Finding Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents for Children

It's that time of year again.  What to do about Christmas gifts for children.  The best way to decide what to get your child for Christmas is to keep the child's age in mind.  If a child is under 2 years old we should not spend a great deal of money on toys which they will soon outgrow.  Not only will you find that the child will not play with the toy for long but will often play with the box that the toy came in on Christmas day.  Save your money and buy the child one Christmas present so that you can take pictures to put in your memory book.

Once a child is three and older, they can tell you what they want for Christmas.  This is the time to start spending money on more than one present if you can afford it.  Between the ages of 3 and 6 is when we really need to begin to buy presents based on the child's gender and age.  The first step is to ask the child what they like to play with.  I recommend buying items that will help the child develope his learning skills and maintain some physical activity.  I do not recommend all of the computerized games.

Children between the age of 6 and 10 are sometimes the hardest to buy presents for because there are so many commercials aimed at this group.  They are capable of understanding how things work as well as voice their opinion if they are not thrilled with your choice of Christmas present.  I therefore recommend that you ask them for a list with the understanding that they will not be getting everything on the list.  This worked very well with my children when they were this age.

Christmas Presents for Teenagers

There are several things that you should do before buying Christmas presents for teenagers.  The first thing is to have an honest conversation about the family finances if you have fallen on hard times.  Let your teenager know that you cannot afford the most expensive presents and let them decide on what there present should. 

Even if you can afford to give your teenager the most expensive present, this may send the wrong message.  I began at the age of 12 informing my children that it is better to wait until after Christmas because everything will be on sale then.  From this point on my teenagers never asked for Christmas presents.  Instead we went shopping on the day after Christmas where they could get more for their money.

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Alayne Fenasci profile image

Alayne Fenasci 5 years ago from Louisiana

Some good tips. You're right about the 6-10 age group being somewhat tricky. Their interests change so quickly based on what is popular and what their friends have. And getting more for your money after Christmas can certainly be more fun than unwrapping something for the older set.

I have to disagree with forgoing most gifts for kids under two, though. It's important for kids that age to have toys that are age-appropriate for several reasons. Coordination, attention span, and other types of development are greatly enhanced by healthy types of play. I agree that the most expensive toys are usually a waste. But such things outdoor toys, stacking cups, simple books, basic musical instruments (tambourine, xylophone) and sorting toys are some great choices. Some will hold a child's interest long past the toddler stage, such as a set of blocks or a red wagon. I'm not saying we stock a full toybox with rattles and plastic keys. But a child with nothing to play with gets pretty bored which usually results in them getting into things they shouldn't be into, especially once they can crawl.

vmassey120 5 years ago from Fayetteville GA Author

I agree that children need toys that stimulate them, however because Christmas is typically when toys are most expensive I recommend buying items all year long instead putting so much emphasis on Christmas gifts.

Children will always get into to things when they start walking because they are curious. If we buy the toys too early they will become bored with the toys and want to play with other things. I appreciate your reading my hub and commenting. I hope you will consider doing a complete hub on children toys for under two. Sounds like you have a great idea as to what is out there. My children have not been two in some years so I am a little rusty when it comes to this age group.

Alayne Fenasci profile image

Alayne Fenasci 5 years ago from Louisiana

You are right about being conscious of the prices at Christmas time. Some things sure do shoot up in price! I think I might do a hub as you suggested. I hadn't thought about it before, but it could be a fun one to write. =)

ben 5 years ago

childrens should get christmas presents

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