Free Printable Bingo Cards for Kids and Adults | Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and more!

Use free printable bingo games for kids to teach new words, spelling and foreign languages

Along with Memory, Bingo is one of the games I use most frequently with the nursery school kids in my ESL class.

Why is Bingo so great? Well, it is appropriate for any age group, from children as young as three to adults as old as 100. It can be played using any set of pictures, numbers or words, depending on the skill you are trying to teach. It forces you to recall new words, and correlate the sound of these words with the images on the bingo card. And most importantly, it is a whole lot of a good old-fashioned fun.

On this page, not only will you find the Bingo cards I created for my nursery school kids last year, but you will also find a number of links to other excellent free printable Bingo cards for kids online. With these cards, you should have no trouble teaching new vocabulary. In fact, the kids in your class will be having so much fun that they won't even realise they're learning!

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Generic Bingo Cards

Free Printable Blank Bingo Cards - Create your own Bingo using this printable blank Bingo card!

Free Printable Blank Bingo Cards
Free Printable Blank Bingo Cards

As a teacher and an artist, the best part about Bingo for me is the creation of the Bingo cards! I often draw my own images onto blank Bingo cards such as the one I have provided for you here, either using computer graphics or by hand. If you'd like to try making your own blank Bingo cards, just open up MS Word or a similar program, create a chart that is 6 x 6 cells, and fill in the blanks with your own images. It's a lot of fun - I can guarantee it!

Blank Bingo Cards to Print - Even more printable blank bingo cards to check out!

If my blank Bingo card isn't quite what you are looking for, take a look at these other styles. I know you'll find one to your liking!

Free Printable Bingo Card: Food Items - Colour in and learn about different food

Free Printable Bingo Card
Free Printable Bingo Card

Bingo card property of Heather Broster (the author)

This free printable bingo game for kids deals with common food items we eat on a daily basis. The cards have been designed in black and white so children may colour the images before or after playing the game if they wish. Each of the six cards provided features the same food items placed in a different order. If you have more than six players, you can print out more than one of the same card. The child who is able to create a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line first wins the game.

Holiday Bingo Cards

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards - Halloween bingo - printable cards for a spooky lesson!

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards
Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Bingo card property of Heather Broster (the author)

What better way is there to teach Halloween vocabulary to kids than by using printable Halloween bingo cards? This card features many of the popular characters and objects we associate with Halloween, from mummies to ghosts to vampires.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

A time for giving thanks!

Coming soon!

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards - We all love Christmas Bingo - printable cards to keep your class busy!

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards
Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Bingo card property of Heather Broster (the author)

Christmas is just around the corner, so you will definitely need some free printable Christmas bingo cards to keep your class occupied as the holiday season approaches. This Christmas bingo game, like the others, was done in black and white so the children can colour the images before the actual game begins.

Free Printable Valentine Bingo Cards

Valentine's Day Bingo - share the love!

Coming soon!

Baby Shower Bingo

Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards - Baby bingo! Printable games to download for your baby shower.

Free printable baby shower bingo cards
Free printable baby shower bingo cards

One of the most popular games for baby showers is Baby Shower Bingo. Baby Shower Bingo works a little differently from ordinary bingo in that each person must fill in the card on his or her own with items from the baby registry list. As the mother-to-be opens her presents, guests mark off the gifts present on their cards. The first person to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins the game, and perhaps a prize if the mother-to-be has prepared one!

Here I have prepared a free printable Baby Shower Bingo card you can download and distribute to the guests at the baby shower you are organising. Make sure you prepare a list beforehand of all the gifts that have been purchased. This way, your guests can go through the list and fill in their bingo card accordingly. The spaces that are already filled with pictures of baby-related items are "free" spaces.

Are you a teacher looking for a good game for your class? Perhaps you want to keep the kids busy at a birthday party? Whatever the reason, please let us know why you've decided to go for Bingo!

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anonymous 4 years ago

Very well written and interesting lense...

Scarlettohairy profile image

Scarlettohairy 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

My grandkids love playing Bingo! These would be a nice change from the regular cards we use. Fun stuff!!

anonymous 4 years ago

amazing stuff thanx!

Lee Hansen profile image

Lee Hansen 4 years ago from Vermont

My grandkids love to play games and bingo is a classic family favorite. Picture bingo is fun for everyone!

tiyamitimm9 4 years ago

Awesome printable bingo cards for kids.This video is sharing some great ideas for gifts for him ... have a look -

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Mobile Bingo 20 months ago from United Kingdom

These printable free bingo cards are fantastic thank you, I usually used to play online bingo and mobile bingo at but instead today I will print these out and have a game with my little ones thanks! :)

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