Weird and Funny Candy Gifts

Bored of the same ol' candy gifts?

Weird candy gifts are what you should go for if you are bored with the monotonous candy gift giving routine. These are unique and a bit strange but that's where all the fun lies. The amused looks that these weird candy gifts would bring will be well worth it at the end. Weird and funny candy gifts make for great party favors, joke gifts, Halloween party, or for personal indulgence if you are looking forward to snacking on something that looks a bit 'different'. Take a look at some of these absolutely fun candy gift ideas. Got a favorite?

World's largest gummy worm -- care for a bite?
World's largest gummy worm -- care for a bite?

Weird Gummy Candy - 26" Gummy Worm

I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of this, but I'm not sure if everyone would.

There are various funny gummy candies out there but this one caught my eye. Weighing at around 3 pounds, this gummy worm candy is what would make a perfect (and heavy) gag gift.

Available in a range of dual flavors, this gummy worm promises to add an extra 4000 calories to your diet -- well, I guess a large gummy worm candy does have its cons.

It is said to be 128 times more massive than your regular gummy candy. This weird gummy candy measures at 26 inches and is said to be the world's largest gummy candy.

It is handmade, gluten free and has a one year period shelf life. I personally like the dual color combinations. They are bright and fun.

So what do you think -- would you eat something like this? Or are you someone who wouldn't mind gorging on anything that looks weird as long as it tastes great?

Or you would you like some mini fruit worms instead?

Weird eye candy on a fork
Weird eye candy on a fork

Weird Eye Candy

How about some eyeballs on a fork? Sounds disgusting right? I felt amused when I saw the pictures of this particular 'eye candy'. The eye popping candy on a fork is more apt as weird Halloween candy gifts, favors or treats.

The candy is actually a lollipop shaped in the form of an eye. Also available in a range of flavors to cater to the taste of all.

Funny Barack Obama Candies
Funny Barack Obama Candies

Funny Barack Obama Lollipop Candies

So you have absolutely no idea what to gift your political junkie of a dad, brother, boyfriend or relative. Is he/she a Barack Obama fan? Then they are sure to love this gift idea. The lollipop is completely edible including the caricature.

These funny candies also make for great party favors for political themed parties.

Fish head candy
Fish head candy

Gag candy gift for your vegetarian friends

This would be the ultimate gag gift for vegetarians so make sure they are super cool enough to take it. There's nothing non-vegetarians about this treat though so you can have the lemon flavored candy with no hassles. The fish head looks totally real doesn't it?

Where to buy this from:

Bacon flavored milk chocolate
Bacon flavored milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar

We love bacon. We love chocolate. But what if the two products that we love the most come together?

There are so many funny bacon items that are in the marketplace nowadays, including bacon candies and not all of them are getting good reviews. There should be a right mix of both the chocolate and bacon flavors in bacon bars, if not it can get too overpowering.

Here's a milk chocolate bacon bar (surprise!) that is actually getting good reviews. Would you dare to try this out?

Fried Eggs Candy
Fried Eggs Candy

Mini Gummy Fried Eggs Candy

This funny candy would be liked by adults and children alike.

They taste like fresh peaches and they look anything but like peaches -- eggs they are, sunny side up! They are made with fresh fruit juice, so they are healthy as well.

Serve them at parties and see the amused reactions you get. A fun candy gift to purchase.

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you would be familiar with Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. They are usually sold out in the lunch trolley of the Hogwarts express and boast of a "risk with every mouthful" because they don't contain the usual flavors.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans contains flavors such as Banana, Black Pepper, Blueberry, Booger, Candyfloss, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dirt, Earthworm, Earwax, Grass, Green Apple, Marshmallow, Rotten Egg, Sausage, Lemon, Soap, Tutti-Fruitti, Vomit and Watermelon.

Take special note of the weird candy flavors of vomit, earwax, rotten egg beans. A must-taste candy for every Harry Potter fan!

Where to buy this candy gift from:

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Comments 10 comments

divacratus profile image

divacratus 4 years ago from India Author

Thanks for reading and commenting! Hey, that seems like a neat idea. I'm sure that's the last thing your husband will expect to see :)

divacratus profile image

divacratus 4 years ago from India Author

I myself wouldn't mind tasting any of these candies. Like you, I would refrain from eating the whole thing only if it tastes bad :)

divacratus profile image

divacratus 4 years ago from India Author

Haha! I guess the eye candy is more apt for Halloween!

divacratus profile image

divacratus 4 years ago from India Author

I doubt if anyone would be able to consume them in one sitting ! Those gummy worms are huge. But the flavors really do look good. Wouldn't mind tasting them!

twoseven profile image

twoseven 4 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Fun ideas! My husband and son are obsessed with gummies. I think they will get a huge kick out of the huge gummy worm as a stocking stutter!

Brainy Bunny profile image

Brainy Bunny 4 years ago from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

When I was a kid I once convinced my folks to buy me a gummy rat. It was nearly life-sized, although bright orange. I'm pretty sure I didn't finish it because it was too sweet, not because it was a totally disgusting concept. Ah, to be a kid again!

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I agree with Mary I'd pass on the fired eggs but that bacon chocolate might be good. The eye candy would gross me out :)

Fun hub!

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 4 years ago from Hemet, Ca

YOu had me at the giant gummy worm. I would so get that for someone on my gift giving list! Although for that many calories if I had one I would have to refrain from eating it all in one sitting!

divacratus profile image

divacratus 4 years ago from India Author

Thanks for visiting and leaving behind a comment. I know, most of them look too weird enough to be eaten, but personally I wouldn't mind trying out the Barack Obama candy. :)

mary615 profile image

mary615 4 years ago from Florida

Yep, you have some weird candy here. Some of it looks appealing to me some does not. I don't think I could eat those "fried eggs" candy.

I might try the bacon chocolate, though.

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