How to Enjoy the Christmas Holidays Alone

Photos are my own. Article copyright 11/29/2010
Photos are my own. Article copyright 11/29/2010

Single and alone on the holidays?

Christmas is usually one of the happiest times of the year, but if you find yourself single and alone at Christmas then you may be wondering how you are going to manage to enjoy this very special holiday season.

Christmas is a holiday of love, peace, joy, and giving, but when you are single it can also be a very lonely time of year if you don't prepare for it.

So let's figure out what you can do to make the holidays a little more cheerful.

Fortunately Father Time is a wonderful old soul. He gives us 12 months each and every year to prepare for Christmas.

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells | Source
You may be surprised how many people are online Christmas day.
You may be surprised how many people are online Christmas day.

Spend Christmas visiting with others on the internet.

You won't feel quite so alone if you go online during the holiday season to a social networking or interactive game site. You may just be more than a little surprised at how many other people are spending a large part of their Christmas season on the Internet.

There are thousands of people who are single or alone during the holidays and they may be feeling exactly the same as you.

Great interactive sites for Christmas visiting, chatting, or game play are:

Putting up a tree and playing holiday music can make the house more feel cheerful.
Putting up a tree and playing holiday music can make the house more feel cheerful.

Make a firm decision to enjoy the Christmas season.

Don't pack Christmas away in the closet and decide that you are not going to celebrate it this year. Being single or alone over the holidays should never take away your holiday spirit.

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy Christmas when you're single and you just have to discover the method that works out best for you.

It is funny but Christmas is a lot like smiling. You may not feel like doing it, but once you start, it has a funny way of forcing you to feel good inside. Putting on some lively Christmas tunes is the first step. Christmas music really does help to get you into the holiday swing of things.

Put on your favorite Christmas songs. Don't have any recorded? Visit where there is a wealth of free listening.

A great Christmas gift for a single to find under the tree is a boxed DVD movie set. Entertainment for Christmas day.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Seasons 1-6
Game of Thrones: The Complete Seasons 1-6

A boxed set of your favorite movies is sure to keep you amused on Christmas day so pick up a set of your favorite shows and have them sitting under the Christmas tree. It is a great gift to yourself.


Christmas is an ideal time to make new friends.

If you have moved to a new town, undergone a marriage separation, been busy with work, or for some other reason lessened your social contacts over the past year then it is time to make some new friends.

Don't just allow yourself to feel alone during the holidays. It's time to dig just a wee bit deeper to find people to pass greetings along to this holiday season.

This year make each person that you know count. Christmas is a time to surround yourself with family, and friends, and it is also the perfect time of year to make new friends.

Keep in mind that you are not the only lonely person out there at this time of year.

Do up a card for your paper boy, your pharmacist, your doctor's office, and any other associates who gave you good service this past year. You can even pass cards along to your favorite grocery store, department store, and city hall. Businesses appreciate receiving a positive message during the very hectic holiday season.

Make eye contact with the people who you encounter in the mall or out on the street. Smile and say a Merry Christmas greeting to the people you meet. Just stopping to say hi or to give a kind gesture to another person is how we begin creating new friendships.

The process of acknowledging the people around you with a seasons greeting is a great way of bringing these people just a little bit closer to you.

Christmas greeting cards. You can write a little or a lot.
Christmas greeting cards. You can write a little or a lot.

Prepare a list of people who you can send holiday greetings to.

You many not be as alone as you think you are. We sometimes don't realize just how many people we associate with throughout the year. There are a lot of people who are important to us in one way or another, but who we unfortunately sometimes tend to trivialize our relationship to, rather than acknowledge them as a person who exists within our social support network.

As the holiday season draws near start preparing a list of people who you can send out holiday greeting cards to. This list should include family, co-workers, friends, and even acquaintances who have shown us a kindness or good service throughout the past year. This gesture of well wishes to others during the holiday season is very important. Sending greeting cards is a visible way to show you that you are not alone.

Find something that you would be able to do every year and begin your own unique Christmas tradition.

You could drop bird seed at a local park, visit your local seniors center with small gifts, build a snow man at your local park, or decorate a tree. You could attend church. It is your holiday tradition so you figure it out.

Have yourself a very merry little Christmas.

Have yourself a very merry little Christmas.
Have yourself a very merry little Christmas.
Companionship with others even if they are others in the same circumstance can help to ease the loneliness.
Companionship with others even if they are others in the same circumstance can help to ease the loneliness.

Surround yourself with friends, family, or acquantances.

If your special people are far away, then bring them just a little bit closer by thinking about them, talking to them, or sending them a Christmas greeting.

Pick up the phone and call your distant cousin or that friend who you haven't spoken to in quite some time. By bringing yourself emotionally closer to those who are distanced from you, they seem just a little bit closer as you draw them deeper into your heart.

This helps to remind you that you really are not alone. There are people out there who care about you.

Phone someone to wish them a Merry Christmas.

It is nice to hear a loved ones voice on the phone. Chat on the computer works too.
It is nice to hear a loved ones voice on the phone. Chat on the computer works too.

If you find yourself lonely during the holidays then volunteer your time.

Surround yourself with other people during the holiday season. This is actually easier to do than most people realize. There are many charities and local care centers who are in need of volunteers during the holiday season.

