To Childhood

Now & Laters, Charlie Chans, Alexander the Grapes, Lemon Heads, Chik O Stix, Windmill cookies, penny candy, freeze cups, pop rocks.... those were the days.

Double dutch, paper dolls, jacks, patty-cake hand games, Atari, roller skates. Joaning on your friends, freestyling, making up dance routines.... what happened to all the fun of being a kid?

Saturday sprinkler on the corner in the summer, riding bikes on trails. Hide and seek, locust singing, street lights blinking , almost dark, who needed a watch? Time to head home, everybody leaves.

Copyright 2011. M Woodson-Ursery

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Mama Told Me profile image

Mama Told Me 5 years ago from Anchorage AK

Recently an ad has been using the lyrics below, and I realize that more than half the people don't even know why skates need a key...

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates

You've got a brand new key

I think that we should get together and

Try them on to see

M Woodson-Ursery profile image

M Woodson-Ursery 5 years ago Author

That's true. I use to loose my key all the time. Always had loose wheels.

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