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Christmas in July is a holiday to cherish. It's a special time to spend with friends, family and loved ones and the perfect time to exchange Christmas gifts as a gesture to show you truly care.

Yes, that magical time of the year we call "The Holidays" is sneaking closer everyday now and we have a bunch of fresh Christmas gift ideas for everybody on your Christmas in July gift list. Welcome to our popular Christmas Gift Guide featuring the Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for 2014. Your search for the best (photo credit: gifts starts here and ends with a big happy grin when your loved ones see all the gorgeous goodies you have picked out of our popular gift guides! Below in our Holiday Gift Guide hub you'll find links to our helpful, quick-shop gift guides spotlighting both popular & unique Christmas presents they'll love.

Whether your shopping for toddler gifts, boys gifts, girls gifts, gifts for him or gifts for her we have a wonderful gift guide bursting at the seams with the freshest Christmas Presents for 2014, we even have a fabulous guide to Christmas Stocking Stuffers that your going to love.

Plus, in addition to featuring direct links to the Best Christmas Gift Guides of the holiday season, we boast a cool interactive visitor poll to determine our Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2014. What makes our poll unique and different is that anybody can add to our top ten list of Xmas gift ideas, and everyone is encouraged to vote for what they feel are the hottest gifts of the season.

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Gifts for Infants & Babies Ages 0-1 & 2 yrs.

Christmas Gifts for Toddlers Ages 3 & 4

Christmas Gifts for Girls ages 5, 6, 7 & 8

Xmas Gifts for Boys ages 5, 6, 7 & 8 yrs. old

Nice Gifts for Tween Girls 9, 10, 11 & 12

Cool Gifts for Tween Boys 9, 10, 11 & 12

Gifts for Teen Girls 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18

Gifts for Teen Boys 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18

Christmas Gifts Especially for Her

Wonderful Gift Ideas Just for Him

Awesome Gifts for Video Gamers

Eco Friendly Gifts

Stocking Stuffers

Personalized Gifts

Choose for me, dear Santa Claus
You will know the best!

Old-Fashioned Christmas in July Candy Mix

Retro Christmas candy medly brings smiles to those happy faces...

For me anyway, candy is one of those triggers that totally brings back cherished memories from childhood. It's like that bota bag of hot spiced cider which reminds me of tubing at the local sledding hill, or hot chocolate that conjures up memories of ice skating at the local public rink.

I love those old-fashioned traditional red & white peppermint candy canes that remind me of decorating our family Christmas tree. Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year for candy and over the years we all have some favorites that we love.

A retro candy Gift Basket may just be the perfect present or thing to bring nearly any holiday celebration because it features hand selected pieces of delicious nostalgic Christmas candy specially chosen to bring back a flood of memories of days gone by. A real blast from the past!

Baby & Infant Gifts.

The Best Baby Gifts for 2014 are those gifts that are given by a thoughtful friend or family member. It's really not to hard to find a wonderful baby gift. Just think about what the mom may need right after the baby arrives, and also what she and the baby may be able to use in the future, or what the baby would enjoy playing with at this stage of development and your all set.

What are the top baby gifts for 2014? Stop by our enormous Baby Gift Guide right here at Squidoo. It features tons of cute, yet practical Christmas Presents for baby and for Mom.

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Toddler Gift Ideas

Shopping for toddler gifts is fun! The thing to keep in mind when you buy a toddler gift, resist the temptation to get a gift that doesn't fit in the age range of the toddler on your Christmas list. If you buy a toy that isn't intended for the toddlers age range, even if you think it's cute or cool there's a strong chance that the child won't understand how to use it and therefore probably won't like it.

The good news is that the wide selection of Toddler Gifts. is simply amazing, so it's easy to find an appropriate gift for toddlers. Even at 3 or 4 years old you'd be surprised how toddlers know what they like, so if your lucky enough to be around the child your job should be easy, as you know what they like. If your not a part of their world, simply ask the parent or guardian for ideas.

Immediately below is a link to our extremely popular Toddler Gift Guide right here at Squidoo. Stop in for plenty of Xmas gifts for toddler boys and girls.

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Xmas Gifts for Boys - Top Xmas gifts for boys ages 5, 6, 7 & 8 years old...

Top 10 Boys Gifts

If the little boy on your Christmas gift list tells you what he wants for his Christmas present this holiday, and it is within your budget, then your problem is solved. Well, as long as the Boys Gift is not something that is potentially dangerous or inappropriate!

What if the boy does not tell you what gift he wants, or the Xmas gift he asks for is out of the question? Our holiday shopping guide is packed with really cool boys

presents which are age appropriate for him. Stuff you really can't go wrong with because they are universally loved.

Please check-out the Top 10 Boys Gifts at our popular Squidoo Gift Guide which is packed with this holidays most popular presents for boys.

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Gift Guide for Girls

Younger girls between 5 and 8 years old generally speaking love all types of dolls. They like baby dolls, Barbie dolls, tiny dolls, doll houses and all the accessories that go with them, so they are again one of the Top Girls Gift Picks for 2014.

Besides dolls and her very own bike, one of the best Girls Christmas Presents you can give her and a huge hit with girls in this age group are arts & crafts category which include painting, coloring, beads, jewelry making; anything she can create on her own, and especially something she can show off to her friends! Anything that spruces up her room and makes it more personal is also a great gift idea for girls. Another thing that makes a great girls gifts are playhouses and themed tents which give her the feeling that she's in her little domain to play make-believe.

Looking for more nice gift ideas for girls? We feature hundreds more unique girls gifts at our Gift Guide for Girls where we present a wide selection of fresh new gift ideas. Choose from arts and crafts gift ideas, electronic gifts, cute gifts, sports, doll houses and much more.

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Tween Boy Gift Ideas

This could be the best time ever to be a tween boy! I mean, today's gift ideas for tween boys are absolutely the off-the-hook. From LEGO's, gnarly R/C Trucks, cars, helicopters and real working spy gear, to the coolest gifts ever for the video game & music lover, it's hard to pick only one, there are so many awesome gifts for boys

out there.

Don't know what to get the boy? Ask! Of course if you ask the mom and dad what you should get their tween boy for Christmas, the parent will probably recommend books or clothing. You know, practical gifts. If you ask the boy what he wants for Christmas he'll most likely tell you he wants a PS4, XBox One, a video game or an R/C heli, surprise-surprise he wants the fun stuff. So how do you reconcile the two? Carefully chosen video games and board games with an educational twist might meet both sets of criteria for a good boys gift. Snap circuits, erector sets and science games would be a hit with both kids and parents. So would board games that require thinking or language skills. Fun and educational gifts for kids can make great Christmas presents too.

