Fireworks Safety Tips For The Fourth of July

French Fireworks
French Fireworks

Fireworks Safety Tips

On average over 10,000 Americans are injured each year by fireworks during the July 4th festivities. Careful following of these tips will help keep you from becoming a fireworks accident victim.

1. Always use fireworks outside.

Even small fireworks, such as sparklers and firecrackers, can cause a house fire if used indoors.

2. Fireworks should only be handled by adults.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), over half of all fireworks related injuries are suffered by a child under the age of fifteen. Fireworks should be lit by responsible adults only.

3. Have water nearby.

Back when I was in Boy Scouts we were instructed to always have a "fire bucket" handy when we were having a campfire. The same holds true for fireworks. If a firework is working improperly it is important that you douse it with water and soak it, so keep a bucket of water and a hose close by.

4. Wear safety goggles.

Yeah I know this sounds incredibly dorky, but it's recommended that you should wear safety goggles or glasses when lighting fireworks. Remember, many fireworks are projectiles and "emit a shower of sparks." A premature firing could cause this shower of sparks to be directed into your eyes. I, for one, would rather be a dork than be blind.

5. Never alter fireworks or light multiple fireworks.

Altering a firework is incredibly dangerous and may cause personal injury. Likewise with lighting multiple fireworks at once, it limits the time you have to get away and increases the risk of injury.

6. Treat "duds" with caution.

Never attempt to relight a nonworking "dud" firework. It just isn't safe. Just soak them with water and dispose.

7. Spectators should remain a safe distance away.

This one is common sense and depends on the type of firework being lit. Just use good judgement and keep spectators (especially children) from getting too close.

8. Obey the law.

Nothing can spoil your Fourth of July more than getting arrested. Make sure to obey your state's fireworks laws. They're for your safety.

Message from the National Fire Protection Association

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Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

Great advice !

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Janetta 7 years ago

haha...I would rather be a dork, than be blind. LOL I know this wasn't intended to be funny, but..... it kinda was :D

lumberjack profile image

lumberjack 7 years ago Author

It's hard for me to write seriously lol

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