"Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley

Trusting= Suffering?? Yes or No?

Just finished brushing my teeth, rinsing out my mouth and flossing. Just finally got to sit down and not worry about what I have next to do! My list is just getting longer and longer lately and I have no clue how I am going to get through all of this. Yet in a way I think that is the beauty of life that anyone really does not know about what they are going to do next and they just have to take it as it comes.

I really felt like making this hub tonight about the quotation that is in the title. Just talking about that and what It means to me. If you agree or disagree I love comments so feel free to give me you ideas and views on it.

Personally I love Bob Marley! I am a defiant true believe in the quotation. This to me has so much meaning in my life right now. I am at a point where trust means a lot to me, yet I don't know where to turn half of the time. That to me may be one of the biggest suffering. After all how many relationships (meaning all not just dating ones) where I have been back stabbed and let down. I really have no idea who I can trust anymore. Yet there are still some people in my life that I would do anything for. That I would truly suffer for. They may not be many and to me are hard to find. After all I only have two best friends that I tell everything too. And to me they are fading away. Yet in a way I still do anything for them without hesitation. To me suffering over someone you loved and I mean truly loved, not the high school I love you in two weeks kind of thing. The make me crazy and I have known you for awhile and not matter what whenever I see you, you will still make me get butterflies. I know I do not know a lot about the scary L word and I know I am young. Its just at this moment right now in my life I almost wish I could turn to someone and they would be there for me in a heartbeat with no questions asked just to sit there with me.

I am really not one big on this subject of love however, I think to even think about trusting one person, one person will have to be completely open to the other with no judgements or anything else painful. That when you find this person they may be the only person that you have to suffer for. In all everyone will hurt you in some way or another however Bob Marley is saying that even though people out there will hurt you, the ones that you are able to suffer for are the good ones and not the bad. Yet that is just my opion and you can like it, or hate. I really would like to hear what you think of this statement. Be honest!

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badcompany99 7 years ago

You are wise beyond yer years young lady, I love Marleys No Woman No Cry. I love your attitude to life, you ever need someone to just moan to just mail me, enjoy yer day !

lyricsingray 7 years ago

I love honesty and loved this Hub-Thanks!

randy 7 years ago

My girlfriend no longer kisses me passionatly, she doesn't care to get intimate with me, my pain is no longer enough of a reason to change a decision... She doesn't act like someone who loves/needs/wants me around... Yet she still makes my knees water everytime I see her, her smile still makes the worst day feel better for me, her opinion is the one that matters to me.. I love her to death, yet her actions tell me that in her eyes I'm already dead.. Yet I won't break up with her, she means everything to me...and she says that despite her "coldness" now, she loves me still, she's just not able to show it like she used to... This along with my love keeps me going on, but on nights, like this, when its really hard for me, this quote you have as your title, keeps me going....she's the one worth suffering for...

JeniMarie17 profile image

JeniMarie17 7 years ago from Florida Author

hey rand im glad i could help you in a way. I hope you truly figure everything out and if you want my opinion on what to do feel free to ask. I really do hope everything works out and good luck with it. glad this helps you

Dave Womack profile image

Dave Womack 7 years ago from Washington DC

JeniMarie17 This and your other work is outstanding please continue and share. Being back stabbed and let down seems to be a part of life doesn't it? But the truth is some people will do that to you and some won't, find those who won't and surround yourself with them, they are out there. Love is a simple word with so many meanings. Keep up the great work.

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto

while reading your hub , my mind was singing Celine Deon's song : "My love, we have seen it all

The Endless confession,The rise and fall.

As fragile as a child

Lately I'm sorry I can't hold a smile"

I felt you have a pure heart. Love is out there. Just don't look for it, it will find you.

