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The True Guru

The True Guru

Great is the Lion Lord of the Vedas

Under the Sun He shines like a bright Star

Readily he is always there to save us

Up right he is there to prevent the war.

Doing his best to find the Good Visnu

Each one that sees him knows he's the King

Verily I say his Love's Pure and true

Always he looks for his great Lady's ring

Gallantly he fights for her freedom

Using the vedas and his mighty mind

Righteously he will rule in his Kingdom

Upon finding he greatest queen to find

Doing the best he can to make the plan

Ever watchful for radiant Radha

Vedas are there to make sure that he can

Always he will be the King called Krsna.

For the Supreme Lord Krsna

This poem was inspired while going through a dark period in my life. The True Guru is the person that came to me during that dark time to give me a hand as a friend. The True Guru is a person who has mastered his emotions. The True Guru keeps sight of how their actions impact the big picture. The True Guru is my ideal leader a good hearted person who cares about the society as a whole on a planetary level. The True Guru knows the "Vedas" or knowledge from the various scriptures around the world and shares their good teachings with everyone. The True Guru should have a sincere love for all living entities.

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Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

Beautiful piece and so ended it well. Who else could it be :)

Voted up and beautiful and awesome!

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