Family Members Having Gift Idea and Buying Dilemmas

Struggling With Gift Ideas and Buying Dilemmas

If you struggle with gift buying during the holidays, like Christmas and special occasions, you can be classified in my “family members having gift ideas and buying dilemmas” category. I know I have to ponder, make up lists, cross off things, search the internet on gift ideas, gravitate obsessively at stores, and so much more hair pulling things. I look at things, put them down, and just simply struggle with buying just the right thing. I don’t tend to have much problems with buying for my children. They usually have a list of their own. But, when it comes to buying for adults, that is when I face a challenge. I know they say that it is the thought that counts. But, I don’t want my gift to be re-gifted, set aside, or put in the back of the closet only to be brought out when the parents, other family members, or friends know that I am stopping by. Like me, you probably want your gift to be considered special to your mom, dad, friend, or whoever you may give it to. There is something special in buying something for someone and making it count. Making a gift a real gift is something that can't be done quickly and without thought. When you really care about a person, you want to make sure they are happy with whatever you give them. You want them to know that they mean a lot to you. How can you really do this?

When choosing a gift, it is a good idea to know the other persons likes and dislikes. What are their hobbies? Does your mom, or other adult in your life, collect angels, read a lot, do crafts or sewing, work in the garden a lot, love flowers, or other such things? Is your dad, or your friend, constantly under the hood, doing yard work, collecting coins or other items, or constantly buying electronic gadgets to play with? Is your boyfriend into Western Movies, motorcycles, or coin collections?  Does your friend collect Christian books?  Find out if your mom or friends are buying similar items to put around the house, or have a habit of buying niche items. For example, a friend of mine always buys different things that have an elephant on it in some form or fashion. Her towels, kitchen plaques and rug, statues in the living room, and on the fireplace mantel all have an elephant embedded in them. Well, I found this awesome picture frame that was surrounded by baby elephants. So, when she was having her baby shower, I gave her the frame to place a picture of her newborn in. She loved it. I see it up every time I go over and see her, even when she doesn’t know I am coming. I know that she really likes it as an addition to her elephant collection. some things you just know because you have been around them enough to know. Other times, you realize that you haven't paid enough attention to the small things. There is something to thinking about that person's personality in a deep and meaningful way, especially when it comes to giving thought to what types of gifts that person would appreciate. Why give a tool kit to someone that doesn't use tools just because it's on sale, or most men use them. There may be a woman that like tools and use them more often than the man. We have to really try to relate the gift to the personality of the person.

This is a necessary chore that we must do for family and friends when buying gifts. We must gear the gifts towards the personality of the person we are buying the gift for. Many times we take the easy way out and just buy gift certificates. But, even then, we have to know where they prefer to shop, or we could we give them a certificate they can use at any place, store, or restaurant. If you give them a certificate to shop at their favorite shopping spot, then they know you had them in mind and didn’t just pick up a certificate at the last minute. When it is for the right spot for the person’s personality, then that really means some thought was put into it.

The Manly Clock

This is for the Man that likes to be on time when leaving home.
This is for the Man that likes to be on time when leaving home.

Gift Suggestions for Buying for the Men in Your Life

Some gift suggestions for buying gifts for the men in your life:

Car vacuum, portable gas grill, all in one bottle openers, bar-b-Que set or grill, utensils for the great chef in him, steak knives, butcher knives, snow throwers, leaf blower/mulcher, Special mug or glasses shaped uniquely for him, knife sharpener, chainsaw, recliner, outside recliner, e-reader, books, special towel embroidered with his initials, Christian products if he likes to surround himself with the Word or biblical items, wallet, (no ties, unless you have good taste to their style), something funny (if they have the joking personality), business lamp, computer software, computer, other electronic gadgets, watch, Gift Card to favorite Restaurant, lawn mower, tool set, flashlights of all sizes, Action Movie, or a set of classic movies with his favorite actor or actress, etc. The sky is the limit. You just have to know his personality, hobbies, or what he really likes.

Niche gifts for Women

Angels are divine gift basket.
Angels are divine gift basket.
Angel novelty gift items.
Angel novelty gift items.
The fruit lover's gift of love.
The fruit lover's gift of love.

Gift Suggestions for the Woman in Your Life

Tea set, slow cooker, candy, baskets, embroidered towels, dress or jogging outfit, comforters, garden supplies, feminine decorative clock, vase, books, slippers, e-reader, heated seat cushion, magnifier or light for reading, wine opener, photo album or scrapbooks, angels or porcelain or crystal piece shaped like their personal niche items, grocery list organizer, robe, safety devices, love book for mom/personally designed, specialized pillows, decorative pillows, Gourmet food gifts, perfume, lamp, jewelry, Christian gifts, heart felt plaques, watch, glasses, flowers, sheet set, food processor, gift baskets, Christian book by her favorite Christian author, Christian gift, Book that she likes to read, Great movie DVD, certificate for dancercise, exercise, or fitness classes, Gift card to favorite store or restaurant, etc. You can get just about anything as long as it was thoughtful and has a flair from her that you know personalizes the gift specifically to her.

Points to Ponder

One point I want to make is to try to always accompany a gift with a card saying something special to the person. Also, I have just another point that is geared towards the man buying for the love of their life. Your wife or friend may not appreciate a gift to use in the kitchen. If you don’t see her there very often and she is not the prize cook of your life, don’t by a cake pan or cooking set for a special occasion. If you get something for the kitchen or to assist in cleaning the house period, I suggest a large appliance or something that really reduces the work load. If not, buy it on a non-occasion just because. Of course, if it is something that she was hinting at for a while, like a Nu-wave oven, then go for it. Listen men, and you can always figure out what she wants. A woman leaves hints! She may drop a hint in a conversation, leave a tell-tell sign around the house, tell someone else exactly what she wants, or express the hint in many other ways. Good luck shopping for all occasions everyone!

I hope this was good information for someone. Please indicate below if it was and/or leave a comment. I may get some good feedback to add.

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