snow for snow blowers

Lucky year for snow blowers


I can remember back five years ago when we had a big snow fall though it was well expected before it landed on the ground. Later in the proceeding year people thought they had learnt a lesson from the terrible snow that almost took people unaware. In the fall of the year retailers hit their financial target by selling a lot of snow blowers. Everyone expected to enjoy the next snow season with their gas-operated snow blower. The anticipation was going to be fun if it comes but unfortunately people were totally disappointed that year. There was snow though, do not get me wrong but it was more of the snow florist than being a real snow storm that would require the use of snow blower. As a result big retailers started getting back the hit of disappointment. In anger many people returned their snow blower without unpacking them. They were happy however because they were refunded without any dialogue. People who felt it was not right to return their blowers kept them with the hope that they would be useful anytime in the future.


Years roll by some of the blowers were used in some part of the country while others kept resting in garages and stores. This year the case is no longer the same. Just as the weather forecast has for sometime not reliable because of the uncertainty of nature and the incomprehensibility of tech-tools of nature’s intention, people no longer care to react to the yelling of the meteorologists across the nation.  Fortunately at this time the meteorologists have base to be proud of their job. Meteorologists warned and kept warning of the coming blizzard –snow storm with heavy wind up to 30 miles per hour.

The snow has finally dropped on the soil of New York as a blizzard, snow blower is now rejoicing because they are in their full capacity usage. The minimum across New York with special reference to the Long Island is15 inches according to the official information but I bet the minimum is well over that range.

In my village I have more than 24 inches. None of the news agents could reach here …how would they know what is happening in this area. I am glad that in some parts of the Long Island there is emergency alert. This proves that I am 99.999% in my claims. A little bit of the pictures of my cars and immediate environment is an additional proves of my claims too. There are couples of questions that I will raise based on the prevailing condition and I would be glad to get a truthful responses from positive thinkers.

1.                  If you are a manufacturer of snow blower how happy would you be this year?

2.                  If you are a manufacturer of shovel would you be equally happy?

3.                  How happy would you be if you are a salt manufacturer?

4.                  Which manufacturer among the listed would likely gain more from the snow storm?

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