Some boys are more athletic. If he is into playing sports, extreme sports or a big sports fan

If you have an older boy in his tween's on your Christmas gift list, below are some totally awesome tween boys gifts we think he's really going to like.

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Nice Tween Girl Gifts

Finding the perfect Xmas gift for pre-teen girls is no simple task. With their style and fashion needs, you may be required to think outside the box on this girls gift giving adventure. The good news is that regardless of what you buy, she is sure to love the fact that you thought of her and got her a nice present. There are many gifts that are perfect for girls in this particular age bracket such as board games or video games.

In their tweens many girls begin to show an interest in putting on makeup. A word of caution here however. If you are buying makeup for a preteen girl, keep her age in mind. The key is you don't want her to look to grown up, yet she wants to look nice. Keep the colors to lighter shades. Buy softer pink tones in blushes and lipsticks. Don't forget lip glosses. Girls this age love to look shiny. As for their eyes, skip the dark mascaras, instead try the shimmer shadows. Of

course, before buying makeup, you should speak to their parents. Some parents have a set age when they allow their daughters to start wearing makeup.

Other girls are more into participating in soccer and sports, have favorite sports teams or adventure sports such as ski, or snowboard. Looking for more nice girls gift ideas? Here's a link to our Tween Girls Gift Guide with a gigantic selection of sure-fire, gifts for girls that she'll love to receive!

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Video Game Lover Gifts

You have the power to make the video game lover on your list very merry this holiday season with a cool new video game or console gift for Christmas. Here's a quick link to our video game gift guide featuring the top ten video game gift ideas for Christmas 2014. What's the Best Gift of 2014 for gaming enthusiasts? A new XBox One or PS4 video game console or video game is one of the best gifts for video game lovers.

The Nintendo Wii is a very popular gift for gamers with the younger kids and older folks that aren't looking for the latest graphics. For the more serious gamer there's the NEW Xbox One and a new more powerful PlayStaton 4.

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Teen Boys Gifts

What do teen boys want for Christmas? R/C vehicles, music, movies stuff for his car, cash and gift certificates. Of course electronics and video game gifts are always on boys cool gifts 2014 wish list too. Is he a skateboarder or participate in extreme sports?

Here's a few things to find out; Does he play a musical instrument? Or love listening to music on his iPod? Does he like playing sports or is he more of a sports fan? Did he just get his first car? How about a new stereo? Of course, Gift Cards are favorite too.

For the best selection of teen boys gifts, check out our Gift Guide for Teen Boys. It's crammed with cool gifts that will have all your teens friends drooling with envy.

How about camping fishing and outdoors gifts? If that is what he likes, cool. Perhaps he shows an interest in photography. If so, help get him explore image art with video and photography equipment. You can always ask him what his hobbies are, and find cool gift ideas for teen boys within his interests to buy him.

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Teen Girl Gift Ideas

To come up with a perfect gift idea for a teen girl? Ask her! Unfortunately, that's not always an option, so it's all about music, movies, video games and gift cards. Teen aged girls will tell you that these are the three things you can't go wrong with!

Stuff her stocking with perfumes, makeup, and earrings, and you have yourself a very happy young woman. Of course, as they get older, it gets tougher and they will tell you that good old cash or a gift card is also a big favorite with them, so perhaps the best gift choices for teen girls you could give would be a mix a gift certificates or two and a well thought out gift to hedge your bet and make a perfect holiday, and a happy teenage girl!

Most girls in this age category like music. Then again some like playing board, word and card games which is cool, but what if she's more of the yoga or fitness nut an athlete into sports or the outdoorsy type or a sports fan or even an extreme sports enthusiast you know some girls like adventure sports like snowboarding too. That's awesome, delve a little deeper into what she's passionate about and gift accordingly.

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Thoughtful Gifts for College Students

Great ideas for college students...

Gifts for College Students

First of all, college students want a lot of things: to have fun, to change the world, to be smarter than they are... This college student gift guide is about what they want you to buy them. You need to ask yourself what kind of student are you buying for? Are they an athlete? Are they more of an avid reader? Would you say that they are interested in music and movies? They want something useful, practical and thoughtful an iPod!

Most kids in this age group have developed a fine sense of appreciation for music, so

the gift of music is a fine choice. Many college students are big sports fans for their home team and others are sports athletes who take a more active roll on game day.

Below is a link to our list of gifts for students with selections they'll love and you'll find reasonable as well, except for a couple gifts which were so cool we just couldn't resist!

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Coolest Gifts for Him in 2014

Need a great gift for him? Check out the nice men's gifts featuring a variety of presents for guys. Whether your shopping for dad, your husband, a boyfriend or co-worker it always helps to know about the guy your shopping for, so that you can get him something that he really likes, so don't hesitate to find out more about him if you need to. We do have a special gift guide just for dads.

I bet he's a beer lover, most guys really like their beer. If he likes some genre of music there's an outstanding gift idea or for the man that loves hunting, fishing, camping and spending his time outdoors here's our popular gift guide featuring gifts for the outdoorsman or if he is an athlete who plays basketball, tennis or other sports regularly visit our gift guide for athletes, however if he's more of a sports fan think gifts from his favorite team.

Then again other dads like to hit the slopes so for the adventure sports enthusiast we have our gift guide for extreme sports lovers.

What if he seems to have everything? You should totally blow him away with the experience of a lifetime like sky diving, riding a Harley, driving a race car. It's one of the hottest new gift trends for 2013 and they are called Experience Gifts. What's an experience gift? It's an activity, and it can range from a day of pampering at the spa, a hot air balloon ride, a dinner cruise or white water river rafting, a guided shopping tour. There are over 2000 different activities to choose from across the nation, so pick something local or plan a dream vacation around it, for a truly unforgettable Gift for Him.

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Shopping for a nice Gift for Her? The assortment of both popular and unique gifts highlighted in our gift guide are great gift suggestions for women whether you're shopping for your wife, Mom, older daughter or even a girlfriend. We've featured a variety of gifts from different categories, because today's women is so diverse.

Nowadays she's just as likely to participate in some form of sports or at least keep fit and exercise or even ski or board. Of course there are plenty of women who are really loyal sports fans. If she enjoys reading, how about the Kindle book reader? If you'd really like to

impress her with something expensive consider a fine luxury gift. You also have time to order cherished personalized gifts with custom engraving, embroidery, printing and photos, but don't wait, especially when it comes to personalized gifts which will typically require a little extra time to order. Great Gift Ideas for Her

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2014 Christmas Shopping Poll

Which best describes how far in advance you do most of your holiday shopping?

