Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

For those who like a good gift idea with sophistication perhaps a wine and cheese gift basket might be a wonderful idea. The wine and cheese basket can be prepared in two ways:

Individual way: You can choose a basket online or assemble a basket yourself. So just pick a bottle of red wine or white wine, and add the cheeses to the baskets that match the type of wine chosen.

Double form: In this case the basket is composed of two types of wine - red and white - the varieties of cheese to make the basket becomes larger and should be organized around the bottles.

A wine and cheese gift basket is a very luxurious gift, especially if it is assemble by you, it will make the person who have the gift very pleased.

Below are the cheeses used in the assembly of a basket and the wines listed for each.

Cheeses that combine with White Wine.

Are milder cheeses like Brie French cheese, which has a light white bark and is soft inside. The Roquefort is made from sheep's milk and is soft and moist, and Camembert cheese, which when it is  mature it should be served with red wine , but when it is young can be accompanied with white wine.

Cheeses that combine with Red Wine

Are the cheeses with stronger flavors and more consistency, as Swiss Emmental and Gruyère cheeses, having a mass of yellow and more concentrated flavor, which can be served plain or in fondue. The Provolone has a slightly spicy flavor and combines with red wines with stronger taste and full bodied as a Pinot Noir and San Giovese.

The Gorgonzola cheese may have creamy or crunchy mass, it is salty cheese and it requires, like Provolone, a full-bodied red wine. To finalize the selection of cheeses to accompany red wines comes the Parmesan cheese, Prato cheese, and Mozzarella are normally far served in salads, on pasta, and snacks.

How to Build a Wine and Cheese Gift Basket?

The ideal basket accommodation for wine and cheese should be made out of bamboo. Line the entire inside of the basket with strips of straw, to accommodate the bottle (or bottles) of wine in the center of the basket, or on either side of the basket. Go around the bottle by placing the cheeses that match each type of wine, cheeses should be wrapped in paper. Make a row of cheese and put a row of special breads that combine with the cheese, continue doing the following till fill the basket.

After finishing wrap the basket with a clear cellophane paper tie the scraps of paper with a satin bow or ribbon in red, to give an even more special touch to your basket put a card with a special message for those who will receive it.

When should i give a Wine and Cheese Gift Basket?

A wine and cheese basket is a very sophisticated gift and is intended for people who enjoy cooking, or the bohemian life. It is also indicated for people more reserved and intellectual. It's the ideal gift for commemorative occasions such as business promotions, birthdays, wedding anniversary, or courtship and engagement, silver and gold wedding.

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