It is hard to feel alone when you are surrounded by other people who are all working toward a common goal. Volunteer your time at a local food bank, a local church group, the Salvation Army hamper preparation, your local animal shelter, or a local soup kitchen. Your help will be very appreciated during the holiday season and you definitely will not be alone.

Check with your local radio station or newspaper to see which charitable holiday events, get-togethers, or meals are happening in your town on Christmas day.

For your Christmas meal you can choose to dine in on a small single serve meal, cook yourself up the full meal deal and freeze the leftovers, accept an invitation to dinner that you have been offered by a friend or associate, or go out to a local church or charity dinner.

Giving of yourself during the holidays is a very wonderful way to take the sting off of being single or alone at Christmas. You discover that you really are not alone and you also get to see how very fortunate you are in your life. Volunteering can be a great way to warm away any gloomy seasonal thoughts.

A gift tower or basket is a sweet way to pamper yourself.

Send yourself a gift basket for Christmas.

Gift baskets are the perfect gift for a person who is single as they contain a wide array of items and come in a wide variety of themes. Food basket, treat basket, or spa basket are all unique choices. carries a wide variety or check with your local florist, grocery, or department stores to see if they offer these.

A spa gift basket is a nice treat for Christmas day. You can enjoy a soothing soak in scented relaxation. A home spa is a delightful pampering experience.

Everyone deserves a little pampering and around the holidays is the perfect time of year to enjoy a little relaxation. It is easy to be a little surprised at the gift items that are in the basket you receive.

My favorite gifts to myself.

  1. Scratch lottery tickets.

    These take awhile to scratch so occupy quite a bit of time. I turn the tree lights on to blink, brew my coffee, turn on some music, and sit down to relax and scratch my Christmas tickets.

  2. A huge container of cashews.

    I love cashews but they are very expensive so usually only get purchased a few times each year.

  3. After Eight Mints.

    They are a special treat reserved for this time of year and they make me feel very special.

  4. A new notebook or journal.
  5. A new calendar themed to my interests.

    I love the 365 page desk calendars as some of them are amazing. They feature an origami craft, recipe, or joke for every day of the year. I love that. It just makes every day of the year a little more special.

  6. A large jigsaw puzzle.

    This is an activity that is relaxing and entertaining. (Impossible to do when you own a cat as they seem to love to get up on it and scatter the pieces from here to eternity. Yep been there and done that.)

  7. A new address book for telephone or email addresses.

    Gives me something to do as I clean up the mess I have made in the old one.

  8. Crossword puzzle books.

Santa's gift can still be a surprise even if you are single.

Tupperware $150 Surprise Package of Tupperware
Tupperware $150 Surprise Package of Tupperware

When this package arrives in the mail pop it under the tree and be surprised Christmas morning. It's always fun to see exactly what kind of surprises Santa packages up for you. Surprise packages are great gifts for single people.

Often times local humane shelters look for additional assistance over the holidays.
Often times local humane shelters look for additional assistance over the holidays.

Caring for a pet or a plant really does help you feel less lonely.

When we talk to or care for other living creatures we really do not feel quite so alone. It may sound silly but picking up some houseplants or a pet to share your home with really does make a difference. If you are not quite sure that you are ready to adopt a pet then try volunteering at your local animal shelter over the holidays. The pets there will need Christmas dinner too.

Some animal shelters ask for individuals to take pets home with them during the holidays when staffing levels are low. Having a furry friend to spend Christmas with can really help to brighten the holidays. Don't forget that animals have feelings too, so put some special treats under your Christmas tree for them, and expect to give them plenty of love during their visit to your home.

Of course what the shelters really hope is that you will fall in love with your new friend and decide to provide them with a more permanent home...but that is completely up to you.

Speaking of the Christmas tree, make sure that you put one up, this traditional activity is a very important aspect of the holiday season.

It's a little cold to plant a new tree but you could hang a bird feeder in an old one. That would be so nice.

Let Santa surprise you on Christmas morning with a few gifts.

A gift basket full of delightful gifts and treats is the ideal treasure trove to surprise you under the tree on Christmas morning. A gift basket is a great Christmas gift idea for single people.

Surprise yourself. Gift baskets have a wide array of items in them. There are many gifts available which will still be a surprise to you on Christmas morning. No peeking before Christmas morning though or you'll ruin the surprise.

Travel some where sunny over the holidays...Hawaii, Cuba, Peurto Rico?

Putting up a Christmas tree can help you get in the seasonal spirit.
Putting up a Christmas tree can help you get in the seasonal spirit.

Make your own merry little Christmas.

Deck the house with holly. Put on the Christmas music and set up the tree. Pick up some bird feed and set it out in a feeder to give a few of the wintering birds a Christmas feast.

For this to be a true Christmas you will need presents from Santa under your Christmas tree too. So you need to find gifts which will excite you and keep you anxious until you are able to open them on Christmas morning. You need to find Christmas presents which will surprise you Christmas morning.

Many stores carry surprise packages, order one of these, and place it still in it's parcel state under your tree. Phone a couple of your local stores, and ask them to do up a specific priced gift for a person your age, and sex. Smaller sized specialty stores will usually gladly comply. The clerks are usually very willing to participate in doing the gift hunting for you.

A few examples of gifts which you might put under your tree from Santa Claus would be a new calendar, a nice bottle of wine, your absolute most favorite edible treats, a package of lottery scratch tickets, a movie video, puzzle books, a jigsaw puzzle, or a new book which you have been wanting to read but have not had the opportunity to. These gifts will give you something to look forward to on the big day.