See results without voting

Personalized Gift Ideas

Are you ready to get creative and customize a gift for that special someone on your holiday shopping list? Personalized gifts come in an infinite variety of options sure to suit different tastes and budgets. Some of the more popular personalized presents include photo gifts such as t-shirts, coffee mugs personalized postage stamps, personalized children's books, beverage mugs, magnets, Christmas stockings, jewelry, Personalized VISA Gift Debit Cards and oh so much more.

One of the things that makes personalized gifts so special, is the fact that you took the time and extra effort to create a unique Christmas gift this year. Personalized gifts are actually pretty easy to order, they real trick is to order early because it may take a little extra time to do the engraving, printing, embroidery or what ever customization necessary to personalize the present.

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer's

Traditionally, Christmas Stockings were hung on the mantle with the hope that the good child would receive gifts, while the child who was naughty, would get nothing more than a piece of coal. While the stories of how the stocking came to be a gift holder are

varied, most folks today celebrate Christmas with a stocking hung up on the fireplace or elsewhere in the home.

Stop by our popular Christmas Stocking Stuffer's Gift Guide featuring fresh new ideas to stuff in that Christmas Stocking. Plus helpful tips about how to fill a Christmas stocking so it's plump and full looking.

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Green Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Are you green? Have a green guru on your list? You can show them you certainly do care, by giving gifts free from artificial, chemical or toxic materials. Give a gift that respects planet earth. What would be better than the softest organic cotton linens, a well made eco friendly toy that is lead free, a even gift set of natural and organic products to pamper her.

Did you know you can decrease your impact on the environment by shopping for eco-conscious gifts online? A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University's Green Design Institute found that shopping online consumes less energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 35 percent compared to shopping at traditional retail stores. The green movement is gaining momentum and finding the right green gift for someone can be tricky. The good news is that it's getting easier to find an environmentally responsible gift, now that buying green is the "in" thing to do, and we're here to help with a nice selection of eco-trendy gift suggestions.

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Help Choose Which of Santa's Reindeer Leads Santa Claus's Sleigh This Christmas

Vote now, your vote matters! Voting ends 12-23-2014 and a leading reindeer will be elected!


esults from this poll will be forwarded to Santa Claus at the North Pole at midnight on 12-23-2014. It will be combined with results from other polling places around the world to determine which reindeer leads Santa's Sleigh this Christmas.

  • Starting December 1st you can follow Santa with NORAD as they track his every move through Christmas!
  • Can you ACE our Christmas Trivia Quiz? Take the quiz now!

Results from this poll will be forwarded to Santa Claus at the North Pole at midnight on 12-23-2013. It will be combined with results from other polling places around the world to determine which reindeer leads Santa's Sleigh this Christmas.

Starting December 1st you can follow Santa with NORAD as they track his every move through Christmas!

Can you ACE our Christmas Trivia Quiz? Take the Christmas Trivia Quiz.

Which of Santa's Reindeer do you want to lead Santa's Sleigh this Christmas?

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as somebody on your Christmas list been especially good this year? Then they reward them with this delicious Gourmet Christmas Treat featuring 3 Christmas themed Cake Pops including Mr. & Mrs. Claus and an elf Plus, 6 Gourmet Chocolate Covered Christmas Decorated Strawberries.

As you probably know the Swiss Roll is a traditional dessert from France, this rolled yule log is the moistest sponge cake ever filled with delightful chocolate butter cream, dipped in chocolate and topped with a festive Christmas holly decoration. This Buche de Noel Serves 6 and is certified Kosher Dairy.

Stuff their stocking with sweetness. They take everyone's favorite, Oreo's, and cover the cream filled with decadent chocolate and top them off with either colored swizzles or Christmas characters. These chocolate dipped creations let you to combine gourmet food with a unique gift, all in one. A box of decadent chocolate dipped and decorated Oreo cookies are guaranteed to be their favorite treat.

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What's the Must Have Gift of Christmas 2014?

Xbox One and PS4 are again the top gift choice for Christmas 2014!!!


here's always great speculation as to what the must have gift will be for the upcoming holiday season. This Christmas, I fully expect the new generation Xbox ONE and the PS 4 to again be that must have gifts for video game enthusiasts around the globe. As usual they won't be able to make them fast enough to keep up with demand so expect the must have gift of 2014 to be fetching premium prices.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas

Help Decide The Top 10 Christmas Gifts - Please vote below! Add a gift you feel should be on the Best Christmas Gifts for 2014 Top Ten list, just click "add to this list" below!!!

Christmas Gift Top 10 List - A list of The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2014.


ithout further ado, The 2014 Top 10 Holiday Gifts! Along with the help of our readers we have selected literally hundreds of Christmas gift ideas including the best gifts for babies and toddlers, boys and girls, teens, tech geeks, video gamers, football fans and more. The products and sponsors that we have selected are highly rated by consumer parents. Best of all it's all packed onto one really big, easy-shop web page!

The Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts 2014!!! This best of the Best Christmas Gift List serves as a guide for shoppers this holiday season. Lot's of folks have been voting for the Best Gift Ideas and adding new ones, below are the current standings.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Enjoy this sampler from Grammy-winning vocalist, Michael Buble...


ast years holiday release from the Grammy-winning vocalist, Michael Buble. Christmas is an absolutely beautifully recorded and sung album by the velvety rat pack voice of Michael Buble. This album includes guest performances by Shania Twain on "White Christmas" and The Puppini Sisters on "Jingle Bells." Buble also put his unique take on such classics as "Silent Night," "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" and as you can watch below "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town."

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Xmas Music 2014

Take a look at the FRESH New!!! Xmas music this holiday...

Christmas Music


love Christmas music, don't you? There's just something heartwarming about hearing those classic songs from artists such as Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole it's like comfort food for the ears.

Then there's the fresh new Christmas music from our favorite artists that comes out each holiday season. You just never know who's going to record a Christmas album from year to year. This year we have new Christmas albums from artists such as CMA entertainer of the year Blake Shelton and none other than Rod Stewart plus American Idol Winner Scotty McGreery to name a few.

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here you have it - ten of the most popular gifts for Christmas 2014. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Is there anything particular you want for Christmas? Please tell me, what you desire for Christmas this year.

