Songs of Christmas

When we think of Christmas the songs of Christmas are a huge part of what makes it feel so festive. This page has been set out to help you find the perfect music for your Christmas celebration, or just the right music to fill you heart with Christmas cheer!

Whether it is children singing Christmas carols, a brass band playing in a frosty town square, or the sound of the latest Christmas songs humming gently in the background as you shop, choosing the right Christmas music to set the scene for your Christmas is one of the year's most enjoyable tasks.

Divided into easy to navigate sections, please scroll down to find your favorite type of Christmas music or to discover music that you had forgotten that you love!

Christmas Carols

The first thing that people think of when they think of the songs of Christmas is traditional Christmas Carols.

Whether sung by a children's choir or the latest singing sensation, carols convey the true meaning of Christmas and remind us of childhood Christmas' and the excitement that we felt. Not only do they sound Christmassy, they make us think of winter, of log fires and of family. 

These collections of Traditional Christmas carols are perfect for playing when caroling, wrapping presents or on Christmas eve whilst children are hanging their stockings.

This Years Top Christmas Songs

Every year some of the most popular singers of the moment record Christmas Albums. Whether they are a take on old classics or new music that they have composed and written themselves, they make a fantastic gift and are a great way of bringing the Christmas spirit into your own celebrations.

This year hear Susan Boyle's incredible voice tackle both classic Christmas songs as well as a range of Christmas pop songs.

For those who prefer a younger voice the incredible talent of 10 year old Prodigy Jackie Evancho is also captured in an amazing Chistmas cd that also includes a dvd containing audition tapes and interviews.

Both of these albums are set to become Christmas classics due to the sensational talent of the singers.

Christmas Compilations

Do you want a mixture of contemporary and traditional Christmas music?

How about a Christmas compilation to give you a fantastic mix of old and new? Now Christmas spans the range from John Lennon to Gene Autry, Band Aid to Bruce Springsteen.

Which of these is your favorite?

  • Traditional Christmas Carols
  • Christmas Pop
  • Modern Christmas Classics
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Children's Christmas Music

Want to get your children into the Christmas party mood? As well as traditional Christmas songs there is an enormous range of Christmas music specifically aimed at children (although most adults love it too...)

Whether your children love Disney Characters or the sound of other children singing there is bound to be a Christmas album they'll love. Do your children love to sing? How about a Christmas Karaoke album that they can sing along to?

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What is your favorite Christmas Song?

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