ghost town

ghost town

Prep Time: Afternoon or Evening

What you need: Paper lunch bags

Corrugated cardboard

Crayons, markers or tempera paint


Pipe cleaners

Small tree branch

Colored tissue paper

Cotton batting

Poster board

Plastic bottle cap

Small orange beads

Seasons: Halloween

Materials: beads, bottle caps, cardboard, crayons, markers, nature objects, paints, paper, paper bags, pipe cleaners


1.BUILDINGS: To construct each building, trace around an unopened paper lunch bag onto a piece of corrugated cardboard and then cut out the tracing. Use the same method to make a second cardboard cutout.

2.Now fit the matching cardboard pieces into the bag and stuff the middle with newspaper. Then use markers or paints to transform the stuffed bag into a store or house (remember that the bottom of the bag will be the roof). Once you've finished making buildings, arrange them on a sheet of poster board.

3.LANDSCAPING: For an autumn tree, just use a bare trimmed branch. Cut a hole in the poster board to fit the base of the branch and apply glue if needed to hold it in place. (You can even use a craft punch to make miniature tissue-paper leaves to glue onto the tree or pile on the ground.)

4.Add a plastic bottle cap basket filled with orange-bead pumpkins and a stack of miniature dried-grass hay bales. Then you can haunt the finished village with paper bats, cotton ghosts and tiny trick-or-treaters (see instructions for crafting them below).

5.WITCHES: For a body, bend a pipe cleaner into an inverted V. Twist a second pipe cleaner around the first to create arms. Glue on tissue-paper boots. For a dress, cut a head hole in a black tissue-paper square, then slip it on and tie it with yarn. Glue on thread for hair and a paper hat.

6.BATS: Bend a 1-inch length of pipe cleaner into a V, then glue it onto black tissue-paper bat wings. Use floral wire to attach the bat to a building or tree.

7.SPIRITS: Using the same method described for making a witch, but fashion a body from white pipe cleaners. Glue cotton batting to the body, front and back, until well covered. Use a black marker to draw on eyes and a mouth. Then tuck the finished ghosts between buildings.

8.GHOSTS: For a trick-or-treater ghost, craft a stick figure from pipe cleaners. Drape a white tissue over the body and then use your fingers to scrunch and shape. Draw on eyes and a mouth.


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