BTW-Thanks for leaving such nice comments, I really like hearing from you, and I appreciate your feedback. Especially if you have a hot new Gift that you think should be featured on our Christmas shopping guide, I'm always looking for the latest and greatest gift ideas.

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What is green, white, and red all over? A sunburned elf!

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WOW you have done your research - hope you do well - have a look at my lens (ascottishchristmas) it's a wee bit different but slightly funny.

Best Wishes

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great idea since Christmas is coming fast. also the bonus -deep in thought-

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Nice lens, love the gifts by category, great idea. 5***** I lensrolled and added this as a featured lens in my Christmas Crackers lens.

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Can anybody suggest some affordable gifts for this coming Christmas?

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Over at the Eye Can Art site ( are pretty unique gifts - their kits in a can. High-quality, non-toxic, intergenerational, reusable and they explain authentic art techniques simply - what's not to like? I give them to my friends and their kids. [Disclaimer: I know some of the Eye Can Art folks.]

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Nice ideas. Interesting the Pleo (the company) is moving its headquarters to my hometown. I hope it sells well!

anonymous 8 years ago

Great lens! I love the age group suggestions!

5* lensrolled to affordable-christmas-gifts

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Great Lens! 5*

You made gift giving so much easier.

anonymous 8 years ago

I'm going to print this out when I go to town this morning. Thank you for making me very popular with my family.

This lens is packed so tightly with ideas I can hardly believe it!


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only1bub 8 years ago

Great ideas! I always do websearches for xmas gifts! The best thing I've come up for a teenage boy is one of those black lights or a strobe light. :)

mycellbay007 8 years ago

Amazing~~I do find a best gift here,thank you!

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Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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nice lens, some very interesting ideas

ErinJump 8 years ago

Thanks for the good ideas. My family keeps asking what to get for my 4 month old and I don't have a clue since she's my first. This really gives me some good ideas!

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Chelilai 8 years ago

Very helpful lens. It's especially difficult to know what little children want and what's available when you're a grandma. I appreciate your great research!

JessicaAshleeJewelry 8 years ago

Nice lens!!

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Great Lens, A very impressive gift list. Well done. Happy Holidays!

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teamlane 8 years ago

I'm putting together a lens for a best games and I thought of this lens. You've pretty much got one of the best 'best of' lenses around flowski!

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What a cool lens! Very helpful to give people ideas and to do their shopping fast!

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Mark-Nehs 8 years ago

This is incredible. All my Christmas shopping could be done here and maybe it will...

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only1bub 8 years ago

Hey great job! I must admit, I'm always looking for ideas for the ever so hard to figure out and expensive tastes of the males in my life. :D

dc64 lm profile image

dc64 lm 8 years ago

I have 2 children, and the suggested gifts are "spot on" for their age group. Every Christmas, I'm always "racking my brain" for ideas! ( I wasn't sure how to spell the previous phrase, so I Googled it. Was it Wracking or Racking? It's Racking and refers to torture on the rack. ) Yep, that pretty much sums up how my brain feels after trying to come up with the perfect gift.

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KatherineClark 8 years ago

Thanks for all the suggestions. Christmas Gift Selection is tough for most of us. This helps. Nice Lens.

Lakota429 8 years ago

Coming back for a second look! Great ideas!!!! Would love it if you came and took a look at my Christmas Tree and Snowman earrings lens! Annie~ Happy Holidays!

anonymous 8 years ago

I love this website,i found it on, and it is great. i love the quiz: "Which of santa's reindeer do you want to lead santa's sleigh this christmas?" the gift ideas are great. thank you so so much.

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Have a Merry Christmas! :)

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Five *****'s and a fave for a fabulous resource.

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PS. I'm glad you're were able to find the Wii you were looking for.

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Great work!

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Five stars and a favorite. :)

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dustytoes 8 years ago

As I was looking through your list of items for kids, I realize we've already done so many of the science stuff at my house, but my son really loved breaking open the geodes- that's a great one for many ages. But it takes some muscles! Very nice I feel the pressure to shop!

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Karla Deacon 8 years ago

This is an extremely well put together lens! It looks very professional and has lots of information!

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What a fabulous Christmas lens, and great layout.

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Really well organized lens, you can tell that you did a lot of research and planning. Will help people decide what is best for each age group. Great job!

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Driver64 8 years ago

I love almost everything on here, Great job!

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Great Lens...Wonderful gift ideas. You've outdone yourself with this lens.

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Hey nice lens, some really great ideas. First time i have seen this. It is very well laid out too. Easy to browse through.

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jennrose lm 8 years ago

Such cute items! Now I want toys for Christmas lol :) Very well done lens. 5*

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Cyrano Smith 8 years ago

It looks as if Rudolf is the most picked reindeer as I see it so far.

But doesn't that mean that the weather on Christmas Eve will be VERY BAD? (ouch)


Number1Athlete 8 years ago

Amazing lens.

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

5 stars plus a favorite :)

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Really nice lens!

Rated 5 stars!

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Great lens. I wish Pleo was around when I was a kid.

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heehaw lm 8 years ago

nice lens, wow many gifts selection for all ages. 6 star for you.

BlueBee 8 years ago

Your lens could be a printed Christmas catalog! Thanks for the ideas! 5 bright stars. cheers!

Markd624 8 years ago

Great lens, looks like Rudolph will be leading this year!

tinnitus 8 years ago

Time to make last minute Christmas shopping rush. Amazing gift ideas you have here.

anonymous 8 years ago

Lots of great gifts! Thanks for posting this.

- Candice of Artsy * Tartsy * Jewels

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WOW i bet your getting LOADS of amazon sales here, great idea!

purestdrinkingwater 8 years ago

Wow...this must have taken a year to build. Probably the best lens I've seen yet! Very impressive. 5*'s.


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Lee Hansen 8 years ago from Vermont

Terrific lens for shopping ideas! Lensrolled to my related lenses as a top resource.

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This is great! I dropped by to see if there's anything for babies. I was trying to see if there were stuff from Baby Einstein.

gemgh 8 years ago

WOW! Fabulous lens. Great work. I have a lot of respect for someone who spends so much time on such a wonderful project.


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singlesupermom 8 years ago

What a great post - curious how you ended up from xmas? Great article though. I wish I got this earlier to ask father christmas for the cell phone gadget.

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Amazing lens, thanks for taking all of the time to prepare it!


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Spitfire70 8 years ago

Very good items and ideas here! I will certainly keep them in mind throughout the year!

anonymous 8 years ago

Great advance review,.for me, I would choose something that's related on gadgets.

