Gift Basket Service and Ideas

Gift Basket Service and Ideas

Once florists were a place where various species of flowers were cultivated for commercial purposes. However, this flower nurseries have evolved a lot, and now are not a service that just sells flowers, but a service that work with gifts for special occasions like fruit gift basket, flower arrangements, wine and cheese gift basket, bath basket, breakfast baskets, afternoon tea basket, chocolate basket, decorations for halls, weddings, churches and events, etc.

A florist with a big variety of products can gain more customers, especially companies that offer online services. The breakfast baskets stand out for its practicality and because it is tailored to the characteristics of people and according to the occasion.

Many people prefer to personally create breakfast gift baskets, others prefer to seek the services of a florist and while others want to work with baskets and have their own business.

In the latter case is essential to know how to organize and manage the service of assembling and delivering baskets, what are the most important factors for this service as inventory, maintenance, delivery and other care. Here are some tips about it:

  • When choosing products that will compose the basket always give preference to quality products. Fruits should always be fresh and the packaged goods can not be pinched or broken.
  • Once assembled, the basket needs to be kept in a cool and ventilated place. Care at delivery is essential so the basket arrives in good condition to the expected location.
  • When mounting the basket put the fragile products on top, leaving the less fragile underneath, so them don't get damaged.

  • All the products placed in baskets must always be in good condition and within the expiration date. Some still need to get cold at the site of delivery such as yogurt, pates, juices, etc... Put them one hour in the freezer before delivery.
  • Do not miss the delivery, arrange with the client the best time for the delivery, find someone punctual and careful to make thee deliveries. Punctuality is an important factor for customer satisfaction.
  • For those working in the industry, try to do some good advertise, do deals and assemble baskets relating to commemorations, example:

- Valentine's Day: Romantic baskets with chocolates, fruit and a teddy.
- Mother's Day: breakfast baskets with flowers.
- Christmas: feared baskets with wine, walnuts, grapes and Christmas ornaments.
- Easter: baskets of chocolates with a plush bunny.

For this type of service - creating and delivery of baskets - the inspiration, pleasure in doing it and seeking always to bring the joy your customers need, before anything, must be your main work tools.

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