How to Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations can prove costly but making your own is alot cheaper and the whole family can join in making it fun,in this hub are my top tips to make your own decorations.

Paper chains: get some different colored paper cut them into even strips abot 2cm wide take one glue one end loop it and stick the 2 ends together,take the next strip put 1 end through the hole of the first loop and glue the 2 ends of the 2nd strip and continue until you have the size of chain you want.

Tinsel: tinsel is not expensive drape some around pictures ,door frames and window frames it looks good and doesn't cost alot.

Fake snow: you can buy fake snow in a can use it to create a winter/christmas scene on your windows.

String: string is good to hang christmas cards to your wall,pin a 5ft length to your wall and hang your Christmas cards from it.

Tree decorations 1: wrap tic tac boxes or mathboxes up like little presents and hang them from your tree instead of buying baubles.

Tree Decorations 2: If you saved last year's Christmas cards now is the time to make use of them. Cut out any nice designs such as a Santa Claus, a bauble or candle, stick pieces of ribbon to the back and you have homemade tree decorations. Make them even more festive by adding glitter or sequins.

have a wonderful time .....jimmy

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Davinne profile image

Davinne 10 years ago

This is great and it's something fun I could do with my neices and nephews. I wish I was as talented in areas of making things as I am in writing. This is great Jimmy....

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

thanks davinne

mary 9 years ago

thank you for your lovely idea

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Gosh that is great, you have just reminded of what we did as kids. And I did it with the grandys when they were little too.

Saves money instead of lining the shops pockets.

nathangrouhel  7 years ago

hi that i great thanks so much

Jacqui 7 years ago

thanks for the great ideas! i will be entertaining my brother today with these cheap and festive activities :D

Elle Taylor 5 years ago

Hi, it great information, I used it in my bedroom and it looks fabulous. I'll tell everyone where the ideas came from - They're brilliant.

Jessica 5 years ago

this is great for christmas trees

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