A Superhero's Guide to Halloween

Dear Superman,

Hey, Catwoman here. How's it going? Haven't talked to you in a while, so figured I'd drop you a line. Hope you've had a nice summer and haven't had too many encounters with Zod or any of your other "frienemies".

Things are going well for me. Can't say purrr-fect, but can't really complain. The summer nights have been great for prowling and getting into a bit of mischief. Batman has been kinda distant lately, but I know it's probably just because of work--summer is a busy season for him, The Joker is just such a nuisance, ya know?

So, I wanted to ask you, have you heard of this Halloween thing? I have a few "normal" friends who have mentioned it to me a couple times and one of them is planning to throw a party for Halloween. He's calling it a costume party because he wants his guests to dress up as Superheros, but I'm confused because I am a Superhero, so how am I suppose to dress if I end up going to this party?

Have you ever been to one? Do you know anything about Halloween and why all these people get so excited about it and dress up in silly costumes?

I'm only asking you be you always seem to be so upbeat and positive and I know you won't laugh at me for asking you this. Don't tell Green Lantern or Iron Man, okay? They already have a chip on their shoulders about me because I'm a woman and all. I don't need them teasing me about this.

Anyway, say HI to Superwoman for me and give my best to Lois. Gotta go bathe myself (had a rough night out on the town if ya know what I mean!) Hope to hear back from you soon.


P.S. Here's a pic of me in my latest work uniform...

Hey Catwoman!

Great to hear from you! Man, you look awesome in your new work uniform! Maybe I can convince Lois to get an outfit like that and get a little frisky with me!

So, glad you're doing well and glad you emailed. I'd be happy to tell you what I know about Halloween and the whole costume thing. Basically, my understanding is that the holiday dates back to pagan times when people would celebrate Samhain, or the Fall Harvest Festival. They would dress up and dance and eat yummy foods, etc.

Over the years, and throughout the modifications of different cultures and religions, Samhain became Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. Some traditions were lost and some were kept and adapted to more modern belief systems.

Today, most of our "normal" friends don't know the roots of the holiday; they just know it as a fun day when they can dress up and pretend to be somebody else. It's the one day a year when your inhibitions can be tossed aside and it's perfectly acceptable to "play pretend" all day. Kinda cool, if ya ask me.

And you know, of course, that when people started chronicling our lives back in the 30's and 40's, people became enthralled with us. I mean, I guess our stories and our histories are pretty interesting, but these are our lives, ya know? It's weird to think that so many people admire us when we're just going about our normal lives. But either way, they do.

So I guess it only seemed natural that people would start dressing like us for Halloween. Here they have this holiday where it's pretty much expected that they dress like someone else for the day, and here they have these "characters" whom they look up to and admire...of course they'd start dressing up as us.

Does that make sense? I hope I explained it well for you. I guess you could say that it's Halloween every day for us! It's funny, when I dress in normal "street" clothes as Clark Kent, I feel like I'm in a costume! It's only when I have my work uniform on, my cape blowing in the wind, that I feel normal. I'm sure you're the same way.

Anyways, now that you know a little more about what this whole Halloween thing is, do you think you'll go to your friend's party? If so, who do you think you'll dress as? Will you just go as yourself or will you dress as one of our fellow Superheros?

Say HI to Batman for me and don't worry, won't mention anything to Green Lantern or Iron Man.


P.S. Here's my latest work uniform. Got a new cape too.

Hi Superman,

Wow! Thank you so much for explaining things a little bit more for me! It makes a lot more sense. I guess, when I really take a step back and look at things from my friends' perspectives, I can understand why they want to dress like us for a holiday where dressing up is "the" thing to do.

Hmm, I'm thinking that since this Halloween holiday is all about dressing up and pretending to be someone you're not, I'll probably take advantage of the opportunity and dress like one of my female Superhero counterparts.

I'm thinking either Wonder Woman, She-Ra, or maybe even Poison Ivy (express my dark side!). What do you think? Here are some pics; let me know you're opinion.


Hey Catwoman,

Man, that's a tough decision! I think all of them would be flattered if you dressed like them. I guess I'd probably recommend dressing like Poison Ivy. It would probably get you on her good side--which is the side you want to be on!

