& The Planet Said

Bee, plan, begin again,

Spinning away, into a new day, today... Good morning fortune, awaken old friends,

So (00:33 you know) here we go, into the unknown, clone, shown, roam, space, inside of your face, click, vent,

Thoughts of chase race, erase, taste, just in case, love is lace, what she meant,

Regrets, torment... Trashed, my garbage, is overflowingly evident,

Poor intent, thrown away, lost, in sentiment,

Sediment, represents, where we've been, residents of radio sends, antenna's lead us, river, flow, to oceans, troll, legitimate,

Pays in check, cashed atlas, cast into the void, jig, a wiggle, just a little bit,

Twitch, twitch, twitch... Noodles flinch, flex, wrex n' effect, shoot, shit,

Oh no nah no, where to go... Song flows painting a show, trial files, dancing a green mile, solitary, scary, enters the pit,

Of my stomach's, itch, throwing fits, blue stem sits, capped with a lack of response, to respond back, magic hints,

Words slip, only to convict this explicit grip, ink winks blink, drips drop splots dots, of where pens been, squeeze, split,

Hairs, wince, focus, missed, slice, iced, T, said spit,

Brew drink quick!!!

To the booth, crypts, tails of the phone sent, switch,

Skin, blue, cool, unusual, call, collect, kryptonite bricks,

Heavy shit, paralyzed, can't lift it,

Only music,

Can say, anything, arms raise, gavel hits,

Guilty or innocent???

Well, said, send your comments,

To the wardens vault, at fault, halt!!! Trespassers waltz, two step, towards, the moat, hope, alligator's pinch,

Sparks flint,


Light, alright, candles wick,

Flames lick,

Waxy gradient,

Bell curves heard,

Crash, blast, off, thunder, slide... Land sound, return,

Check your nerves and observe,

How you work is what you earn,

School, learn,

Years disappear, memory burns,

Wasting away as embers play, ashes only say, confirm,

Dust to dust, if we must, discuss, the end... Can we discern,

Cern, fire, wild, atomic shot stopped, hop of, eastern

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 12 months ago from Queensland Australia

This seemed like a word association test fired from a rapid-shot machine gun. Interesting to say the least. I liked it.

goego profile image

goego 12 months ago from Loserland Author

Lol yea some of them come across so fast I can barely keep up, just listening to the air breathe

goego profile image

goego 12 months ago from Loserland Author

Also thank you :)

c-m-hall profile image

c-m-hall 12 months ago from York, Maine

Plan ET

goego profile image

goego 12 months ago from Loserland Author


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