Gift Ideas for Grandmas and Grandpas

Whether it is Christmas, birthday or other occasions, you may be at a loss as to what gift to give your grandparents. Here are some terrific gift ideas that might help.


The Gift of Experience

At this stage in their life grandparents now a days may have plenty of leisure time and energy and they may be looking around for interesting things to do. Here are gift ideas that will help them explore new interests.

If you have heard your grandma, or grandpa, express interest in pursuing a new hobby, one of the most interesting hobbies is learning how to draw and paint. You can give them a gift of an introductory art class at the locale recreation or community center to start them off. If they are already painting then a painting box, an easel, a set of water color pencils or a beautiful book on the masters or one of those great books that teach how to draw specific things such as how to draw the human head or how to draw trees etc.. Will make a wonderful gift.

A photography class is another hobby your grandparents may appreciate.Many grandparents like to travel and also attend family celebrations such as birthdays, christenings, graduations etc... And I am sure some would like to take beautiful pictures of these events. What better gift for those interested than a gift of an introductory class in photography?

If you feel they are not getting out and socializing enough, a gift certificate for enrolling them in ballroom dancing class, card playing, chess playing or other social activities will help and they will enjoy it a great deal. The cost varies. Lessons by a privately owned center are more expensive. Maybe they have a promotional introductory class you can buy at a discount rate.

I suggest you check out your community center or community colleges for these classes. with these venues a couple of months of classed may cost any where from $75 to about $200. privately owned classes may be more expensive but usually the quality of the classes are much bettter. You can also find classes on line. On one website they charge $49 for attending one introductory class and $89 to try out 5 different classes. They have all kinds of classes imaginable and these classes are available in all major cities.

Terrific Gift Basket Ideas

Which grandparent wouldn’t love to have a gift basket for the holidays, birthday or any other time as a gift? There are absolutely stunning gift baskets that you can buy on line. My favorite is gourmet coffee gift baskets. They include various flavors some baskets include books to compliment your coffee, others biscotti and assorted cookies etc… There is one that includes a humorous calendar that I like very much. A nice gift for christmas or New Year. There are gift baskets that include both coffee and tea and there are those that are just tea gift baskets. So the choice is yours. There seem to be a gift basket for every interest. I have seen a gift basket for a golfer or a sports fan in general. The price range is anywhere from $50 to $150.

Other Interesting Gifts

A lot of Grandmas and pas really appreciate good hand writing, When they were young hand writing was deemed important and they spent a lot of time learning how to write beautifully with a fountain pen. Some of them still love to write letters, poems and journals with a fountain pen. So if they are interested it will make a classy gift. Amazon have pages after pages of fountain pens. some of these well known fountain pens like the high end Pelicans are very expensive costing around a thousand dollars, but there are reasonably priced ones. The price range is anywhere from around $12 to over a $1000.

A journal with good quality paper will make another great gift for a grandparent who likes to write. It goes very well with a fountain pain if you can afford it, otherwise it makes a wonderful gift on its own.

An activity many older people are engaged in is charity and volunteerism. I have written a hub about how you can purchase a gift certificate in some one's name that gives to their favorite charity. Another gift idea is you can arrange for them to volunteer to a cause they are passionate about. This last one is a little bit novel and you have to make sure that they will be thrilled. The huib where I explain about these two gift ideas is Gifts: Green Gifts Ideas for Christmas. Check it out.


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markomitic 5 years ago from Toronto

Thank you for the interesting info. At least my Grandma will be happy soon. Birthday coming up.

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Thank you for stopping by. I am glad this article on buying gifts for grandpas and grandmas was helpful.

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