-Cross roads-

-Cross Roads-

I walk to find an answer,

These never ending hills,

I walk these streets of fever,

Never ending paying bills.

I walk a man who wishes,

I walk a man who dreams,

I walk, and walk these roads of struggle,

I walk, and walk, and pray,

I'll walk through tomorrow,

I've walked through yesterday.

I'll walk forever,

I will never die,

When I leave this world of matter,

I'll walk the crossroads way up high.

I'll walk to seek redemption,

I'll walk to get a chance,

To maybe find that angel,

To show my feet how to dance.

I will walk eternity,

I know it has know end,

Yet I'll keep on walking,

To see whats around the bend?.

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writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

All your walking sounds great, hope it takes you a long time to find what's around the bend. Go learn to dance, maybe you'll enjoy it.

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