I Wish-Poem

I Wish

I wish that it would rain

and i wish that it would snow

because I'am so glad that you came

and I hate to see you go.

If the weather got really bad

then you could use my phone

and I wouldn't be so sad

because I would'nt be alone.

It would be nice to have you stay

just laying here with me

listening to soft music play

how happy I would be.

A kiss and hug straight from you

would really make my day

It does'nt matter what you do

I just want you to stay.

VLH 1984

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IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Thank you Rhonda---hope your day is awesome!

Rhonda Waits profile image

Rhonda Waits 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

Wow a great poem. You made my day. Thank you

IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Thank you! Wolfbrother :)

Wolfbrother profile image

Wolfbrother 6 years ago from England

Awesome poem well written and with a great pace :)

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