprechaun visits your house (or classroom), he will leave you a gold coin. I guess this is true, for the grade ones made leprechaun traps and there were tiny green footprints leading to each of the boxes. And, there were gold coins made of chocolate in the traps for each student. Lucky kids! I think I need to make a leprechaun trap for my birthday… then I’ll have some chocolate to share with friends and family.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/like_the_grand_canyon/2840592864/
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/like_the_grand_canyon/2840592864/

Fact #6) Leprechauns are bossy and sneaky. They love hiding your stuff, pulling your hair and tugging on your clothes. Wow! Definitely not pleasant! Are leprechauns like brothers and sisters then?

Fact #7) The number of leprechauns is debatable. One student said there are 1000 leprechauns in the world. One student strongly disagreed, insisting there were only 900 leprechauns. One girl admitted she didn’t know exactly how many leprechauns there are in this world. Of course, she knew there are lots of them out there. But, one thing she knew for sure… she saw three leprechauns when she was down in Palm Springs.

What else do you know about St. Patrick’s Day?

An Example of a Leprechaun Trap

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Mr. Smith profile image

Mr. Smith 5 years ago from California

That's a great list. What's up with Palm Springs?

Time4Travel profile image

Time4Travel 5 years ago from Canada Author

I know, right! I was wondering that too.

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