> No misspellings found

What .........I don't believe...... this truly
cannot be right
A pop up ! News flash ..........you have done
everything all right

Ms. Sweetingboard ........my first
grade teacher rolls in her grave
Finally the lesson is learned ......
the star on my forehead ....the one She gave

Muse this...... muse that ......the most
precious poem of all
Just the one that made her answer
that powerful teaching call

That boy in the back .....yapping and
coloring outside the lines
The one who never listens
daydreaming all the times

He's a what ..........a poet ....a writer
you've got to be kidding
Somehow........ she'll still be the judge
I'll take the ribbing

I wrote the perfect page another
star to the forehead
It aint' every day their happy
as the teacher gets out of bed

Yet miracles truly seem to amaze us
I can hear her say
"He...... He wrote a perfect hub
no misspellings today"

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Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and funny! Funny in a nice way. Amazing what we can remember. I even remember my kindergarten teacher.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

LOL, I'm sure that Ms. Sweetingboard would be proud :)

April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 4 years ago from Arizona

Loved it! loved it.

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