How to choose a flag?

Choosing the right flag and material

1. Indoor or Outdoor
Determine if your flag will be used for indoor or outdoor use.

All outdoor flags may be used indoors or outdoors but indoor flags should only be used indoors. A flag designed for indoor use lacks the durability necessary to be flown outside. Indoor only flags may have additional ornamental features such as gold fringe and braided tassels All of our indoor flags are made of "Invista Solar Max" nylon known for its brilliant color and luster Flags meant to be hung on a wall, only need to be one-sided (aka "single reverse" or "single seal")

2. Material
Although most of our flags can be used indoor or outdoor, choosing the right material will assure your flag has a longer lifespan in its intended use. Some flag fabrics are better suited for certain uses, climates or weather conditions.

Cotton: Cotton is the traditional material used for flags. It is economical but not as durable as other fabrics. Cotton flags are made for indoor/outdoor use and are ideal for ceremonies and other temporary uses. Our American flags are constructed of government specification cotton.
Nylon: Nylon flags are the most popular flags on the market because they are strong, durable and economic. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, its light weight close weave allows it to fly in the lightest breeze, allowing for the fullest visual effect. We use the finest "DuPont Solarmax" nylon which combines lustrous beauty, superior wearing quality. DuPont Solarmax nylon is the most versatile, fastest drying, most colorfast flag fabric available today. We suggest our nylon flags for most situations.
Polyester II: "Poly-Guard" Polyester II flags are chosen when extra durability is needed in high wind areas where flags are flown 24/7. These flags are the heaviest weight, require more wind to fly and are the most durable on the market. Not to be confused with a generic polyester flag, "Poly-Guard" Polyester II is woven of two-ply polyester yarn that combines the strength of polyester with additional richness of color. Resembling a very coarse cotton, its open weave construction reduces wear & tear in high winds.
Government: These flags are constructed to conform to government specifications. They are lightweight, 70 denier nylon (Type I Class A, CCC‐C‐476) with printed fields*, government header and brass grommets. They are available in the most popular government sizes. They may also be produced with snaphook and ring conforming to MIL‐H‐15021 or thimbles for an additional charge.

3. Construction
How your American flag is constructed is an indicator of quality & craftsmanship that determines how your US flag presents and lasts.

Printed or Woven: Printed flags are a like a picture that is simply printed on a fabric. Miniature stick flags are an example of a printed flag. Woven flags are full of texture as they are made up of individually colored pieces that are sewn together and have embroidered details. Woven flags last much longer than printed flags and are more resistant to fraying. All of our American flags are woven.Embroidered or Applique Stars: Our American flags have shiny embroidered stars on flags measuring 12'x18'and below and applique stars when they are larger.Grommets or Rope & Thimble: These are used to fasten your flag to a pole. Our rust resistant brass-lock grommets are used on flags measuring 12'x18'and below. We use rope & thimble construction for additional reinforcement when flags are larger.Fly-end Finishing: The fly-end is opposite of where your flag attaches to the pole. This is the side that gets the most abuse as it endures the greatest amount of movement in the wind. This is usually the first part of the flag that will fray or show wear. How a fly-end is finished is critical to its durability. Our flags are finished with greater levels of lock stitching, zigzag stitching and x-box's depending on the size of the flag.

4. Size
Determining the size of your flag depends on use. While flags for commercial or governmental use will be larger, the 3'x5' is the most common size for residential use. When used with a flagpole, the length of the flag should be one third to one quarter the height of the flagpole. Poles specified for indoor flags, should only be used inside and outdoor poles should only be used outside.

Flagpole Height Min Flag Size Max Flag Size 15 ft 2.5ft x 4ft 4ft x 6ft 20 ft 3ft x 5ft 5ft x 8ft 25 ft 3ft x 5ft 5ft x 8ft 30 ft 4ft x 6ft 6ft x 10ft 40 ft 5ft x 8ft 8ft x 12ft 50 ft 6ft x 10ft 10ft x 15ft 60 ft 8ft x 12ft 12ft x 18ft 70 ft 10ft x 15ft 15ft x 25ft 80 ft 10ft x 19ft 20ft x 30ft

5. Eco Friendly
These days its patriotic to be "eco friendly". If your desire is to go green with your flag, choose our Eco-Glory or Eco-Print flags that are made from recycled plastic and recycled yarn respectively.

American Flag

American Flag - Be proud
American Flag - Be proud

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triplecheck 7 years ago Author

What type of flag have you bought recently and why?

Feather Flagg 3 years ago

Nice article. There are many synthetic fabrics that can be used to make flags. Also, there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Check out huge selection of flags

Cynthia 17 months ago

Our neighbor complained that our flag was too noisy. Crazy, yes. Is there a flag that is quiet?

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