when is mother's day

when is mother's day

Mother's day date is on different days around the world. The mother's day date in UK is on the 4th Sunday of Lent, which is 3 weeks before the Easter Sunday. In the US, it is on the second Sunday of May. In the rest of the world, mother's day is celebrated anywhere in May to December. For example, mother's day is on 26th May in Poland while in Panama, it is on 8th December.

The differences in the date for Mother's Day resulted primarily from the fact that the origins for Mother's Day are different for different parts of the world. Many countries imported the concept of Mother's Day from the Western World of US and UK while some countries had a form of Mother's Day even before the western concept of mother's day took root, hence the difference in dates.

mother's day in US

Mother's Day in US is on the second Sunday of May. It started as a campaign to unite the women against the American Civil War in 1870 but was really only celebrated on 10th May 1908 by Anna Javis, in memory of her mother Ann Javis, whom had attempted to campaign for sanitation through her idea of Mother's Work Days.

After the first celebration, the custom spread to the rest of US and was declared officially somewhere in 1912.

Today, Mother's Day is heavily commercialized in the US. Many companies launch marketing campaigns just for Mother's Day and jewellers and restaurateurs enjoyed one of their best businesses during the Mother's Day period.

mother's day in UK

Mother's Day in UK originated from the Church and I have been lead to believe that it came from a 16th century custom fo visit one's mother's church and it is the day when mothers are reunited with their sons. Although in modern times, Mother's Day in UK is a fair bit commercialized as well, some churches still recognized its historical significance.

mother's day in Australia

Mother's Day in Australia is celebrated on the same day as in US. Mother's Day in Australia was imported from the US, as its pioneers came from US. In the same light, Mother's Day in Australia has become very commercialized and companies are leveraging Mother's Day to increase their sales.

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robert 7 years ago

how many times has it mothers day fell on may 10

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futonfraggle 8 years ago

Cool hub, I always thought that Mother's Day fell on the second Sunday of May internationally. Ya' learn something new every day.

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