Holly and bells are a traditional holiday decoration that can bring cheer from where they hang.
Holly and bells are a traditional holiday decoration that can bring cheer from where they hang.

It's up to you to make your Christmas holiday special.

Christmas happens each year, and even if you are feeling kind of grinchy, you cannot make it go away. No matter how hard you try to deny that it exists, it does, and you are the only one who can decide how you will celebrate the holiday season.

With a little pre-planning before hand, and knowing what you can do to celebrate this special holiday season, your Christmas can turn out to be something which you look back on with a smile. Make yourself a merry little Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.

You could also join a publishing site and alike myself begin to write online.

There are quite a few free publishing platforms on the internet and many pay you a little pocket change to write online. It can be pretty low income but it is an added bonus to voicing your thoughts online.

These are many excellent places to begin writing online. Not only does writing out your thoughts make you feel better but it also gives you a tremendous support network of peers to connect with. Most publishing sites have community forums where you can go to ask questions and gain support from other writers.

A gift of fitness is great for putting you in better spirits.

Plan to be a healthier you in the new year with a gift to yourself that will help you shape up into a brand new you.

Learn some fancy dance moves while you Zumba. A gift of fitness can help to put you in better spirits.

Bright red holly berries entwined in green. Holly is a traditional symbol of the holidays.
Bright red holly berries entwined in green. Holly is a traditional symbol of the holidays.

Take Time To Play. It's Important.

When you participate in pleasurable activities like smiling, laughing, exercising or playing, your brain does an amazing thing and releases a little chemical message known as an endorphin.

These endorphins are feel good messages that have the power to actually remove physical and emotional pain. They travel down the spine, and then throughout your body, sending a feeling of well being as they go.

These endorphins not only have the ability to relieve pain but they also have the power to make you feel happy. So remember to take time to play - It really is important.

Have a very

Merry Christmas

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How will you be spending Christmas this year? 133 comments

Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

I've spent a Christmas alone when I was first out of college. Playing Christmas music helps, then call the family, and make your day special with the little rituals of the season (opening presents, fixing a festive meal).

I have a friend who's having an "orphan Christmas" this year. She meant she had invited all the people she knew who were also going to be alone for the holiday. They are having a potluck party at her house.

Henk LM profile image

Henk LM 6 years ago

When I was still single I enjoyed Christmas as one of the few days I could be alone, and spend two days reading novels. I would prepare a festive diner for myself, and open a bottle of wine. After diner I would enjoy the wine and music or poetry.

Now that I'm married and a father I spend Christmas like everyone else, but I certainly miss the Christmases I was alone.

PaulaMorgan profile image

PaulaMorgan 6 years ago from Sydney Australia

I always used to arrange "orphans" Christmas dinners during my single years... people at work who had no family in town etc... It was really nice as we would have all been in the same boat otherwise... oh and drink a really expensive bottle of wine!

if you are going to volunteer try to get it organised early in December - its amazing how hard it can get to find a post a few days before.

MargoPArrowsmith profile image

MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

Yup, you can make a decision as to how you are going to experience your situation.

anonymous 6 years ago

I truly dread the situation of being alone, however you have made some great points and suggestions to combat loneliness. Very useful tips - thumbs up and favorited.

monarch13 profile image

monarch13 6 years ago


Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 6 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 6 years ago from Canada Author

@PaulaMorgan: That is a very good way to spend Christmas when you are single - with other singles. Thank you for sharing. :)

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 6 years ago from Canada Author

@Henk LM: Once you are used to being alone it becomes very comfortable. I very much enjoyed my Christmases when I was single too. that I am married I still spend a large part of Christmas day on the Internet.

darciefrench lm profile image

darciefrench lm 6 years ago

We're not alone on Squidoo! Merry Christmas, today and every day. Much love and many blessings for 2011.

Ruthi 5 years ago

Excellent tips for enjoying Christmas alone ... but not lonely! These tips work well throughout the year too. Thank you and merry Christmas!

ForestBear LM profile image

ForestBear LM 5 years ago

wonderful lens, thank you for sharing

fullofshoes profile image

fullofshoes 5 years ago

Reading your lens brought a few tears to my eyes. I get to spend Christmas with wonderful family members and good friends. There are some who are not as fortunate as I am.

TonyPayne profile image

TonyPayne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

Great tips, and really with the internet, cheap telephone calls, webcams etc, there really is no need to be completely alone at Christmas, although it's not the same as being with family and friends. Nicely done, blessed.

gypsyman27 lm profile image

gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

I am not alone, my son still is with me, and he has several years more of school. He wants to be an attorney so he's taking poly-sci. This may keep him for several years, I did want to know what to do, if I were alone on the holidays. This was an excellent guide for the single person, alone at the holiday. Have a really wonderful holiday and enjoy this holiday season. See you around the galaxy...

viscri8 profile image

viscri8 5 years ago

I am not really alone -- but quite lonely. I guess I can do all what this lens is suggesting and have it over with Christmas.But what about New Year? Looking forward to a lens about that. Merry Christmas!Blessed!

anonymous 5 years ago

Wonderful, wonderful ideas for those who will be spending Christmas or much of the Christmas holiday alone....sending gifts to yourself, wonderful and it will still be a surprise as well as being delivered, there is just something special about that delivered gift under the tree. You'll have folks looking forward to Christmas alone...but not lonely as they find creative ways to give of themselves to self and to others....

