Eyes of the Wolf , the lost ones .

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Natures worst enemy .....

Awakening covered in a layer of new snow the white wolf shook the powdered coating which had given him some protection from the cold night wind and if he didn't open his eyes no one or no thing would see him , his coat almost the same color as the snow , The Yellowstone in the winter is unforgiving at least and cruel at the very worst yet before he stepped clear of the blown down pine tree and his sheltered bed , he peered intently around him wondering , what had awakened him ? Maybe the hunger pangs of late January or the dream scape of a monochromatic ,thirteen degree dawn . The fine grey hairs around his nostrils moved , twitching slightly in the wind , listening intently without moving a single muscle ........yes he knew it , he had awakened to the distant sound of another wolf in the nearby woods land , no human could have perceived the call though , the wolfs ears are ten times ten more sensitive than even ours .

His dark , dark eyes peered out through the trees without him moving a single muscle , right to left he scanned the openness of the vast Hayden valley , not one moving animal escaped his keen vision , and not the dead ones either , today he would feast on the same kill again , a young buffalo that had broken one hind leg somehow and had straggled behind the rest of the herd , it wasn't hard to catch at all , still echoing in his mind were the cries of the younger buffalo , yet once the taste of blood had touched his tongue , there was no way the wolf was going to let go of the neck as the buffalo circled , kicking , head butting and bellowing , The kill is always so much easier when there are more than one like him .

Stepping silently from the undergrowth of the pine forest , he immediately looked to her , and there off to his left watching him , he met her eyes , for seemingly silent and eternal moments , the eyes of his mate never left his , she stood already awakened , she had risen before he had and already been down and groomed at the edge of the yellowstone river , his muzzle covered still in the dark red of the buffalo blood from yesterdays feed ,was missing from her face , it showed just so much more on his white haired muzzle than her grey . Never one to not bath in the waters edge in mornings first light like her , the big white male moved towards her , and reaching within a necks length he stopped , raising his head in dominance and looking to his right and averting her eyes , she reached her muzzle to his neck and they touched silently , their usual intense morning greeting ritual .

The big white male yawned and turned his attention once again to stare off in the direction of yesterday's kill , the west wind hit him directly in the nose and he knew something else immediately ........, they were coming again ! He blew his lungs out through his nostrils at the bitter scent of them , he stood motionless for long moments staring at the far off place that they would first come into view , in the deathly stare of an animal that had developed its senses over thousands or millions of years , you or I would have thought it strange that he stood for thirty full minutes without moving one muscle or anything except for the twitch of his nostrils until at last in the distance the sound of the human machines would reach the keen sense of ears that can hear a sound for miles and miles.

He turmed once to his mate and as she turned and slowly melted into the undergrowth , he moved to follow and stopped , dropped and drove his face over and over into the fresh snow and when he finally rose up again his face was almost pure white once again and the snow where he stood was stained with the blood from yesterdays kill . If any man were actually watching just then , the two wolves would simply fade away into the colors at the edge of the woodlands with hardly one movement . As in the distance a new sound began to grow from out of the morning , the line of snow mobiles slowly throbbed into the clearing where the road would be bare in the summer months , now a groomed and snow packed highway leading the humans into the otherwise silent valley .

The big male turned once at the side of a giant pine tree trunk and peered at the strange progression , as if of some other world , the vibrant colors of yellow , purple and fluorescent green seemed to him like a very strange occurrence , much like the bright lights on a winters night when the lights from the north spread across the sky in greens , reds , yellows . The lights from the north that made his blood move against the sides of his veins in a some new way , and in a strange and timeless way as well ! He knew one thing though , these colors of the daytime were something to avoid altogether . He turned at once back to the trail and as she stood motionless waiting for him , staring at him and with an unspoken voice and an ever watchful pose , he acknowledged her there , without a word or sound they stepped together into another universe.

If you ever sit silently and watch nature close enough, you begin to realize there is something far , far different about how a group of humans might walk into a clearing from the cover of the woods and how the animals of mother nature simply melt in and out of view , to the human eye or to human senses , long long removed from nature there is no longer the need for caution . And yet the wolves , there is no higher sense of self preservation than theirs , having been pursued , persecuted and annihilated by man for centuries , they have learned by nessesity the needs of self preservation .

Perhaps the only enemy of the wolf , mankind itself has learned by degrees how to fool the most intricate of natural senses of self preservation , a few droplets of the right type of poison on a peice of beef thrown in an irrigation ditch , or the sharp inhuman edges and teeth of cold blue steel trap ,covered in a layer of dead leaves and staked down to a tree trunk . Not unusual is the wolf that will severaly injure itself or even cause its own death in the days that it takes for the trapper to return to his capturing or kill sight . The only natural enemy of the wolf ? Man !

I have not ever seen a wolf in the wild ,not yet , the only place I have seen them is in a park near West Yellowstone Mt., where injured or "problem " wolves are placed in a ten foot high fenced in park , they then spend there last days ,months or perhaps years in captivity ,sitting and staring intently at the visitors who meet them eye to eye lying inside the chain link fencing . One has to wonder, when you attempt to meet thier eye's ,just what it is they might be think ing ...perhaps ,

" Would you still stare at me without this fence between us ?"

" This may be the first time you have seen a wolf , but I have been avoiding mankind for hundreds if not thousands of years !"

" Yes , look at what you have done to the wild , Me , here on one side of your steel fence and I here on the other side , eating the road killed deer that you may also have killed by the side of the highway ."

Somehow though , I knew that day . That it was I ! ,....Man , that has lost something of such value , it is man that has once again stolen something so precious from the ever diminishing existance of another one of Gods creatures from his own domain , and it is mankind that one day , will have to answer for that ! You and me !

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Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Wow, I admit, I lost myself for a moment, forgot that it is Spring where I am, I was deep within the snowy forest with your beautiful wolf. There really is no other creature like the wolf. Excellent Ed!

Up and Beautiful!


ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 3 years ago Author

Cat , think you smiley , I appreciate that !. I love the wolf !.....:-}

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