Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Women

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Women

It is nice to receive gifts in any season or occasion, but mostly on special dates. For women, the expectation is even bigger and what better than anything that find the ideal and unforgettable gift, for winning the heart of the one that makes your beat faster or even to honor those who belong, somehow, to your life and deserve a treat.

Fleeing from the famous Greek Gift and please is not always difficult. To not disappoint in a woman's birthday, always so special and memorable, some birthday gifts are very welcome and have everything to be as unforgettable as the date itself.

Check out our top 10 gift tips, but remember that at the time of giving a woman the main tip is to think, consider and pay attention to her personality, tastes and hobbies. Just do not forget it.

Tips of memorable gifts for women

  • Flowers: For some people it can even be considered an old-fashioned gift. But no way. It is very difficult to a woman not to melt for a beautiful bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a card with beautiful words.
  • Travel: Plan a trip, even if only for a weekend, it is a special gift for any woman. Show that you spent some time thinking of something that would be important to her.
  • Jewelry: For some, diamonds really are the best friends of women. Then at the time of giving, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings of gold or silver are always great options.
  • Romantic dinner: many women are more easily achieved through the mouth. So why not pass for a chef and prepare a dinner especially for her, with delicious recipes that will further open the appetite and her heart?
  • Book: Books are a source of culture, knowledge and entertainment. This is a gift that requires a little more information about the tastes of women, but if well chosen, has the same or greater effect than any other that can be more expensive.

  • Bag and shoes: it is known that most women have a passion for handbags and shoes, and some assemble great collections. Better still if they are given by a loved one, birthday, surprise, and best, without affecting their bank account.
  • Photo Album: still in the line with those gifts that show that the friend or boyfriend took time to think and prepare for this, are the photo albums of the relationship, friendship or love. Sit back and watch the old and more recent photos of key moments of your life will please the birthday girl in full.
  • Perfume: a fragrance is enjoyed by all. Despite being something very personal, after all, each one has a taste for flavoring, a good fragrance can only be pleasing. Before you buy, search for the tastes of the birthday girl.
  • Pet: This is a dangerous suggestion. Not everyone would like to have a pet. However, those women who are passionate about animals, will have a gift that will remember you for many years.
  • Clothing: Women, all of them, love clothes. To make this gift out of the ordinary and become unforgettable, quality is essential, and a minimal sense of what is good taste and trend. If clothing is not your thing, a quick search on fashion blogs can help.

Beyond these suggestions, other interesting gift is a breakfast gift basket which can consist of fruits, pastries, cheeses, breads and chocolates. To make this even more sophisticated and interesting to add one of these aforementioned items in the breakfast basket.


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