CastleRoyLisa profile image

CastleRoyLisa 5 years ago from Rhode Island

these are great ideas wonderful lens

anonymous 5 years ago

I have struggled to enjoy Christmas since I left New Zealand and my children. It is almost as if as soon as December 1st comes round I get sad and can't get into the Christmas mood. I try really hard, but between distance from my kids and grandchild, and the family members I have lost at this time of the year, it is difficult. Being lonely can happen even when surrounded by people. My kids celebrate Christmas before me, of course, because they see the 25th before anyone else in the world, so while I am running around like crazy on Christmas Eve, I have to stop and take some time to talk to them via Internet or phone. You have some great ideas here. Merry Christmas to your and yours. Be safe, be happy, be well. God Bless.

poutine 5 years ago

Wishing you a happy holiday.

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

It is sad that some people have to be alone especially during Christmas. Hope they'll read your lens. Blessed!

anonymous 5 years ago

These are actually Great tips, plus they can be used All Year Round Honestly!! :D

WriterJanis2 profile image

WriterJanis2 5 years ago

You have some inspiring advice here. Wonderful job.

ajgodinho profile image

ajgodinho 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Lots of great suggestions here on how to make the best for Christmas even if one is stuck alone. I'm single, but have been fortunate to have close friends who are like family to me. This year I will be spending the day with some friends and their families. It's a great time to just catch up with friends. wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas / Holiday season and all the best for the New Year...blessings! :)

BuckHawkcenter profile image

BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

Definitely smiling per your suggestion! Your advice is being taken. All the animals at BuckHawk Center thank you for suggesting volunteer at an animal rescue group. Angel Blessed!

bechand profile image

bechand 5 years ago

I was not alone - but really was moved by reading this - thinking of the many that were alone. I work in home health and most of my patients were alone this year. Nice Lens

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@bechand: I spent many Christmas's without a partner and actually began to enjoy the relaxation of the holidays spent alone. Now I am married and that is good also.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@BuckHawkcenter: It would be wonderful if education and understanding could have the majority of animals spayed or neutered so these creatures could all find good homes for the holidays.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@ajgodinho: A very merry holiday season to you also ajgodinho. Christmas alone can be so very nice when you plan your Christmas out in advance. Best of everything in the New Year.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@WriterJanis2: I spent many Christmas's alone. Best of wishes to you and yours in the New Year.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: I hope this Christmas blessed you with grace and cheer. The very best to you as well in 2012.

cr00059n 5 years ago

Its quite a cozy time to relax and meditate upon oneself. You've done a good job at explaining the benefits of Spending Christmas Alone. I spent Christmas by myself. Thanks!

TreasuresBrenda profile image

TreasuresBrenda 5 years ago from Canada

Great subject. I have my immediate family at Christmas but my sister is sometimes alone. She likes to cook a wee version of a Christmas dinner and watch a Christmas movie.

SecondHandJoe LM profile image

SecondHandJoe LM 5 years ago

I'm in NY, without a partner, and the weather's been so good I did what anyone would do. . . took the boat out and went sightseeing! I'd say I went fishing but of coarse the season is over. . . really nice lens!

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@SecondHandJoe LM: What a wonderful way to spend Christmas alone. I thank you so much for sharing your holiday adventure. The weather was really very warm here too for Christmas and I loved it. Could still go out for a walk and not have to worry about slipping on ice and snow.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 5 years ago from Canada Author

@TreasuresBrenda: There are so very many ways to spend Christmas alone without feeling lonely. We each just have to find the method that works for us. When I was single I enjoyed spending Christmas day on the internet.

CruiseReady profile image

CruiseReady 4 years ago from East Central Florida

I have only spent Christmas alone once. It was a strange time for me, but I do remember it vividly.

Your volunteering idea is the best, but I really like the 'Santa Surprise' gifts that you can get for yourself. That's a pretty cool way to give yourself a smile... and some love.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@CruiseReady: It has been many years ago now but when my first husband and I separated it was not too long before Christmas. My children were preschool age so I didn't think that Christmas would be that different for them so long as they had gifts from Santa to wake up to but I was worried that I might get depressed Christmas day. My friend suggested a Regal surprise package so I would not know what my gifts were and it became one of my standard "single lady" Christmas gifts. A package of $25.00 in scratch lottery tickets was another holiday tradition that I initiated that year. These gifts helped to occupy my Christmas morning and cheer me up.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: It is hard to believe that another Christmas is rolling around so soon. How the time flies. I'm not single this year but I will be thinking of my friends who are.

LiteraryMind profile image

LiteraryMind 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

This is a very important topic and you addressed it really well.

Celticep profile image

Celticep 4 years ago

so much inspiring information! great lens, well thought out

miaponzo 4 years ago

While it is difficult to be alone on any holiday... taking a look at it from a different viewpoint and trying to find things to do alone happily helps, rather than to concentrate on the being alone part :) And giving yourself gifts or helping the poor is a GREAT idea!