Stepgree 8 years ago

How can anyone think of Christmas so early in the year?

anonymous 8 years ago

Wow! This is a full-featured lens for sure. Lots of really cool styles, pictures and effects. Thanks for the exhaustive list, but as Stepgree wrote, how can you think of Christmas so early.... I'm still trying to forget 2008 and need to take down some of our Xmas decorations!

I like that cool bluetooth car gadget though, I'll have to look out for that one..

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CoolFoto 8 years ago

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blaqdiamond 8 years ago

Very nice lens! Great ideas for gifts.

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Great Christmas Lens...five stars!

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anonymous 7 years ago

This is a brilliant shopping lens my dear! I think I just got inspired! :) Woot!

CTSWholesale 7 years ago

Interesting Ideas. Sunglasses can also be a good gift option.

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Kiwisoutback 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Dang! Only 256 days until Christmas (re: the countdown module)! Great selection of products, well put-together. Squid Angel blessed!

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TreasuresBrenda 7 years ago from Canada

Nicely done; blessed by a Squid Angel!

personalised-gifts 7 years ago

Probably the best Chrstmas lense on Squidoo. Thanks for publishing this massive list of Christmas gift ideas. Bookmarked!

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anonymous 7 years ago

I love this

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Eklectik1 7 years ago

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swansongw 7 years ago

Santa says this site is one of the best he has seen so far this year. Keep up the GOOD work and you will definitely get what you want for Christmas this year.

OfficeSupplyGeek 7 years ago

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anonymous 7 years ago

I love this lens! Tons of great information for everyone!

anonymous 7 years ago

I agree. Game console is a great gift for Xsmas. But I think Xbox 360 completely beat Nintento.

anonymous 7 years ago

Thanks for all your info!

Manbiki 7 years ago


giftman 7 years ago

Wow great list! Plenty of ideas now for chrsitmas gifts.

All the best!

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strayspay 7 years ago

Loved this lens and I got tons of good ideas from it! I think I'll choose Fur Real Butterscotch!

KFreeman 7 years ago

Great lense. Superb content !

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Niche4you 7 years ago

Nice list, well done

thewishpearl 7 years ago

This is a wonderful extensive list with great ideas! Thank you for including my holiday craft fair lens on your Chistmas Link Exchange list. You are welcome to include a link to this lens from mine:)

brookehudson 7 years ago

wow, I love those gadgets! I would love to receive from one of that list.

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this is such a cool gift, never saw anywhere

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thanks for this great Lens. I have linked to mine because I think my visitors would love to visit you also. Thanks for all the great gift ideas.

anonymous 7 years ago

Hi Flowski

This is a great lens that you have put together. I was trying to find a link to your website as well but could not find one. I have also been working on a site for the top 2009 Christmas Gifts.

By the way. Where did you get the clock that counts down to Christmas?

debraanne 7 years ago

So much content - one stop shopping!

anonymous 7 years ago

FYI--The toys list for 10-12 are good for kids 4-8 and the toys listed for 16-18 are good for 10-12 year old boys. but still good ideas!

perfumereviews lm profile image

perfumereviews lm 7 years ago

Some great ideas here! And you're so wise too! ;) Suggesting educational games that get the stamp of approval from both kids and parents. Good work!

anonymous 7 years ago

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anonymous 7 years ago

I love the new BeMe Boxes- My little niece is a soccer player and her eyes lit up when I gave her the soccer themed jewelry box. It's pretty sweet that personalization is included in the price- companies usually hit you up for another $10 for that!

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flowski lm 7 years ago Author

[in reply to perfumereviews] It is true that sometimes sharp young whippersnappers can enjoy products intended for older kids. To be on the safe side, the age ranges of Christmas gifts on this gift guide are in line with those suggested by manufacturers and as a result may be on the conservative side.

Themiscorkscrew 7 years ago

I like it! Very impressive

yoga2009 7 years ago

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Ya I like this but my sister who is ten probly wont want a stink High School Musical doll its a little bit dumb!!!

anonymous 7 years ago

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sharoncollinsr 7 years ago

Have a Very Merry 2009 Christmas, and a Happy 2010 New Year! You lens is just great!

OhMe profile image

OhMe 7 years ago from Pendleton, SC

You have some very interesting suggestions on your Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas.

anonymous 7 years ago

I didn't see any makeup on here! haha

Lauren Luke is amazing! Check out her awesome all in one palettes and watch her videos ... she teaches you how to put it on! It's really cool! I'm getting the blue palette for my 14 year old sister.

HomemadeChristmasIdeas 7 years ago

Great lens. You've obviously put a lot of work into this lens and it really shows. I'd suggest trying to get your lens squidblessed as it really is very good. 10/10!

anonymous 7 years ago

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ideadesigns 7 years ago

Very Awesome lens!! Love the gifts you've picked out! Need to shop early this year!

SheGlam 7 years ago

Amazing lens and very creative! Great job! Thank you for sharing!

SusannaDuffy profile image

SusannaDuffy 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Blessed, and featured, by a Christmas Angel (

jtomomi 7 years ago

Thank you, you gave me some great ideas. Jeannette

anonymous 7 years ago

you gave me some great

anonymous 7 years ago

I like name necklaces.

I will buy name necklace for all my little sisters.

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Dad-O-Rama profile image

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KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 7 years ago

Wow... I can see you put a lot of effort into this lens! Blessed by a Squid Angel.

anonymous 7 years ago

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nyxxie profile image

nyxxie 7 years ago

Great Lens, I especially want the Wii this Christmas! Hope I get it, fingers crossed. LOL

RaydenVM 7 years ago

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flowski lm 7 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thanks for the great gift idea for Texas teens from ladybug!

anonymous 7 years ago

ladybug are you serious! I want 2 go! lol

anonymous 7 years ago


onetum 7 years ago

Very beautiful gift

onetum 7 years ago

Very beautiful gift

anonymous 7 years ago


anonymous 7 years ago

Perfect! This was the best help yet!

anonymous 7 years ago

Perfect! This was the best help yet!

anonymous 7 years ago

go vixen!

anonymous 7 years ago

Vote for comet, we'll get our Christmas presents quicker. lol

anonymous 7 years ago


anonymous 7 years ago

wow you got it right in the 13-17 yr grls XD i would love most of that stuff!!

TonyPayne profile image

TonyPayne 7 years ago from Southampton, UK

Great Christmas gift lens, and WOW some amazing traffic. You certainly did your homework on this lens. Great job, 5*****

anonymous 7 years ago

Go Blitzen!!

