Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers for Mother's Day

On Mother's Day nothing is better than to surprise a mother with flowers. After all, is there a Mother's Day gift better than flowers? There are several kinds, which can be given according to the personality and tastes of the person who will receive. If you want to surprise your mother on this day made for her, check some tips on flowers:


Roses indicate romanticism and joy of living, generous ideal for mothers who love making people happy that are part of their lives and in the same way roses are given as presents for sentimental mothers.

Roses are classic, distinctive, fragrant, and easily found in various colors like red, yellow, pink, mixed, champagne, blue, white and even purple.


Orchids have many different shapes, sizes and colors, can range from 10 cm to 2 meters in length, are lush and delicate plants, require a more attentive care, can be found in all the florists for different prices, depending on the size of it, the species and color. Its beauty combines with classic and elegant mothers.


The sunflower is a flower that symbolizes fame, happiness and success, can be placed in clusters, which are beautiful because of the size and grace of the flower, and can also be placed in pots. These flowers are recommended for women with sporty or adventurous spirit.


There are about 100 species of tulip, the tulip is a single flower with six petals around. To present a mother with tulips stay tuned for that flowers are still in bud, and last longer. The tulips are flowers recommended to the women vain and careful.

If your mother is the type of woman who likes to grow flowers, then a great option is to give her a flower vase, for example:


Bonsai is a plant grown in pots, it is a mini plant, but a replica of the large species of trees, has the same characteristics of a large tree, is a very sophisticated plan that brings a beauty and luxury environment. Bonsai is recommended for women who have patience because the crop is slow.


Violets are often regarded as a company for women, many argue that for a violet bloom she needs care and affection. If well cared they can flourish nine months a year, have the advantage of being small and not occupy too much space, it is cheap and easy to find. There are different colors such as pink, white, mixed. The violet is recommended for women discreet and careful.

Mother's Day, a date that more special, deserves to be celebrated with flowers. Symbol of kindness, sensitivity, kindness and respect, flowers are an excellent choice for gift giving mothers the next Mother's Day.

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