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

My first husband and I separated when my oldest daughter was 5 years old. We separated shortly before Christmas. Having scratch lottery tickets and a surprise package under the tree for me was how I coped with that first Christmas alone. I was single for many years and after the first few I really did enjoy my Christmases. My oldest daughter is now in her mid 30's and I have been with my husband now for about 6 years. I know that Christmas can be unbearably lonely when you are single but that it can also be very enjoyable. It is only you who can change how your Christmas will be spent.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@miaponzo: A little pampering is very good for the heart and soul. There are many people spending the holidays alone and pampering yourself or someone else is certainly a good way to spend your Christmas. There are also many events happened Christmas day so preparing in advance is important. I used to go online and spend the majority of my Christmas day there.

jodijoyous profile image

jodijoyous 4 years ago from New York

@Lady Lorelei: Well done!

Dianeyp LM 4 years ago

I love the idea of those "surprise gifts" you can get, what a great idea for Christmas morning, especially when alone. great lens

javr profile image

javr 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

@Lady Lorelei: Classy!

liza-mcfarland profile image

liza-mcfarland 4 years ago

It's nice to have this available as a military wife. Never knowing if I will be alone for special events and holidays is hard enough without being lost on how to celebrate it. This is a wonderful way to have a little "Merry" in spite of being alone. Thanks!

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@liza-mcfarland: There are so very many people who will spend the holidays alone each year. I spend so much time online now that I would be disappointed if I could not spend a part of my Christmas day online.

FanfrelucheHubs profile image

FanfrelucheHubs 4 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

With my family (well not my larger Canadian family, but with my smaller french husdand family: our kids, mom in law, great grand mom and pa and a few of my hubby uncles and aunts). I am used to a big family party, I have a large family, usually at Christmas we are around 20. But since I move to France it's a bit different. This year again, we will invite my mom in law elderly neigbhour who is alone at Christmas. She is nice and fun.

Mr-Panda LM profile image

Mr-Panda LM 4 years ago

Your lens is my 900th Squidlike! I'm just telling you because the SquidMonsters told me too =) Thanks! And your lens is great =) pandahugz

aquarian_insight 4 years ago

I'm actually hoping for Christmas alone this year, but I doubt it will happen! Still, I loved your ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

grannysage 4 years ago

There was a time in my life, many years ago, where I was surrounded by people and yet very lonely. That was because none of those people really knew the real me or wanted to talk about things I wanted to talk about. So I spent a lot of time on-line which is where I met my current husband. Now I am content with just the two of us, and still spend a great deal of time on-line. I think if you learn to love yourself, then you are never truly alone. If I was alone I would buy a good book and spend the day reading.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@grannysage: It is the close emotional bonds that we are lacking which we crave when we are lonely. Some people are introverts and do not require too much of an emotional circle surrounding them but other more social individuals do find it more difficult to be alone.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@aquarian_insight: I like a nice quiet Christmas too. I suffer from severe fatigue issues and it is just easier for me to do much of my socializing online rather than in person. I hope your Christmas is wonderful whether it is spent alone or surrounded by friends and family.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@Mr-Panda LM: Gotta love the squidmonsters lol. I love seeing the little face pop out to greet me in the morning. I presume he'll have a special message for us on Christmas day.

anonymous 4 years ago

@grannysage: I was dreading Christmas last year so I hired the village hall and put up posters inviting people for dinner. There was 11 of us - it was good fun and a few of those that came said it was the best Christmas they'd had for years! Very kind of them. Anyway, they want a re-run this year

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: What a wonderful way for you to not be alone plus insuring that a number of other people as well will not be alone on Christmas. You are a rock star.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@FanfrelucheHubs: My sister is a very social person but I am not so much so. She likes a large boisterous Christmas with many relatives while I would spend my Christmas day going from my computer to nap in bed all day lol. People are certainly very different in their personalities.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@Celticep: I spent many Christmas's alone. At first it can be lonely but after awhile you develop your own holiday traditions and you actually begin to enjoy the Christmas that you create. Preparing in advance of the holiday helps a lot to make it a good one.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@LiteraryMind: Thank you for stopping by. You did not mention if you spend your holidays alone or if you are a couple but this is a topic very near to my heart and the hearts of many others. There are many reasons why people are separated from their family and friends over he holidays so it takes some adapting to get used to it.

victoriahaneveer profile image

victoriahaneveer 4 years ago

I will be with my fiancé having a quiet Christmas just the two of us. It's sad when people are alone for the festive season and don't want to be, but this lens offers plenty of sage advice for them. Nicely written!

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@Gypzeerose: Thank you so much for stopping by Rose. Preparing to be alone on the holidays is one of the best ways to not feel so alone when the special day arrives. I like to spend a part of each of my days online and on the holidays as well. It is a great way to connect with distant relatives as well.

anonymous 4 years ago

As a singleton I find these ideas very encouraging! Thank you! :)

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: Preparing in advance of the holiday really does make spending Christmas alone a little better. You can arrange websites that you will visit Christmas day, arrange to have dinner at a local church, or volunteer somewhere that day. There are many ways to spend Christmas when you are without your family or friends. My personal favorite is the Internet.

dellgirl 4 years ago

What a wonderful list of Ways To Enjoy the Christmas Holidays Alone, this is totally awesome! This is really different and you did a great job presenting it, thanks for taking time to put this together and for sharing it.

