Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend Or Husbands

Buying a Christmas gift for your boyfriend can be a daunting task. To help you with this I have spent literally hours scouring the web to find this years best Christmas gifts for boyfriends and husbands.

I have tried to include something at every price range as well as huge range of suggestions to cover every type of interest and hobby.

Whether your man is into gaming, technology, sports or music I have found suggestions that he is sure to love. Scroll down the page to see the full range of suggestions taken from bestsellers lists as well as my own search for a really unique gift.

Technology Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Depending on your budget there are a huge range of technology gifts that your boyfriend is bound to love.

For those people willing to spend a little more on their husband or boyfriend this year's absolute top choice for a technology gift has to be an iPad.

Whether you choose to buy a 16gb, 32gb, or 64gb version your boyfriend would be absolutely thrilled to receive an ipad for Christmas

Ipad too expensive?

How about a kindle which is apparently Amazon's most wished for item this year. At a price substantially lower than an ipad and with more portability too, a kindle could be a great option for a boyfriend that likes to read.

Kindle's have become substantially cheaper following a recent price reduction and are now available brand new from as little as $139 or $189 for a 3G version

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Cool and Quirky Gifts

Looking for something just a little different this Christmas? Want something a little more unique than the socks and shirts that boyfriends tend to receive? Why not give him something just a little quirky and fun!

Is it cold outside? How about a headphone hat, that allows you to listen to your ipod or mp3 whilst still keeping warm.

Want to give him some pictures of you, but don't want to make it too cheesy? How about this digital photo keychain that you can load with pictures of yourself, so that he can take you with him wherever he goes...

Is your man a touch screen addict? What he need for winter is touchpad gloves. Specially designed to allow you to use touchpad devices whilst still keeping your hands warm, there is no need for him to freeze is his fingers just to use his phone.

Love the look of a zippo lighter but no longer need one? This retro zippo handwarmer looks like original zippe lighters but is actually a winter pocket warmer that will keep his hands warm throughout the colder months.

This instant mobile digital printer is the easiest way to print photos when out and about. It wirelessly connects to mobile phones so you can print pictures there and then. Alternatively there is a USB connector that allows it to connect up to digital cameras. So small and portable it is perfect for fun nights out where pictures can be handed out instantaneously.

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Sports Gifts

Whether you man loves golf or basketball, ice hockey or soccer there is bound to be a gift that will thrill him!

Whether you pick a basketball hoop that affixes to a wall or a free standing one that he can shoot hoops into at the bottom of the yard, every man loves to have their own basketball hoop. A quick and easy way to get exercise a basketball hoop is bound to be used for years to come.

Does your man love to run? What about this Garmin heart rate monitor that will allow him to keep track of his increasing fitness as he tracks how long he has been running for.

Heard of power balance wristwatches? Let your man find out whether they live up to the hype.

Do you live somewhere cold? How about buying him a winter sled to bring out his fun side. Not only that, it will be fun for you too!!

Does your man love to work out? This doorway chin fitness bar is the perfect way for him to improve his upper body strength without having to venture out to the gym. Requiring nothing else but the bar and a doorway he can shape up wherever in the house he wants.

Darts is one of those games that is such fun to play but dangerous enough that not everyone wants a dart board in their own home. Thankfully with this sticky dart board the problem of the dangers of darts has been eliminated and your man can play to his hearts content. 

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What Christmas gift will your boyfriend get?

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