-Just A Message-

The calloused hands of life's desires,

feel the warmth, the fury fires;

Our fate awaits us all on the other side.


When will we go?

No one can say!!!

This morning?




When you go will you be smiling?

Or in a cesspool of piss defiling?


Live everyday the best for you,

Do only what you want to do;

But keep a level head.


Life's to short for constant complaining,

Live life mellow;

Substance refrain,

And you will live life at it's best,

Yet; many pains befall your chest,

Keep living life your main interest;

Life is gifted,

Not promised,

However; a life can be truly missed.


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alphonse george profile image

alphonse george 4 years ago from Kerala,India

I love emotional poems and this is one of them.Keep it up.Thumbs up.

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