ClassyGals profile image

ClassyGals 4 years ago from Pittsburgh

Your advice is sure to help many people that spend Christmas alone. I love the way you've included going on the internet and provided interactive social sites as a form of entertainment. Calling loved ones on the phone is also a good one, too. Very well deserved Angel Blessings**

fawli86 profile image

fawli86 4 years ago

I'm usually alone at Christmas because my family don't spend it so I end up spending it with my friends!

tonybonura profile image

tonybonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

Great tips, some of which I have used before. Especially the ones about friends. Hey, if you're with friends, you're not alone.


cjbmeb14 lm profile image

cjbmeb14 lm 4 years ago

This year will be quiet for us just my wife, me and our two kids. We have a friend who will be on his own at Christmas, we invited him to come to us but he prefers to be on his own.

LouisaDembul profile image

LouisaDembul 4 years ago

I had a friend who used to go out on the underground train every Christmas to talk to people. She reasoned that it was a sign of loneliness if they were on a train that day. Since she didn't celebrate Christmas she spent that day making them feel better!

Marelisa 4 years ago

I definitely agree that you should go through the motions of preparing for Christmas, even if you don't feel like it. In the end, when you look around and see your home decorated for the holidays, smell the gingerbread cookies, and hear the Christmas carols playing on the stereo, this will put you in a holiday mood! Great ideas on here.

anonymous 4 years ago

I have been single for four years after a 20 year marriage ended with me being dumped. My only parent died last year. I have three sisters who have no desire to have me in their lives. I have wonderful friends and am very blessed. Some days I feel like closing my eyes to Christmas. Today I am going to go out and buy MYSELF and my kitties and dog somethings to put under our little tree!

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: Yours is the sweetest post that I have read today. That was the attitude that I had many years ago when my husband and I separated. I hope the holidays are wonderful to you and Santa brings you everything that your heart desires (lol the good thing about playing Santa is that he knows exactly what you want for Christmas). Bless you.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: My life somewhat mirrors yours as I was thrown out of my husband's life a few years ago as he had someone else he was moving on to and your post inspires me to strive and be as strong as you...but alas I'm not and this year I will be spending the holidays alone...without kids or will be just me. All the years that I would never think of not including my parents, my siblings, my children and my grandchildren or allowing anyone in my family spending the holidays one seemed to care that I's hurtful and I'd like for it to be over. I definitely need more inspiration.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: LuckyMe, I can totally relate to this post. Trying to decide what is healthy, for me and my future. Hard to be alone, but not feeling particularly welcomed elsewhere. Most people I know can't be alone for a day, whereas I am typically fine. But Xmas feels different and they don't seem remotely concerned. Trying to find strength, to direct my energy into caring for me and creating a fuller life in the year ahead. Such a challenge :(.

anonymous 4 years ago

I will be spending Christmas alone again his year and I really do mean alone as I have no friends or family. It is hard living your life utterly alone and Christmas is a tough time for me. My disabilities have such an impact that I am almost housebound. I often read stories of people being alone but as their story unfolds they do have friends or family and I hope they cherish them because being entirely alone is so very painful

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: Tabitha if you have not found an online support group for the disabled I urge you to search for one or two. There are many out there specific to virtually any illness or handicap. I am a member of 4 for my illness and they are a constant source of comfort and support. I wish for you a blessed holiday season.

Wakerra LM profile image

Wakerra LM 4 years ago

I personally like quieter Christmases. Get away from all the noise, hype, the "Gimme" and "Gotta have" feel that comes with the excitement. unfortunately staying with family for the moment, and the extended family is rather large..its going to be a very hectic visit-everyone's-relatives kind of Christmas day this year

Grasmere Sue profile image

Grasmere Sue 4 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

I've hosted the family Christmas for the last 30 years- anything from 8 to 16 guests, most of them staying. Sometimes I think Christmas on my own would be so restful, but then I know that it really is very tough. Blessed.

Doc_Holliday 4 years ago

I always work over the Xmas and new year period so that others can be with their little kids. (Mine are grown up and overseas.) The advantage is having a real fun spirit at work and meeting people full of the Xmas spirit. I also find Xmas music uplifting, even to the point of getting teased when I play it throughout the year. Weird hey :-)

anonymous 4 years ago

My Boyfriend of ten years died in a car accident a few months ago and my four step children who lived with us for the last five years were forced to go back and live with their mother. She has forbidden them to call or see me. I am now living alone in our four bedroom house. I just don't have the energy to enjoy this Christmas. Maybe next year. Now it feels too soon. I know that time will heal but for now I wish I was with my love.

Heidi Vincent profile image

Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

Very thoughtful Christmas lens with great suggestions for enjoying the season alone!

SteveKaye 4 years ago

Wonderful (and brilliant) ideas. Thank you for publishing this lens. I'm sure this will help many.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: oh my gosh i'm so sorry for your loss, i couldn't imagine your pain. that's heartbreaking. i agree with your comment. just lay low this year but surround your self with friends and family they will be there for you

clouda9 lm profile image

clouda9 lm 4 years ago

Love your fave is to go some where sunny. Ahhh! I'd love to bury my tootsies in warm sand right now :)

Country-Sunshine profile image

Country-Sunshine 4 years ago from Texas

These are really good idea for the single person. This will be my 3rd Xmas as a widow, and I'm actually looking forward to the holiday this year! Volunteering is a great idea.. I help with the local Veterans group each Christmas, but there are a number of other organizations that would welcome your presence.

