when to tell your child about santa?

 I remember the day that I was told Santa was not real. My sister had let the secret out. I cried and went to my parents', who confirmed the awful news. From that year on, Christmas was never the same. To this day, I am dissappointed in the fact that Santa is not real.

   I now have two children, eleven and two. My oldest just learned this year from his friends at schoolabout the real Santa. He came home and just asked about it. We told him the truth, knowing that it would take the extra magic out of Christmas forever. Now I dread the idea of him slipping and telling my two yr. old.

   I firmly believe that we should allow our children to believe for as long as possible. it is a special time for the children and it is great to see their faces when you tell them that Rudolph is pulling Santa in his sleigh! Christmas is a perfect time to make lasting memories. Once you tell the child about Santa, it takes away that excitement for them. Also, a thing to keep in mind is once you tell them, they will be snooping all year long through your things!!! Let your child learn at his/her own time. Let someone else take the heat for telling the secret to your child. 

Our son and daughter at our family Christmas dinner 2008
Our son and daughter at our family Christmas dinner 2008
Our daughter with her friend, Mikah
Our daughter with her friend, Mikah

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