Tony 6 years ago

Wow, i can't believe how similar our lives are..as i was reading this i was thinking about everything that has happened in my life and how this fits it perfectly. Thanks for letting me know that there are others out there that have the same things happening in their lives.

buddy 6 years ago

thank you so much, thanks to you, i just saved my best friends relationship which was goin down hill to say the least, you also helped make my day, may god bless and reward you

JeniMarie17 profile image

JeniMarie17 6 years ago from Florida Author

Thanx buddy I hope everything is great for u

Menoo 6 years ago

The one thing i really cant find an answer to is

why do we always get hurt by the ones we love the most

and the ones we care about the most

why do we always have to get hurt by the ones we would never hurt ?!

Donnie Brasco 6 years ago

i think bob marley means this -

if life is to love, then it is in the course of love that there is hurt..we as perceptive beings see that as the work of the other..

we can either be in love and be hurt or put ourselves first..

pain is inevitable..if we can't let go of our respect for them..then we see suffering is a better choice than the undescribable anguish that people in love are subject too when they turn themselves away from the ones they love...

Hayley 6 years ago

This quote is actually really relevant to my life at the minute. There is a lot of gossip that is going around about me, and even though a lot of people have believed and hated me for these rumors, it hurts more when one of my closest friends hated me. I needed her help but she wasn't there for me, I have always supported and tried to help her when she has had problems and even though she has not been there for me I think I always will help her. I value her friendship and opinion and so she is worth suffering for, but is it the same if she doesn't do the same for me? Truth is it has made me question our friendship and maybe shes not who I thought she was? On the bright side Some of my close friends were with me all of the way, they would support me even if that made others hate them too. They asked me about it and realised that I really didn't do anything wrong, it really means a lot when my friends think I'm worth suffering for, I think suffereing for other people means more to them than we might think and that's why I think this quote is really powerful. I loved your interpretation, Im quite embarrassed to say that I didn't quite understand the quote but it makes a lote more sense now, thanks.

JeniMarie17 profile image

JeniMarie17 6 years ago from Florida Author

hey thank you all of you for commenting and Menoo I have the same questions too I just think that's how life is sometimes... also thanx to Donnie I love hearing what other people think something means. and Hayley good luck with your friends I have a best friend and me and her are not always perfect and I am always there for her and her not so much but I still know that no one can replace her because of everything we have been through and she will always be my best friend. Just good luck to figuring things out.... and once again thanx for the comments!

jamesg 6 years ago

hey.....reading these thoughts are almost like being in therapy.....it's deep, true, understandable (to me at least) ....I could go in to so much detail on how I feel that this applys to me so emotionally and also how TRUE it is i real life...or at least my life that when I looked at that statement it just tripped me out....not to mention all the thoughts wrote afterwards. JeniMarie17 e-mail me. I have some other quotes on what life is really like in MANY different aspects...if your interested that is! thank you for your thoughts n feelings ...and thank you everyone else!

Sadbuttrue 6 years ago

I definitely agree with this quote and what you have to say. This applies to my life right now. It's true..

Th3 outkast 6 years ago

I read this 2 days after I found out my wife cheated on me. And it really helped. I felt the same way the Tony guy commented above. Sorry Tony but you might be in the same boat as me. Thanks a million. This has been my FB status for a while now. Not sure I will change it.

eStyles 6 years ago

I believe we say things when we're angry and do not REALLY MEAN THEM.(now my issue was I was asked my my Ex's mother if I loved her daughter and I said I care for her i want to be with her for the rest of my life and all,but she states that's not what she question me is ither YES or No ( do I love her daughter so I said No but I do want to be with her).So now my ex all these yrs i have been lying to her,but how if she did not ask me the question , her mother did (and i was angry at the time cause i just got off the phone with my ex arguing). But Truth is If I didn't love her i wouldn't had taken her to the bahamas and spend the beautiful moments out there. so much more to it but i feel like she shouldn't have broken up with me, because now i feel like I was fooled for 3yrs. =( she could have been mad and we worked things out but she gone now and just torn that I rahter live a lonely life. (im only responding to this because she has this on her facebook and im just SMH)

Danny 6 years ago

This quote is what I have to remember throughout

my day. I have had some serious problems with my girlfriend lately. And when I just take a break from the struggles in life and turn on some Bob Marley, I sort of take time realize what's important in life. These great words mean a lot me, and it looks like it does for plenty more. Thank you for this great post.