Anthony Altorenna profile image

Anthony Altorenna 4 years ago from Connecticut

Holidays can be stressful and difficult times. An elderly couple that we've known for years are not able to be with their sons' families this year, so they are joining us for Christmas dinner. Friends and family are always welcome.

anonymous 4 years ago

I am 31 years of age no family near me all on the east coast. I was going to my girlfriends Christmas with her family for the last 7 years. She broke it off last night. A little shocking and heart broken. she says i work to hard and to long. I'm a tradesman living in California i'm lucky and thankful to have a job. any way to all hang in there and keep busy if you are down during the holidays. I'm going to volunteer at a shelter where people are the ones who need our help. it feels good to help people that's what this is all about. Peace, Love, Happiness, and giving and thanking

crstnblue 4 years ago

Liked this lens before and came to spread some angel dust for this wonderful lens and thought for a cheerful Christmas celebration for all single people : )

AlleyCatLane 4 years ago

Wonderful suggestions! Came to read after seeing a list of articles people liked on the quest site, and found I really loved it too. Blessed!

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: you are never alone...I pray that you will have the love and comfort of the holy spirit with you this Christmas! I would love to be your friend and be there for you on Christmas...will be thinking of you and praying for you! If you want to talk please call me! Merry Christmas! 319.529.3626

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas meridee.bell. If you have not found a local community event to go to Christmas day then I urge you to search out internet groups as well so that you can spend part of your Christmas day online with a group of peers. It really does help.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 4 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: Volunteering does indeed make the holidays a very warm and loving place. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Blessings.

writerkath profile image

writerkath 4 years ago

Great ideas! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

TapIn2U profile image

TapIn2U 4 years ago

I like the idea of volunteering on Christmas. Fantastic lens! Merry Christmas! Sundae ;-)

livenlighten 4 years ago

This was very encouraging. I'm thankful to be able to enjoy the holidays alone and be ok with that. I'm also thankful for friends and family that are spread throughout the states. It's all about choices and how we choose to spend the holidays. Whether alone or not it shouldn't prevent us from recognizing the fact that we all have something to be thankful for. Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: I can totally relate to this. When I was married and my father was alive, we had large Xmas days, usually at my home. No-one was left out - if I knew anyone was alone, they were sincerely invited to join the family. When my father, passed away, and my marriage broke up, Christmas Day quickly became a trauma. I wonder how, after years of ensuring no-one was alone on C/mas Day, I seem to be abandoned on that day. For some years myself and several friends got together to share the day, but that gradually dwindled for many reasons, till now I am alone. I think the worst part is the fact that no-one cares that I am alone. I put up decorations, talk online, enjoy the company of my loyal dog. And I try to believe that karma will reward me somewhere along the line.

atomicgirl24 4 years ago

Great lens! Just because someone is alone for the holidays, it doesn't mean they have to stay home feeling sorry for themselves! If I ever find myself alone, I'm definitely going to go with the "pet" route. Hard to feel lonely when there's a loving pet by your side.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: Sorry to hear that. Break ups around the holidays are tough but you'll get through it. :)

norma-holt profile image

norma-holt 4 years ago

I am more alone when with others celebrating Christmas as it does nothing for me but drains me of Spirit. To me it represents a trip into something like Disneyland and the make-believe and lies that surround it really leaves me cold and some people even commit suicide. A friend of mine did that a few years ago because his family ignored him. To me it is just another day and I spent it with all my friends on Squidoo blessing their lenses and leaving good messages. Have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season and extra great 2013. Hugs

tedwritesstuff24 profile image

tedwritesstuff24 4 years ago

I actually don't mind spending Xmas alone.... as long as the location is interesting!

choosehappy profile image

choosehappy 4 years ago from US

Great tips! Being on the internet is very helpful for sure; my favorite tip is volunteering; I love volunteering during Christmas. ;)

David Stone1 profile image

David Stone1 4 years ago from New York City

Quietly. After a demand retail season, Christmas is the very first day of rest.

anonymous 4 years ago

I enjoyed it very much. It goes to show that even if someone is alone on christmas, he/she can still enjoy, well done :)

Brite-Ideas profile image

Brite-Ideas 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Spent with family - but what a lovely idea to put together a page to help those spending the holidays alone

ismeedee profile image

ismeedee 4 years ago

Well Christmas has passed now and I only just saw this, but I found myself scrolling down this lens and engrossed in reading and looking through your Amazon choices! Very nice and thoughtful lens!! Enjoyed it.

blancaverome profile image

blancaverome 4 years ago

I have my family with me, but when I was single and alone, I used to go to a cafe or restaurant for Christmas dinner and enjoy eating with total strangers. It was fun! We would get to know each other over the family style dinner and some of those people I am still in touch with!

kislanyk profile image

kislanyk 3 years ago from Cyprus

Aww the title is so sad, but you've really came up with some great ideas for the singles - or those that are forced to spend this Christmas alone.

anonymous 3 years ago

I will be spending the Christmas holiday with family.

