Cheap Christmas Gifts


Cheap Christmas Gifts (That look expensive!)

Christmas is a time for giving, but with many of us having to tighten our belts in recent times, we also need to find a cost effective way to give gifts to those around us. This guide contains a hand picked selection of cheap Christmas gifts that the recipient will love!

With careful selection you can find the perfect gift even when on a limited budget. However, we have done most of the searching for you and picked out a large number of this years top gifts for those shopping on a budget.

In order to make things easier for you to find gifts are arranged into sections so you can quickly scroll down to the section that interests you.

Christmas Gifts For Her

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a female when on a budget can be tricky, but there are many, many gifts that seem luxurious and yet are actually remarkably cost effective.

Although gifts like perfume seem like they might be too expensive to someone shopping on a budget, there are cheaper options that are just as great as the pricier choices. Many perfumes also have a range of body lotions and this can be a great way to buy a scent without having to pay the full price for perfume.

How about a gift that will help her to remember you all year long? With a magazine subscription to her favorite magazine she will get a whole year's worth of enjoyment from your gift.

Alternatively, how about a picture frame with a picture of the people or animals that she loves the most? Gifts like this can become people's most treasured possessions.

Every woman loves a home filled with candles and they can make a surprisingly cost effective gift that you can give to anyone. Mother in laws, traditionally very difficult to buy for, love to receive candles.

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Gifts For Him

Fortunately when buying for men there are a multitude of gifts that are both useful and relatively inexpensive.

Whether you are buying for a husband, co-worker, friend or relative there are a large number of inexpensive gifts that he is sure to like.

Want something entirely different for the man in your life? How about an experience gift such as driving a racing car, flying in a hot air balloon or one of hundreds of other unique gifts for men. Starting at only $50 you can see all the options at Amazing Gifts for Him

Does your man love trying new beers? How about his own home brew kit so that he can attempt to brew his own beers at home?

Is he King of the BBQ? Many men see the BBQ as their exclusive domain and this fantastic apron and BBQ set will make him feel like the BBQ chef that he is. 

If the man you are buying for is more of a wine buff than a beer guru what about a combined wine chiller and opener?

Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription is a fantastic way to give a gift that keeps giving all year long. Not only that but buying magazines by subscription is remarkably cost effective. There are thousands of different magazines available as gift subscriptions on Clicking on any of the links below will take you to a page where you can select the magazine of your choice. 

Magazine Subscriptions

Christmas gifts for girls

Christmas gifts for girls can be tricky to choose unless you know what their current likes and dislikes are as at this age their tastes can quickly change.

This selection of gifts will appeal to girls of all ages from toddlers to tweens alike.

It is worth bearing in mind that although stuffed toys seem like a cute present from an adult unless the child you are buying for actively collects stuffed toys most children have an abundance of such toys from birth. Instead, choose something that encourages imaginative or active play.

At the moment most little girls love Zhu Zhu Pets and this hamster Jilly is the newest kid on the block, sure to make any little girl very, very happy. 

How about a timeless Disney classic such as Mary Poppins? Little girls love this enthralling adventure film. 

Little girls often have lots of dolls but this doll care set will allow them to play a whole range of new games with the dolls that they already have. 

Gifts For Boys

Boys will be boys, and any of these Christmas gifts will allow them to be just that!

Fire up their imaginations with some lego, whether it be Star Wars or Bob the builder lego they are sure to love it and have hours of fun creating and playing with their masterpieces.

A scooter is a fantastic present for any child as even young children can ride them very easily, and older children still love them as they devise new tricks and ways of going faster.

Nerf guns are this year's hottest toy for boys and this one here is not only great fun but also inexpensive too.

Remember how much you loved Star Wars as a child? There is now a whole new generation of Star Wars fans all loving it just as much as the original fans did....

Hot wheels are another toy which are just as much fun now as they always were. This great hot wheels case has room for 48 cars, so if you know a little man with a lot of cars this could be just the thing that they need. 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...

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