sethwiseman 6 years ago

Great quote Great post.....you talk about trust a lot in your post and a lot as though your not an expert on this and that. First you must trust yourself. Those thoughts about love those feelings about love those belong to you...so they cannott be wrong..they are yours you own them....we try to put a lot of emphasis on what an-lover or ex-friend did to make us be angry or not love them...but its not them we choose weather we like it or not to love someone or not to love them...to be angry at someone or not...when we look inside ourselves we can find more answers than anywhere else because we own these feelings and ideas...but do we trust ourselves..

just my opinion p.r

TwO1FouR profile image

TwO1FouR 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

This is so true. Amazing

ashelladyhawke profile image

ashelladyhawke 6 years ago from California

I know this suffering well. You did an excellent job of describing it. Thank you.

chick18 6 years ago

well i guess im gonna add a little twist for you all. i had been dating this guy for two years, was and am still madly in love with him. however two months ago, we hit a rough patch, a lot things were going on and it caused me to get stressed and confused. long story short, i thought i had feelings for another friend of mine, i never stopped loving my boyfriend though, i was just questioning if he was who God wanted me to be with. anyway i snapped out of it, i completely stopped whatever i was thinking about my friend and realized how stupid i was being. i didn't cheat, we didn't go anywhere together, i was just doubting. well im the one who back stabbed, im the one who broke the trust, but ive never regretted something more in my entire life. ive never been through pain like i am going through now. life without my boyfriend is literally hell. and i don't think you should forget about those who hurt you, i feel that if you truly love them, and yes you do need to time to heal, but when that healing has finished that you can start fresh, gain that trust back, and be stronger than you were before. ive talked to many friends and family members about this, so i would like to get input from people who have no idea who i am. i hurt him, and myself, but it hurts me more that i hurt him. i just want him back so bad, hes the only one i want, i love him so much...

chick18 6 years ago

oh yeah i didn't specify but i guess you can figure out, he broke up with me, cuz he asked me if at any point in time did i have feelings for this friend and i said yes. so i didn't lie to him, i wanted to work it out. but hes too hurt to just jump back into it. im waiting for him though, even if it takes years cuz i mean it when i say theres no one else in this world for me.

gafa 6 years ago

these kind of feelings are ones that people search their entire lives for, many of whom never find them. Someone to love, and that you do love to the point where they said "we're leaving" you would hesitate in responding "okay, where are we going? let me pack my things." This is the kind of love that reinforces every young man or woman that there truly is love out there that can last a lifetime. That despite the statistics saying one in three marriages fail you can still find true love that you can raise a family with. True love that can inspire and change the lives of the people around you. True love that makes people jealous when they see or hear the way you feel about each other. True love that people desire, and when they see you together they want it so badly it hurts. Remind him of how good you are together, and how good you can be with him. As a guy one of the hardest things for me when it comes to relationships is feeling that aching pit in my stomach when I get jealous. I hate thinking of the girl I'm with being with anyone else, especially knowing that she is feeling something for someone else. It's just a devastating feeling. But the only way to get through it is to be persistent. Don't ever let him forget that you are thinking about him or that you love him or that it truly was a mistake and you don't necessarily take it back but you believe that all it did was prove to yourself that you truly can't be without him, and that no one holds your heart the way that he does. Not only that but be understanding. That is the way he felt whether he admits it or not. It sucks when you find out that a girlfriend is cheating, and to be honest hearing that they have feelings for someone else feels a lot like that. its hard to talk to family about it because a lot of times they focus more on you hurting rather than being able to give comprehendible advice as to what you should do. They want to fix your pain and surround you with love when what you really desire is that person with their arms wrapped around you. My last bit of advice is pray. I see that you mentioned God in your explanation which makes me believe that you probably have prayed quite a bit about it, however the bible explains that those who are righteous and deserving will have their prayers answered. So pray and follow God where he leads you. I'm praying for you and I would ask that you pray for me too because it wasn't by accident that i google searched this quote and found you. God bless :)

