Host a Gothic Halloween Party

There's just something romantic about a Gothic Themed Halloween Party. I think that's why I'm in love with the idea! The Victorian era is such an intriguing time in our history. All of the restrained sexual tension (like the fact that a woman showing her ankle was risque), has come to embody this age.

When we think of the people who lived during the Victorian era, we think of their prudish ways, extreme manners, pious beliefs, and of course, lots and lots of lace!

This pent-up energy of the time, mixed with the modern concept that Halloween is the perfect chance to let loose of inhibitions and be someone else--even if just for one night--makes for the perfect combination. Add in quite a bit of dark, mysterious, and somewhat creepy aspects (like vampires, witches, and werewolves), and a Gothic Themed Party is born!

Wake the Dead...and Invite Them to Your Party!

When it comes to invitations, the trick (or treat?) is to stir interest in your invitees. Chances are very good that your friends will be invited to a handful of different Halloween parties; you want to make sure they choose your party as the one they'll be attending.

Don't just pick up a pack in party invitations at the store--be creative and make your own! Here are a few unique ideas:

  • Make your own parchment paper. All you need is standard printer paper, a pan large enough for the paper to lay flat in, and some super strong coffee. After brewing your coffee, pour it into the pan, filling the pan about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch deep. Lay a sheet of paper in the pan and let it soak for 5 minutes or so on each side. Then remove your paper, lay it flat to dry, and before you know it, you have homemade parchment paper to write your invitations on! You can try printing your invitations, using a creepy, old world style font, but it may be easy to just hand write your invites, using a calligraphy style of hand-writing. Splatter some red "blood" (food coloring or paint) on your invitations, allow to dry completely, then roll them up and tie with a blood red piece of velvet ribbon. Mail in bubble envelopes or hand deliver to your guests.
  • Another fun and Gothic idea for your invites is to send your proposed guests a vial full of blood...and an invitations rolled up inside the vial! You can purchase vials from a science supply website. Write or print your invitations on waterproof paper, which can be purchased online through sites such as Amazon. Then roll up your invitation and thread it into the vial. Next, pour a blood concoction into the vial. Make this concoction with one part water, one part Karo syrup, and red food coloring. Secure your stopper or lid and drop the vial in a bubble envelope for delivery or hand deliver to you invitees.

  • An additional creative idea is to write out your invitations on Tarot cards. The Occult has long been associated with Gothic themes, probably because during the time of the Victorian era the strict and pious standards all but bread a darker, evil yearning to be bad! Dabbling in witchcraft and looking for answers outside of the norm (and outside of the church) was common for people--although they never would have admitted it! For your invitations, purchase a deck of cards and a glow in the dark marker. Hand-write your invitations directly over-top of the image on the card, stick in an envelope along with a little note that says something like "All things will become clear in the dark of the night", and mail off to your guests. Hopefully (fingers crossed) they'll get the hint and read the card in the dark. If not, well, do you really want them at your party?

Vamping Out Your Place

Now, when it comes to decorating, Gothic style, there are definitely some key components you'll want to have to your decor. Here are the most important design features you'll want to decorate with:

  • Color is important when creating a dark and romantic theme. Black (obviously), dark purple, and dark red are the colors most associated with a Gothic theme. Choosing lush fabrics such as velvet or velor, along with intricate lace and maybe even some taffeta fabrics, will add to the ambiance and definitely make your guests feel like they've stepped back in time--into a vampire's lair perhaps. Drape these fabrics on your furniture, replace your curtains with them, and of course deck yourself out in them--but we'll get to that in the costumes section.
  • Candles will also be an important mood enhancer. You can purchase drip candles online or at most "head shops". Get many different shapes and sizes, but be sure to stick to the darker colors. Place these around your home but be sure to set them in areas where your guests can't knock into them or catch themselves on fire! Up on shelves, inside hurricanes, and in corners where they're blocked-off but still visible. You can also try to find creepy looking battery operated candles.
  • Spiderwebs in the corners and dead or decaying looking flowers will also help give your place a deserted, graveyard look. Just think, "If I were a vampire, what would my crypt look like?" Or, "If I were a witch, would my fellow coven members like my home decor?" Have fun with it and do your best to deck-out your digs!

  • And along the crypt theme, be sure to have some skulls and piles of bones laying around. These decorations are aplenty during the Halloween season and can be purchased very inexpensively. Get some black or brown shoe polish and dirty them up some more. Drape cobwebs over them, maybe add a fake worm or two to the skull's eye sockets, and place a few candles around the skulls and piles.
  • For a more "witchy" feel, you can set out jars of spell ingredients! Use everyday foods such as raw chicken parts, spaghetti, peeled grapes, and raw beef to place in the jars, along with either bloody colored water (died with food coloring) or murky water (weak brewed coffee), but label the jars with such things as "Frog Liver", Eye of Newt", and "Bat Innards". Make sure the lids are secured tightly and place them in your kitchen or on a makeshift alter you may decide to create. You can also display jars filled with everyday spices, but label these as herbs such as "Wolfs-bane", "Verveine", and "Hounds Tongue". Display Tarot cards, Runes, a crystal ball, and of course a cauldron. Be sure to have a broom propped up in the corner somewhere, and if you have a black cat, all the better!

Hungry, Hungry Haunts

The food you serve at your party is the best part! There are so many fun and creative ideas out there for Halloween themed recipes! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Ladies' Fingers and Mens' Toes Pretzel Bites
  • Mummie Cupcakes
  • Bloody Eyeballs
  • Shrunken Heads Cider
  • Leggy Spider Cookies
  • Spooky Eyeball Tacos
  • R.I.P. Brownies
  • Bones in the Graveyard

***These recipes can be found at,, Kraft, and

Drinks are also important! You can get pretty creative when it comes to the refreshments you serve your guests. Wine glasses and goblets are recommended and here are some hauntingly tasty drinks to serve in them:

  • Vampire Sangria
  • Ghoulish Punch
  • Bat Juice Halloween Mocktail
  • Witches Brew
  • Black Halloween Punch
  • Boo Beverage

***These recipes can be found at,, and

Dressing the Gothic Part

Dressing the part is definitely a huge part of the fun. You can take many different directions with your costume, as long as there is some dark, mysteriousness involved and a good amount of sex appeal.

There are many Gothic themed costumes available for purchase with everything included that any fun-loving vamp might need. You can dress as a Gothic character such as a vampire, witch, Gothic bride, Gothic Fairy, or just a creepy looking and kinda dead person from the Victorian era.

Because of the reemergence of this theme in modern times, many people incorporate Gothic looks into modern looks. Some ideas might include the techno-goth look, the emo-goth look, or even just an everyday character who is a bit, well, dead looking!

And when it comes to dressing the part, accessories and fine details make the look. Gothic inspired jewelry, black fingernail polish, temporarily died hair or wigs, fake fangs or witches moles, and make-up--lots and lots of dark and blood red make-up--will complete the look!

During Halloween season, all of these accouterments can be found at any Halloween store and definitely online. Don't be afraid to step outside of yourself and really play the part! For a little help, here are some links to costumes, accessories, and make-up on Amazon:

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Stephanie Henkel profile image

Stephanie Henkel 5 years ago from USA

You sure have a cauldron full of creepy, ghoulish ideas for a Halloween party here! Very creative and well put together Hub! Voted up and awesome!

klaceyjsmith profile image

klaceyjsmith 5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

I liked all that you had to say and suggest, but, quite honestly, I would have to be the guest. In this busy lifestyle, who has time to go to such lengths? It would be a great party to attend one of these, but I'd hate to have to be the host!

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