Lost Within Myself (A friend with Bipolar)

This poem Is disjointed about a friend who is bipolar

Sometimes I'm lost within myself,

its like a fear of the dark,

sometimes I'm trapped alone,

in my own personal hell.

I know it's affecting my life and health,

I cringe when I hear the lark,

the voices in my head chill me to the bone,

sometimes the pain is to much to tell.

Screaming nightmares pull my breath from me,

aches and pains become a welcome thrill,

being a prisoner of my mind torments my soul,

tomorrow the exclamation of another joke,

pills and medication ought to set me free,

trembles, nausea, panic attacks whatever will,

emotions cascading proves I once was whole,

disappear like reams of hissing smoke.

Tangled web of thoughts and hurt,

spoil the vision within my view,

an uncontrollable anger is my alto-ego,

to others my swaying heart stands so silent,

musty tears fall amongst clouds of dirt,

silent sobs of despair hustle through,

two lives in one body fight to grow,

each passing day a sin, I'm trying to repent.

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Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

Your welcome hugs x

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lostwithinmyself 5 years ago

OMG this is so so sweet of you to write a poem about me. God this is me to a tee i tell ya!! Thank you so much, you have put it all in words for me. At the moment i just have so much on my mind but just can't put it in words so im not going to try while im like this. You done a really good job on this and worded how i feel for me. (hugs) x

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