The Holidays are coming! 10 Unique Gift Ideas

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Affordable Thoughtful Gifts

What gift says, "I am thinking of you", more than something personal? With everyone's hectic schedules, however, as the holiday season approaches, we often feel the urgency just to get the shopping done!

Here are a few ideas that don't require a lot of time- but give the message that you put some thought into what you wanted to give.

1. Name a Star after someone and have it officially registered- this is especially great for those hard-to-buy-for types

2. Write 25 notes telling someone what you appreciate about them. Fold up the notes and place in a beautifully decorated box, complete with bow.

3. Give a 30 minute foot rub with hot massage oil.

4. Take a meaningful photo or piece of art and put it on a tee shirt

5. Make Orange Spice Tea (recipe to follow), put in a mason jar with a special tag attached. Wrap in a box complete with 2 mugs. Include directions on tag.

6. Offer to babysit for a day

7. Make a loaf of homemade banana bread, wrap in saran wrap, place it in a rustic basket along with a cutting board, bread knife, hot chocolate, and 2 mugs.

8. Take a great book, a cozy blanket, and if over 40- include a pair of "readers" from the drug store and wrap it all up in a nice basket.

9. Dinner- take someone a homemade dinner- Suggestion: meatloaf, potatoes, cooked carrots, (this can all be thrown together in 20 minutes, and put in the crock pot) Don't forget dessert- chocolate cake perhaps??

10. And last but not least, a photo album with pictures. This is especially nice if you can put together a small album of pictures that encompass events from the year. A loved one far away will feel more connected.

Giving a thoughtful gift never has to be expensive. It also doesn't have to take a lot of time. It just takes a little creativity.

Recipe for Orange Spice Tea- This is so easy, and tastes good on a cold night:
2 cups instant ice tea mix (no lemon)
2 cups Tang
1 tp Allspice
1 tp Ground Cinnamon

Mix it all together and divide into small mason jars (8 OZ ea) add 1 whole cinamon stick to each jar.
Affix instructions to add 2 TB to 1 cup hot water (adjust for strength preference)

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Tracy711 profile image

Tracy711 7 years ago

Oh I love your ideas for gifts. I'm so tired of giving the same things every year well the gift baskets that's a must cuz you can put whatever you want. but i never thouht of the tea that's great.. and a free day from the kids maybe go to the spa yes this is good thank you for sharing loved this hub..

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 7 years ago from Bay Area California Author

Thanks Tracy! And you have to love the gift baskets! They can be so much fun. I appreciate you stopping by!

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