flinnie lm profile image

flinnie lm 3 years ago from Alabama USA

Hi I will be spending it with my family. Great lens.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: Trust me when I say that it does get better. I know that all of us have our own unique social needs, (some less social and some more) but we do move on. Being single is very different after being a unit of 2 and it does take some adjustment. If at all possible join a social club, fitness activity, volunteer group, or take a course in something which interests you. These activities will help you begin a social contacts.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@anonymous: My sister has recently lost her husband and her evenings are very difficult. During the day she keeps herself busy but the evenings are hard. There is no describing that sense of loss. You sound like you so understand the process of recovery and it does all begins with time to heal. The very best of wishes for you over the holidays and throughout next year.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@kislanyk: I spent many a Christmas alone. I was single for many years but now have remarried. Toward the end of my time as a single I actually liked that I had my options open as to what I could do on Christmas day.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@ismeedee: Thank you for stopping by ismeedee. Christmas is around the corner once again. It is cold and windy outside and it reminded me of years long past. My big decision for this year is "big tree that is a pain in the you know what to get up or little tiny tree that is easy to put up". I have a very quiet Christmas each year but I still always want my tree. There are many memories there.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@flinnie lm: I usually have a very quiet Christmas now with just my husband but I find that I feel close to all my distant relatives at this time. I guess the Christmas tree and decorations brings back that envelope of warmth. Memories of Christmas past. I can almost see my dad. He was such a kid.

anonymous 3 years ago

I spend a lot of time alone. But you know what? I'm never lonely. I've gotten so comfortable with myself and being the only person in the room doesn't bother me as much as it used to. I've learned that that's a good thing because I no longer need someone else to validate who I am.

I do have my social outlets but sometimes I can be surrounded by people, (friends, family, colleagues), and be lonely. As you stated in your article, it's up to us to make Christmas (and I'll add) everyday of our lives special. We can't depend on someone else to do it.

Enjoyed reading you lens and thanks for sharing.

smine27 profile image

smine27 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

What a great topic for a lens. Yes it sounds a bit sad, but i know there are many that spend the holidays alone.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@smine27: I spent a lot of years as a single person. The first couple holiday seasons were a bit lonely. I felt a little misplaced but I got very used to spending Christmas as a single person. It does comes with its own unique ideals.

WebMarketingPro profile image

WebMarketingPro 3 years ago

Spend some time catching up with my friends and family by phone, enjoy the tacky light shows in town, and do a few other things I enjoy. Meditate, and do gratitude journaling, and so on. Enjoy goodies. I love the idea of wrapping up special gifts for myself ;-)

DorotheaK 3 years ago

I am blessed with friends! Very Grateful for having them!

Your lens is very nice,kind,gentle and useful for the lonely people. Congratulations for the christmas gift made to them by publishing the lens.

jmchaconne profile image

jmchaconne 3 years ago

Christmas is very much focused on the commercial aspect of it. Your lens is upbeat well written and has a spiritual, and empowering aspect to it, having nothing to to with religion. As a single person, this lens reflected my feelings perfectly. Thank you

tonyleather 3 years ago

Very good lens, that demonstrates clearly how few of us really need to be totally alone at the festive season. There are always those with whom you can spend time and get more out of the holiday period. Well said!

laserena 3 years ago

Same as most years. I'm single, and live alone. My family are deceased and I've only got one close friend. Over the years, I've come to enjoy Christmas on my own. Being on my own at Christmas suits me because I'm an introvert. There's something wonderfully relaxing about not having to scurry round shops buying gifts/cards for everyone, and just being able to curl up with a mug of coffee and a good book. Very peaceful.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@laserena: I agree. Every person has a different level of social need and for introverts it is much easier to adjust to being alone. It takes time to become used to being a single even for people like us. I am an introvert while my husband is the type of person who was very lonely being alone. We are going into our 7th year together now.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@tonyleather: A very Merry Christmas Tony. I hope your holiday season is so very blessed.

Lady Lorelei profile image

Lady Lorelei 3 years ago from Canada Author

@jmchaconne: It is Christmas eve here today and I decided to cook our bird early as we did not have one last year. I can honestly say that all that work really is a lot for one meal lol. I could be just as happy with a chicken breast for my feast and a butter tart for dessert.

lesliesinclair profile image

lesliesinclair 3 years ago

Although Muslims don't celebrate Christmas I did continue to support my mom in her celebrations throughout her later years and have had two without her and they don't seem right (I'm not celebrating, just observing) - it's a big time to miss a parent. You've got such a good list for anyone celebrating any holiday in a single manner.

MelRootsNWrites profile image

MelRootsNWrites 2 years ago from California

The holidays can be difficult especially when you are alone. You offer some great ideas for keeping the spirit even when you may not have someone to share it with.

ladyguitarpicker profile image

ladyguitarpicker 2 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

Hi, we are never really alone as long as we have some good memories. I really liked your Hub and all the good tips, especially the one about taking the furry friend home for Christmas day. Also, I like to see elderly people in the nursing home. Have a Merry Christmas. Stella

Tracy Clarkson 18 months ago

Last Christmas eve I sat alone in my livingroom just watching the flames burn in this Its not like I was lonely, its more like I enjoyed it. Beeing alone only then becomes a threat when you would rather be in companionship. Try to feel all the freedome you have, Christmas can be a time where you dont have to care about anybody. Its Christmas! Everybody is with his loved ones or may just feel exactly like you. Its okay. Go out on the street and watch everybody being happy and you´ll become happy too. Being lonely does not mean to be unhappy.

erorantes profile image

erorantes 13 months ago from Miami Florida

I like your hub. It is better to be part of a club or any organization during Christmas to make some friends. A lot of those people are after the same idea. They are trying to make some friends. I like your ideas to spend time with other people and how to celebrate alone the Holidays. Happy Holidays.

ladyguitarpicker profile image

ladyguitarpicker 13 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

Ran across your article about Christmas and found some very good information . I like the family time and I have never had a Christmas alone.

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