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KimGiancaterino 7 years ago

I'm featuring your lens on my Squid Angel Diary this week. Happy shopping!

anonymous 7 years ago

happy shopping

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anonymous 7 years ago

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KatherineKouture 7 years ago

Great lens!

Themiscorkscrew 7 years ago

Great site! 5 Stars!

anonymous 7 years ago

I think DonDER should lead Santa's sleigh this Christmas. People are always getting the poor deer's name wrong!

profile image

flowski lm 7 years ago Author

@anonymous: True, however since 1950 or so in the USA, the two reindeer names have been Donner and Blitzen in both the Rudolph song and the Visit poem. Thanks for the thought provoking blurb rebecca!

ester2009 7 years ago

No doubt in rate you five stars. Great work!

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LABELSTONE 7 years ago

Great lens. Come visit mine sometime1

anonymous 7 years ago

Thanks for great lens.

anonymous 7 years ago

i thhhhhink NCAA football 2010 should be on there. the lists r ok

dmf32835 7 years ago

Great gift selections, but I would add gift cards. You can't go wrong with them!

DanCarson 7 years ago

Tons of great ideas her. I'm thankful that my wife does most of the shopping for our kids.

heehaw lm profile image

heehaw lm 7 years ago

they are variable items to select for each gender and age! brilliant!

anonymous 7 years ago


stephenteacher profile image

stephenteacher 7 years ago from Corona, CA

A great list with fantastic ideas! Thanks!

anonymous 7 years ago

what if the boys teen boys like crazy stuff for christmas ever thought of that

profile image

flowski lm 7 years ago Author

This fresh snow has me in the Christmas spirit, how about you?

betrends 7 years ago

Thanks for the Tips, they are great!

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merry x'mas

creditcardstudent 7 years ago

I love all of the gadgets here. I'd better think what's my xmas gift for myself :)

anonymous 7 years ago

@anonymous: Johnnyoaijfoiasdjfoia, actually its "Dunder" - but by modern times Donner is actually correct.

Dreamzanstuff 7 years ago

Wow! This is a fabulous lens! You have been busy haven't you. I'll have to keep visiting as there's so much here.

Travelsaddle 7 years ago

This is some lens you have here, I just put the wii on my list. I got the PlayStation last year. Thanks

anonymous 7 years ago

Go Go Vixen!!!

anonymous 7 years ago

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anonymous 7 years ago

Great lens. Beautifully done!

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mekimare lm 7 years ago

Great lens - I like how you've broken down kids' gifts by age group - they are all SO different (and picky!) these days!! 5 stars for sure!!

pakky6888 7 years ago

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anonymous 7 years ago

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Some great suggestions on here! Nice lens!

kidtoys 7 years ago

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An exhaustive list indeed! Great share!

anonymous 7 years ago

@anonymous: 23 and you have 6 children...You have to be NUTS!!!!

Chip_Westley 7 years ago

If this doesn't get you into the Holiday shopping mode...Nothing Will!

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myraggededge 7 years ago

Great lens - have featured it on my Gifts for Coffee Lovers lens.

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Grasmere Sue 7 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

An amazing lens- you've thought of everything!

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anonymous 7 years ago

It's Baby's first Christmas, what a beautiful sight!

As he gurgles out loud in spontaneous delight.

As he gazes at the Tree, with it's baubles and trim

I know only He can hear the Angels sweet hymns.

anonymous 7 years ago

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TheAnouncer 7 years ago

Wow you are fast. The year just start and you already off and running with Christmas ideas. Thanks

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Rich007 LM 7 years ago

Hey, you gotta let me in on how you get your lens to look this good. Man its great and up to date. Very nice and informative. Five stars from me bud.

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dezwards 7 years ago

Really neat lens. 5*. Packed with ideas for everyone and reads really well. Thanks!

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NIce! As early as today, I have been looking for great gift items that I can give come Christmas day to have ample time to save. So many cool gift items on this lens. I would probably be buying the Twilight turtle for my daughter.

Hope you could add some more stuff. 5*

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I have no children and am a little too old for toys, so someone please buy me that turtle constellation light! ; ) Awesome Lens. Great job!

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Great Christmas gift ideas. I love gadgets. This coming Christmas I will buy an iPad.

MortgageOwner 6 years ago

Man, you start early... I *love* that! Never heard of amazon gift guides before, thanks for the tip!

nikkilwa 6 years ago

These are great ideas. Maybe, I'll also buy an iPad; anyway, no one will go away empty-handed, thanks to your lense...

johnsonyip profile image

johnsonyip 6 years ago from Canada

These are awesome gift ideas. I got the Xbox 360 as a gift this year, and I love playing with it on my free time.

siruspenton 6 years ago

Excellent lens - I'm pretty new to Squidoo but have learned a lot about presentation from your lenses. Just wanted to say thanks :)

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iamadeathgod lm 6 years ago

NIce list. The Transformers Chess Set looks really nice

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Key-Largo LM 6 years ago

I can' believe we only have a 181 days till Christmas.. Thanks For all the info. Maybe it will get me motivated..

anonymous 6 years ago

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myraggededge 6 years ago

I know Christmas is a long way away but I had to stop by to leave a blessing :-)

randomlady13 6 years ago

these are awesome ideas...maybe i'll actually get a head start on my christmas shopping this year...

harrismark 6 years ago

Great Work !


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jolou 6 years ago

Fantastic lens. It's never too early to start Christmas shopping, and it's so easy to buy things online now, makes it so much easier.

anonymous 6 years ago

It's hard to believe half the year is over already. We mentioned at work the other day that Christmas will be right around the corner. Thank you for great lens now I have some good gift ideas and maybe I will get my shopping done early this year.

anonymous 6 years ago

Great Lens! Its not Christmas time for sure, but still some great gift ideas. It may be a little hard to think about Christmas this time of year when its 100+ outside (at least where I live) but its actually a great time to start looking for good deals on christmas gifts. Its also nice to get some of your shopping done early because it allows you to spread out the cost of christmas a little. I really like this site - Most people have heard of it but its a great way to get coupons and discounts (even at stores like walmart that don't normally do coupons)

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shiwangipeshwani 6 years ago

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Every year I tell myself I am going to start early. Excellent tips!

anonymous 6 years ago

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Love the bluetooth speaker idea! What a great way to stay safe but still staying with the times. Great lens, thank you!

jackzac 6 years ago


newfacebooklayouts 6 years ago

That's a great list... looks nicely compiled for ease of reference :)

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RosegardenAdvic1 6 years ago

Excellent lens - you've covered almost all types of gifts. Like the countdown to Christmas :)

anonymous 6 years ago

Great article with great ideas! I love the toddler ideas.

anonymous 6 years ago

@jackzac: What about the new Beyblade Game? I heard that this is the new most wanted game for Christmas? Very nice lens by the way, lots of information for all age groups.