As for me, I'm taking the same approach as you--why not dress like someone else for a change? I was thinking maybe Spider-Man, Wolverine, or maybe even your man, Batman.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I want to dress as Batman. I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm kind of getting sick of him getting all the ladies, ya know? His dark, misunderstood thing is getting old, that's all I'm saying.

"Ooh, I had a rough childhood. My parents were killed. That's why I'm so deep and bruiting."

Whatever. You think it was easy being an orphan? I mean, I crash-landed on this planet when I was a baby. It's not like that was easy. But I don't go stalking around in the night looking to pick fights with criminals.

Whew, sorry, don't know where that came from. Don't tell him I said these things; just venting. Maybe I better not dress like him for Halloween. I don't know. Look at these pics and let me know what you think.


All costumes shown are available to purchase through BuyCostumes.com
All costumes shown are available to purchase through BuyCostumes.com | Source

Hey Superman,

Please don't worry; I won't say anything to Batman. You're secret is safe with me. I'll take it to my grave--which is a a long ways away considering I still have plenty of my nine lives left!

I've decided to go to the party dressed as Wonder Woman. I've always admired her and I think she'll be so thrilled to find out I dressed as her.

The party is in a couple days and I'm very excited! I've been purring for days! I'll email you after the party to let you know how it went. Have a great Halloween!


Great Catwoman! Have fun and talk to you soon!



Oh! The party was so much fun! Everyone had such a good time and it was so entertaining to see them all dressed up like us! Everyone liked my costume and thought it was neat that I dressed like Wonder Woman. There were a couple other girls there who also dressed like her, but I have to say, I think my costume was the best!

The host did such a wonderful job of decorating. The color scheme was all done in red, yellow, and blue. He purchased a Superhero Party Supply Kit which had plates, cups, napkins, balloons, streamers, and more! He also bought extra cups with specific Superheros on them and I was one of them!

It was so neat! There were images of all our friends all over the place! I felt so welcomed, appreciated, and admired!

He even had Superhero themed food. Well, the food itself was pretty typical for a party, but it was all colored in bright, popping shades and named silly things like "Spider-Man Mix (chex mix), Batman Burgers, Catwoman Coneys (hot dogs), Superman Salad, and She-Ra Smoothies.

The best part (I thought) was the made-up Superheros. One of the couples that came, the woman is allergic to Glutton, so she made-up a Superhero and came dressed as "The Gluttonator"! Her husband, to go along with the fun, came dressed as "Wonderbread Boy". He carried a loaf of Wonderbread around with him all evening, throwing pieces of it at The Gluttonator, which she would, of course, repel with her super powers! How funny!

It was a wonderful evening, and I am so happy I went to the party. Thank you so much, Superman, for explaining to me what this whole Halloween this is about and convincing me to be a part of it! I can't wait til next year!

Take care!


Hi Catwoman,

I'm so glad you had such a great time at your party. I was on my way to the party I was invited to, just strolling down the sidewalk dressed as Batman, and wouldn't you know it, The Joker steps out in front of me and starts egging me on.

I spent a good 20 minutes trying to convince him I wasn't really Batman before I realized, duh, why don't I just fly around the planet backwards, rewind time 25 minutes or so, and just walk to the party a different way. So, that's exactly what I did!

Had a great time at my party too. I am also looking forward to next Halloween. Keep in touch, and maybe one of these nights, if you're bored, you can meander on over to my place. Lord knows I could use a good cat scratching, if ya know what I mean! ;)


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Miho 3 years ago

for real @RydarGames is the best, i subbed gen ticcats and machima and all i see is annoying videos of call of duty and mortal kombat jeez! i took the sub away from them RYDAR GAMES MAN! YOUR THE SHIT! ^___^ and your commentaries are funny ahah

Real 3 years ago

Sarah, You are too kind. I am so touched by your tohhgutful words. You are such an amazing photographer and an even better person. Thank you for capturing the spirit of my little lovebug!

marymfrederick profile image

marymfrederick 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

Novel idea and a nice twist on the classic superhero theme. I can use some of these ideas for my kids and myself, love this!

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