Christmas Cards From Australia

Christmas is the biggest event in the Australian calendar, it is the beginning of summer month. It marks the end of the school examinations and the start of long summer holidays. it is always hot during the Christmas season, some people celebrate the day by going down to the beach for a swim and a barbecue with friends and family on Christmas day.

But majority of Australian still follows Northern Hemisphere traditions - a family lunch, exchange of presents, Christmas cards showing Christmas trees half buried in snow, but recently I have noticed that there are a several Christmas cards now with Australian themes..

Here are some Australian Christmas cards that I have received over the years, most of them have koalas and kangaroos as the main attractions.

Season's Greetings From Australia

Merry Aussie Christmas

A Snow Free Christmas Zone

Christmas at the beach.
Christmas at the beach.

Santa at the Beach

Merry Christmas from Down Under!

Boxing Day Races at the Sydney Harbour
Boxing Day Races at the Sydney Harbour

Season's Greetings From Australia

Happy Holidays

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Brian Agnew 6 years ago

Is the card - boxing day races at sydney harbour still available.



Nancy 6 years ago

I'm confused as to what this site actually is. I am trying to find boxes of Australian themed Christmas cards to send out this year for Christmas. It doesn't look like you can order any of the above shown Christmas cards as it doesn't list a price or anything that you can click that says "Add to my Cart"... Does anyone know where you can order these cards?

xtine 6 years ago

i was curious to know what the xmas cards looked like for austrailia as england has snowy ones, i pictured them all summerry which felt weird to me to know their christmas is summer time lol


a christmas festival with jesus,parents and sheperds.

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

funny I have four of the same one and lots more that are different.

I like them

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