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Ideas for a kids party

All parents wish to host a great party for their kids in their birthdays, invite their friends, take photos and do their best to make these parties unforgettable and fantastic. Throwing a party might seem overwhelming and might cost you alot of money nowadays, so here are a few tips on planning a nice, affordable kids party.

First, think about your kid's favourite theme. Some party themes are expensive, and the party suppliers can cost you alot of money so you may be able to spend less money by doing something by yourself. It's a good idea to design a very beautiful "Happy Birthday" banner on the computer related to the theme you choose.  Even if you don't know how to design one, there are some websites that allow you to design these banners according to the theme you choose.


Some useful ideas

  • You can also cook the food yourself, use some of the magic recipes you know or visit a recipes website (mentioned below).
  • You can of course add your touch to the cake if you want with little decorations you add to it.
  • You can cook animal shaped biscuits or cakes yourself, many websites contain the recipes and can teach you how to do it, just search for them.
  • Your child can also enjoy helping you baking those cute biscuits or donuts.
  • The other kids too, may enjoy baking the cookies and biscuits and taking photos with their little accomplishments (the biscuits!).
  • The little decorations are available at the party stores at different qualities and prices. The simple, little and unnoticable decorations don't have to be so expensive and of best quality as they will be used only for one day. This includes balloons, candles, streamers, party hats, costumes and toys that creates a lovely and fun environment.

Remember, that doing somethings yourself will mean alot for your child, it doeasn't matter how much did it cost as it matters to show him your love and that you made all this specially for his party :).
You can also find many websites to design the invitations for you ;).

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nms profile image

nms 7 years ago from Cochin

good ideas

Mezo profile image

Mezo 7 years ago from Egypt Author

thanks, nms :)

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

letting children and their guests to decorate cakes and biscuits is also a cheap way of feeding them while at the same time adding an entertaining activity.

Mezo profile image

Mezo 7 years ago from Egypt Author

lo0ol, yeah :)

thanks alot princessa

katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

You've some great ideas here and I think kids just love having a party at home as do their little friends, a party is just not a party if it's just a time out at some restaurant for kids. There they feel restricted, at a home they're free. They love it.

Mezo profile image

Mezo 6 years ago from Egypt Author

thanks katyzzz for the comment, you are totally right :).

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