Fun ideas for a Girl's Tea Party Birthday

Girls Tea Party Ideas for a Girl's Tea Party, Birthday Tea Party, including tea party decorations, food, games, and more!

Girls of all ages love having a tea party, whether with a favorite teddy bear or as partĀ of a birthday celebration with friends. This tradition stretches back for generations and is a wonderful opportunity to create wonderful memories for any special little girl in your life.

I created in an effort to bring back this time-honored tradition to women and children as a special respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Tea parties offer us a chance to slow down, take a nice sip of tea and relax among friends - something little girls as well as ladies should indulge in often. Moms: use this time to bond with your little girl (my girls still remember our impromptu tea parties in the dining room!)

Planning and hosting a tea party for your little girl shouldn't cause you added stress or break the bank, so we hope that these tips will help you have the most "tea-riffic" party ever!


If it's a gathering of more than 2, be sure to send out an invitation several weeks in advance of your tea party date. Invitations can be as simple as a handmade, informal invitation or as personalized as you wish.

We've seen really cute invitations made out of white paper cutouts in the shape of tea tags with just pretty stamps or even a child's handwritten message in crayon. Since invitations set the tone for your tea party, think about how you want your guests to perceive the event. Is it going to be fun and simple, glamorous and over-the-top, traditional? Maybe you're thinking of a princess tea party or fairy tea party for your little girl? Either way, the invitation should announce the style of your girl's tea party.


You don't have to break the bank or sell the family silver to have a wonderful tea party for your little girl - in fact, it is my opinion that birthdays and other events have gotten way out of control and with children, the simpler the better. Here are some great ideas for fun, pretty decorations for your girls tea party on a budget:

  • use paper doilies at each place setting
  • wrap white Christmas lights in white tulle or sheer curtains as a soft backdrop (tulle is very inexpensive and your probably already have the lights in the attic!)
  • use fresh flowers, or silk flowers, in pretty vases throughout the room
  • tie big tulle bows on the backs of your chairs
  • purchase a length of polyester lace to cover the tea table
  • borrow tea cups and tea pots or scavenge at Goodwill, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. - mismatched sets are the English tradition, after all!
  • for very large tea parties, search under Wholesale Tea Cups for rock-bottom pricing on full cases of tea cups (please purchase only those that are deemed food-safe!)

Girls Tea Party Games & Activities

  • Dress-up relay - hats, boas, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses in a box and the first team to have all members dressed and back wins
  • Makeovers - lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow, a dusting of cosmetic glitter or body spray (take pictures!) Girls love makeup at all ages. Use cotton balls and Q-tips for hygiene and safety.
  • Make your own Tea Party Bingo game
  • Pass the tea cup (just like hot potato)
  • coin toss (into tea cups)
  • make tea party hats (kits are available)

Food for a Girls Tea Party:

Skip the cucumber and cream cheese, scones and clotted cream or you'll hear "yuck!" often. Opt for easy and yummy options that girls like:

  • pb&j sandwiches cut with cookie cutters (butterflies, hearts, etc.)
  • assorted "fancy" cookies
  • fruit skewers (with chocolate sauce if your dare!)
  • decaffeinated fruit flavored teas
  • cupcakes with edible glitter or pretty sprinkles
  • use tiered servers for "tea party flair" - don't have any? Secure a plate onto an inverted bowl using Glue Dots!

Girl's Tea Party Dress Up:

  • feather boas
  • tea party hats
  • dresses they already have in their closet
  • pretty hair accessories
  • plastic pearls
  • dress up gloves
  • instruct guests to come dressed in their favorite tea party attire

Tea Party Favors

If you feel you must give out favors, let the guests keep their dress up pieces if you've purchased them. Alternatively, pick up lip gloss, stickers, barrettes, candy rings, etc. at the local dollar store in either a gift bag or an organza pouch.

We hope our ideas help you have a tea-riffic tea party for your little girl! Take advantage of this time in her life to form special memories together and make it a tradition for generations to come. Visit us or email us at any time for more ideas Tea Party Treasures

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