-No More

No More

No more can i hide

my feelings that grow inside

although there are rules i must abide

tears are just to often cried.

No more will my blue skies be gray

my mind can't handle things this way

I have told you I love you everyday

for whatever I have said, you have nothing to say.

No more can I think of what to do

all i can see, is what it's putting me through.

my hearts been left without a clue

of what you think, i want from you.

No more moving, without knowing

exactly where my life is going.

No more caring if love is growing

no more smile on my face glowing.

VLH 1984

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IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Thank You Ghost32---agreed! The Rose was a mothers day gift...beautiful---thank you!

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Ghost32 6 years ago

Rules can definitely be downers.

That rose photo is AWESOME, though.

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