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Way a head of the game for this Christmas, nicely done. I see a few things I might have to pick up!

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TimeForPotty 6 years ago

Fantastic Lens. So much information! Thanks for the great ideas.

achang1 6 years ago

Game consoles or modern furniture would be also a wonderful gift ideas this coming Christmas.


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aliceheath 6 years ago

The most popular things are always obvious but when you are scratching your head to think of something to buy as a gift your lens is a great place for inspiration. Well done.

meisgood132 profile image

meisgood132 6 years ago

I cannot believe the Wii was number 1. Me I would have said a holiday or a car.

mariapacome 6 years ago

very nice lens !

bipolardisordermusic 6 years ago

Great, this will make the Christmas shopping nightmare a little lighter on me. :)

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EricaMontana 6 years ago

If you're looking for a unique baby or toddler gift, check out the really cute onesies by Big Heart Baby. 50% of profits from each sale go to various children's charities. Each color benefits a different cause. Really cool!

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I liked the design and how ypu put everything together. there could have been few improvements. overall it is an appealing lens. i think the teens section could be helped with a 'top games' list which i have published in my blog, its still under development but check it out anyway it might help chose the right gift for teens.

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anonymous 6 years ago

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anonymous 6 years ago

Great lens..

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sanukmak 6 years ago

Great Lens and congrats on the high PR you have achieved. I'm sure this will give ideas to a lot of Mom and Dads this Christmas.

anonymous 6 years ago

my baby would love all those kid's presents he will definitely asked that for santa claus though he has been so naughty :-)

anonymous 6 years ago

Love this ideal, a great lens to do most of your shopping on. Thank You!

apayah 6 years ago

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anonymous 6 years ago

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aesta1 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Love shopping for gifts and your lens have given me lots of ideas. Christmas can't be too far now.

JoeySilvestri 6 years ago

hey great lens here! that's a lot of work! thank you for sharing this.

vincesil 6 years ago

awesome work, well done!!

MysticLady 6 years ago

So cool. This gives people and idea of what to get others for christmas as well as birthdays. You have all the different age groups as well as the newest and most up to date things to buy. My hats off to you!

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Meloramus 6 years ago

Great Xmas lens as always!

Meloramus profile image

Meloramus 6 years ago

Great Xmas lens as always!

sharonsky368 6 years ago

that's an amazing lens !! i love to read this kind of lenses...thanks

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Wooden-Crosses LM 6 years ago

Huge!!! Very nicely done! And well on schedule! :)

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KokoTravel 6 years ago

Wow... you are ready for the holidays! Good for you... great lens!

I have favorited this lens and will come back for Christmas. Thanks!

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kraji lm 6 years ago

Really great lens with many good ideas what to buy. At least for me that's always a problem. :)

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turner-bob 6 years ago

very nice lens !!

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Davidfstillwagon 6 years ago

What a great selection of gifts! great lens!

TnFlash 6 years ago

This is a great lens! It's obvious you put a lot of time and effort into it. Congratulations on a job well done!

ngie 6 years ago

Thanks for give some idea for my Christmas this year...

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Yourshowman LM 6 years ago

Cool Stuff. Nice work. Great lens

anonymous 6 years ago

Fantastic!! Have got a 12 year old nephew, a 1 year old neice, siblings aged 20-40, and cousins etc to buy for!! So very, VERY useful!

zyczenia 6 years ago

Och it's so close to Christmas, I am reading ideas and gifts and make happier

card lady 2 profile image

card lady 2 6 years ago from Midwest, USA

Lots of great ideas!! This should take some of the stress out of shopping!

TheNextLevel 6 years ago

Kinect for the Xbox 360 is meant to be released sometime in November, and i'm sure that's going to be one of the biggest Christmas sellers going technology wise

Maryamartist 6 years ago

This is a wonderful lense! so many great ideas!

ljjones profile image

ljjones 6 years ago

Christmas gets earlier and earlier every year. But I think I need to get past Halloween first before I can start thinking about it. Great list.

MyChristmasGifts 6 years ago

Thanks, now I know where to start looking for a Christmas gift for my granddaughter that will be seven by then. As a granny I so not always know where to start, I do not have a little one nagging about something and therefor do not know what is "in"

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WorldVisionary3 6 years ago

Love this lens, one-stop-shopping!

anonymous 6 years ago

wow this is good help to me really! have to buy christmas gift right now and woooopppssss i ran on this lens so im blessed,, now i have an idea what i will buy thanks

errorsomi 6 years ago

Great lens!

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jupiter justice 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Hey super lens! Great visit here congrats on the Award!

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Blueyes01 6 years ago

This is a wonderful list to look towards when having a hard time trying to figure out what to get for someone special. Thank You!

Blueyes01 profile image

Blueyes01 6 years ago

This is a wonderful list to look towards when having a hard time trying to figure out what to get for someone special. Thank You!

anonymous 6 years ago

Great lens! I like it

Margaret Schindel profile image

Margaret Schindel 6 years ago from Massachusetts

This really is a super lens! It's stimulating all sorts of ideas for gifts for my nearest and dearest. (BTW, I've owned two Canon PowerShot cameras and they are the BOMB for great photos with point-and-shoot simplicity!)

jctatum profile image

jctatum 6 years ago

Excellent lens!

RinchenChodron 6 years ago

Plenty of fun ideas here.

Squinkster 6 years ago

This is an awesome lens and one to emulate. You have given me some good ideas and a lot work to do. Wishing you a great Christmas and much success.

anonymous 6 years ago

Nice lens, and some excellent gift ideas and very detailed information.

anonymous 6 years ago

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dryder 6 years ago

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esupertramp 6 years ago

About time I get my Christmas shopping list together. Thanks for the tips.

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Eklectik1 6 years ago

very good ideas for holiday gifts!! Thanks for putting this together.

anonymous 6 years ago

Awesome lens. You gave me some really good ideas for gifts this year.

Squidoo_Queen 6 years ago

Excellent lens - great! Given me loads of ideas :)

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willisx32 6 years ago

wow. Really great gift ideas. awesome lens thank you.

anonymous 6 years ago

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Jack2205 6 years ago

Thanks for all of the excellent gift ideas.

jgelien profile image

jgelien 6 years ago

You have a nice selection here, something for everyone on the list.

scar4 6 years ago

wow, all are great gifts. I love Zhu Zhu pets a lot.

