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Finding captivating and creative gifts for teenage girls is never an easy feat as you never know what they really, truly like.

True, some young ladies (as they like to see themselves) love up-to-the-minute fashion related gifts, maybe some “cult favourite” beauty product, a wireless selfie stick, or perhaps some exercise gadget that satisfies their New Year’s fitness resolution.

However, such items become ‘unexciting’ after a while and can be easily discarded with the wave of a hand, and as soon as a new trend hits the market, it’s ‘goodbye’ to it!

Why? Because teenage girls love staying on trend!


Designer Games for Girls

So what’s captivating enough? What kind of gift is engaging and appealing to a teenage girl?

A game gift that challenges her creativity; something that’s not only trend related, but one that helps her stand apart, maintaining her individuality.

Designer games for teenage girls are one of the most inspiring, captivating, and fulfilling gifts you can give a young girl. We’ve all heard how some young people developed their careers through the simple act of developing an interest in some game from an early age.

Games can inspire some teens into reaching greater heights in the choice of future professions. Designer games have the ability to do just that!

Top Features of Boutique Games

The game includes the following features:

  1. Fashion items from 16 different in-game designer labels
  2. Over ten thousand store items
  3. An array of customers with different personalities
  4. Customisable characters . . . give them different skin colours, eye shapes, hairstyles, hair colour, and makeup
  5. Downloadable fashion coordinates
  6. Shop in other design game player’s boutique
  7. Players with broadband wireless internet access can connect with up to three friends who own fashion boutique games, and visit each others fashion store or even host a fashion contest.

1. Fashion Boutique Games

This wonderful game for girls combines creativity and fashion with business attributes. A young savvy teen who loves staying on top of fashion trends will love this as a gift.

It’s like owning and running a fashion boutique that she can share virtually (over the internet) with like-minded savvy girls, anywhere in the world.

With fashion boutique games, she can set up her store's interior, plan and purchase inventory, set up the books to monitor the boutique's finances and attend to a consistent stream of customers looking for great fashion apparel to buy.

With start-up cash that comes with the game, she can ‘go shopping’ to stock her boutique with designer items which include a collection of trendy and chic clothes, beautiful accessories, and stylish footwear.

Who can play these games and love to have one as a gift?

Well contrary to popular belief that this game is only for the young, it is a game that is equally captivating for older ladies who are style enthusiasts.

Children as young as eight have been known to enjoy the game too despite their limitations in the business aspect of the game.

Many adults thoroughly enjoy fashion boutique games too, with most of the game’s good ratings made by adults who have actually played them.

This game will make a great gift that will keep the player engrossed for hours.

Top Features of Fashion Designer Games

  1. There are more than 100 animated models to dress up in 25,000 possible fashion combinations
  2. More than 50 types of fabric made into dresses, tops, shirts, skirts, trousers, and stockings.
  3. There are many shoes that come in various styles and colours
  4. A large library of fashion accessories . . . sparkling jewelry, trendy purses, belts, hats, and much more!
  5. Customisable styles, patterns, and colours
  6. Various customisable runway backgrounds to choose from
  7. Customize, rotate, zoom in or out the vivacious models
  8. Add-on fun tools to create or enhance fashionable clothing designs.
  9. Ability to compete in runway contests
  10. Players can take photo shots of their masterpiece and share with friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

2. Fashion Design Games

Fashion design games make great gifts for teenage girls who exhibit traits of fashion divas, love dress up games, and have flairs for always wanting to look good.

These are game that'll teach her a thing or two about nurturing and developing a sense of style from a young age.

If you notice your teen daughter seems enthralled and naturally drawn towards well dressed and chic women, just get her one of these as a present.

It’s a wonderful replacement for 'pretend grown up' games with mum’s apparel and accessories . . . shoes, jewelry, hats, makeup, and all!

Even twenty-something fashion design buffs have been known to absolutely love fashion games, as well as those seeking a career in fashion designing.

For instance, teenage girls who dream to become fashion designers can actually learn a lot about how the fashion design industry works.

Fashion, style, and glamour! That’s what this game for teen girls is all about. There is so much fun and learning content, it’ll keep a player occupied for days, just trying to put up a great fashion show.

Fashion design games can actually spur a teenage player on to become a career fashion designer.

She’ll learn how to:

  • Design fashionable clothes for virtual models to showcase on the runway
  • Style models hair
  • Apply make-up
  • Choose appropriate jewelry for each ensemble
  • Choose the right shoes for each outfit
  • Prepare models for fashion shows

A note of warning, fashion designer games are addictive to tweens, teens, and young adults alike!

Top Features of Interior Designing Games

Main features include fun challenges like:

  1. Tasks and missions to plan and complete ‘clients’ projects
  2. Order and supply tasks, e.g. order for a dresser with pink marbleized surface
  3. Making custom curtains with specific fabric types
  4. Finding ways to earn virtual money through virtual clients
  5. Hundreds of furniture and decor items to decorate with
  6. Pay for furniture, accessories, and home decor items required for ‘projects’
  7. Trade masterpieces with friends via Wi-Fi

3. Home Designing Games

Interior designer games, another great gift idea for teenagers!

With interior design games, teens can design any room in the virtual home to their own taste, placing furniture, hanging drapes, choosing colour schemes and light fixtures, picking out décor items like table centrepieces, throw pillows, and table lamps and generally ‘prettying’ up the space, depending on how creative and imaginative they can be..

It is such a fun and attention-hugging gift that whoever receives it will love it to bits. An interior designing game showcases a young girl’s originality and allows her express herself in a simulated world of home design and decoration.

Playing with interior designer games is almost like taking a beginner's course in interior decoration. Rooms are created; furniture is chosen and placed in position . . . sofas, chairs, tables, bookcases, nightstands, beds, etc... There is a vast array of items to decorate a home with and players can share their creations with each other, anywhere in the world.

Players can also trade furniture and furnishing items between each other.

But what makes this game a great gift idea? With the features listed, you’ll understand why.

Creativity in the game is explored in seven different workshops and includes fun skills like painting, pottery, drapery making, and picture framing.

And because graphics are superb and resolutions high, the game appear ‘more real’, making it extremely enjoyable and utterly enthralling to a teenage girl.

Are you convinced that designer games make great gifts for teen girls?

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Who Can Play?

Interior design games are not for teens alone.

Young adults and aspiring interior decoration students will enjoy playing these games, and we mustn’t forget the young mums who regularly play the game with their teen daughters.

It will be a good thing to have in middle and high schools where students can, in an exciting, display self-expression and individualism.

Designer Games Make Great Gifts for 13 to 18 Year Old Girls

All designing games . . . fashion boutique, fashion designer, and interior design are inspiring and purposeful for teen girls.

Many a young girl has reached greater heights as a fashion or interior designer just because they played these games when they were in their teens.

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