Jkak profile image

Jkak 6 years ago

great list! definitely has something for everyone here.. very helpful for this holiday season. Thanks!

anonymous 6 years ago

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katiecavazos 6 years ago

I never new there way so much choices

gabrielangel profile image

gabrielangel 6 years ago

I definitely see it being a big year for 3D TVs. It seems like you can't make a movie without 3D anymore.

HarleyDude profile image

HarleyDude 6 years ago

What a great lens! Definitely some great ideas for that special person! The Wii is a definite must!!

ZablonMukuba profile image

ZablonMukuba 6 years ago

i know what am going to get for my family for christmas

surviving-2012 profile image

surviving-2012 6 years ago

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WebIsFun 6 years ago

The ps3 move looks mighty fun!

anonymous 6 years ago

Congratulations, #2 in shopping and #2 overall!

anonymous 6 years ago

Here is a website for Christmas gift ideas:

mskaylay profile image

mskaylay 6 years ago

Your lens will be a big help this Christmas, thanks for sharing. Here is a website for Christmas saving:

billiewyatt 6 years ago

I wish I could get a new guitar for this Christmas.

AtHomeSource LM profile image

AtHomeSource LM 6 years ago

oh wow! this list is great, will definitely help with my shopping this year. Favoriting it now!

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giacombs-ramirez 6 years ago from Montana

Congrats on the number 1 spot! Looks like Santa is going to be busy this year!

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Charlino99 6 years ago from USA

Beautiful shopping page. Love the gift ideas for kids.

ajgodinho profile image

ajgodinho 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Congrats on the #1 spot ~ awesome job on this lens ~ all the best! :)

Asinka profile image

Asinka 6 years ago

Super List! Kudos for making it to #1!

JTisMe 6 years ago

You just made me even more anxious than I already am for Christmas to get here. What am I saying. I am ready for Christmas again as soon as it ends. Great lens. My security word was birdgoop haha

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TimeHacker 6 years ago

Great ideas 4 christmas!

FantasyDesigns 6 years ago

Great Lens! Love your layout.

lovin_life67 6 years ago

Great Lens!

BrigetteHunter 6 years ago

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sunrisealarmclock 6 years ago

My head is buzzing with ideas for Christmas after reading your lens. 20 minutes ago (before I came across this lens) I was totally stumped for ideas. Now I have too many! But this is a good problem to have :)

whtever 6 years ago

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anonymous 6 years ago

Interesting. Check out for alternative ideas.

JimH 6 years ago

You've covered every category I can think of for gift suggestions, I came away with a bunch of ideas for friends and family.

rachsue lm profile image

rachsue lm 6 years ago

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I now know I can get it all in one place. Awesome lens!!

Nesli 6 years ago

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Tahamtan 6 years ago

Awesome lense

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CrossCreations 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

A+ page! Great ideas and excellent format. Faved & lensrolled.

anonymous 6 years ago

Very cool and informative. Great job!

anonymous 6 years ago

I got some very awesome ideas thanks so much [=

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There are also gift certificates that I usually do that are more thoughtful than most presents because you are targeting your gift to the person's interests...ideally :)

Great Lens. Thanks.

anonymous 6 years ago

thanks, this was very helpful!

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jupiter justice 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

It's almost that time of year again!

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danieladaljac lm 6 years ago

So helpful thanks !!!

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lasertek lm 6 years ago

So many Christmas gift ideas! I need not look for other suggestions.

HorseAndPony LM profile image

HorseAndPony LM 6 years ago

Wow! This is a great collection of gift ideas. Thanks for the tips!

anonymous 6 years ago

This is a seriously good lens, I like your toddler gift ideas they look dynamic and educational.

MiseryBusiness519 profile image

MiseryBusiness519 6 years ago

I like that turtle, I might have to get that for my niece! :)

Thanks for the Ideas!

ChristopherFranko profile image

ChristopherFranko 6 years ago

this page helped me find a new gift for my gf!

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Xasper8ing 6 years ago

Great page! I'll definitely be referring back to this come Christmas!

Makingthebest 6 years ago

These are really helpful tips. I must agree for that number one spot.

GwenBartholomew 6 years ago

shop at where you can buy holiday dresses and plus size dresses, a perfect Christmas gift this coming holiday season.

LifeCoachingStrategies 6 years ago

Awesome lens. No need to go to Amazon or Target for Christmas shopping this year. It's all here. Thanks for putting this together. Perhaps you can include a few gift certificates for life coaching as well. Give us a shout.

kevster 6 years ago

Great work!...almost as good as being inside Santa's Grotto. Looks like the cyber- reindeer and sleigh are going to have a busy Christmas Eve!!! :0)

jolou profile image

jolou 6 years ago

Really awesome.... you have thought of everything here.

DataLaura profile image

DataLaura 6 years ago

Great Lens. I Loved all the great gift ideas.

Tennis-Master profile image

Tennis-Master 6 years ago

Great much to choose from D:

spunkyduckling profile image

spunkyduckling 6 years ago

Hi, you have some really cool gift for Christmas here. Real impressed with what you have done with this lens .

kasumi tendou profile image

kasumi tendou 6 years ago

Great lens! You have definitely covered everyone on my Christmas list! :)

ChloeJones LM profile image

ChloeJones LM 6 years ago

A great collection of Christmas gift ideas! I've learn a lot here. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

romiejohn 6 years ago

Good one and for me also as i am planning for Christmas Gifts so here i got some idea..

ICanCook profile image

ICanCook 6 years ago

Wow. Very nicely done. I made a Christmas site today and I had the same idea but of course my talents are pale in comparison to yours. I've only been here for 5 days now and I'm learning fast, so watch me grow just like you!

anonymous 6 years ago

Great ideas at

Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

A Great Amount Of Different Gifts Here On This Great Lens. Can't Believe Its Only 58 Days Away!

theconditionpod profile image

theconditionpod 6 years ago

Useful ideas, thanks :-)

qysusan 6 years ago

@theconditionpod: cool, but maybe we can buy something of the list at, you know we must save money sometime

LewisCommunityDevelopers 6 years ago

Great ideas. Thanks.

bankhamz 6 years ago

good idea

PRam1 profile image

PRam1 6 years ago

This lens puts me in the Christmas mood. what a great feeling triggered by a great lens. Well done!

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