chick18 6 years ago

wow, thank you so much. that really helped a lot and made me tear up, ha. it is hard to talk to family, i actually talked to his family and they were hurt as well (were pretty close), but they know how genuine i am and can see my true feelings about him. they believe that everyone makes mistakes and that he should give me another chance but hes just too hurt right now to see the truth about us. hes also pretty young, just about to turn 17 and im about to be 19. anyway, i don't know how to be persistent without being pushy. i want to give him time and space instead of bombarding him with texts comments etc. weve been broken up for almost two months now but we still talk. a friend of mine tells me "baby steps" and says that i have to start all over. im trying but its very difficult because i want things the way they use to be and i don't know what hes thinking. thank you again for taking the time to advise me on this. and yes ive definitely been praying about it!

Becky 6 years ago

ive just revealed to my boyfriend that i've been unfaithul, and im geussing he doesn't like bob marley or im not worth suffering for, i don't know which one is worse(y)

247 6 years ago

Times have been really rough for me lately, my family Is struggling to make things work financially. This has caused a major strain on my relationship with my loving boyfriend, I have been really depressed. He suggested we move back to his country so we could be better off, I was very hesitant and put it off for months now until we talked recently. I decided to make the move but I changed my mind yesterday, I found he was planning a reunion with his women friends as soon as he got there. I decided he is not worth suffering for.............more to the story but I didn't want to write a novel

thimo 6 years ago

Truth is, only the ones you let in can truly hurt you. You can ignore the rest, as their opinions mean nothing to you. They may not be nice and you may get pissed off. But until someone that matters starts believing it, it's all meaningless.

jade 6 years ago


rashid 6 years ago


Cloudy Thoughts 6 years ago

Hey all, not sure if anyone is still on this post but I can so relate to most if not all of you. I was dating this girl after she had broken up with her man and things really hit it off as if we were meant to be. But a couple of days ago, we really both hit rock bottom. I found out that she was doing things that are for entertainment only and nothing physical. I know she flirts a lot and I had tolerated it but this is something I think beyond flirting. But because I found this the hard way (I looked through her cell) she lost trust in me. I contemplated long and hard about this and realized I care for her too much to a point where I'm willing to look past what she did. I remember once she posted the exact same quote by Bob Marley and now I'm reflecting on that and I know deep down I want to be with her, no matter what. I've done so much to show her that I deeply care for her and if I could, I'd give her the world. But I feel that I've lost her already due to me not trusting her. I want her to know that no matter what she does in her personal life, it doesn't change the fact that I have feelings for her. And I hope that she would give us a chance once more so that we can really work things out for the better.

Aarow 6 years ago

This is one of the best thing I've ever read

Bonita  6 years ago

i had a boyfriend,we dated from 2007 till 2010,he cheated on me last year 2009 on May and the girl was pregnant,he started changing but when i tell him there is something with him he said he is just fine.I left him goin to South Africa for three month visiting my relatives while i was there,he broke up the communication,when i text him he remain quite,till i report it to his family since am too close to the them,they spoke to him and he just brushed them off saying he will call me but never did that.I came back,and i met him that when he told me he is sorry he slept and a girl is pregnant.I felt so bad because i used to disscuss,most of things that can make the other patner to mess the relationship,and we also used to pray God to protect us and keep the relationship to the highier level.But the devil manupulated everything.I forgiven him and tried pick up the broken pieces and move on,but only to realised that he is still messing around,which means he came to me to say am sorry to something he smiled at.Since he made a baby with someone his intension was to support the kid and we move on with our plans,so things are not working.Am so confused.

Lawrence Ingman 6 years ago

Well, many people will be hurt by many different people. However it is the ones that do it on accident and are truly sorry that you can forgive. And also, one can only be hurt by someone they let hurt them. There is no way that I can possibly hurt anyone of you who have posted on this article, unless i say some insults which may or may not bother you, but the point is that I cannot hurt anyone who doesn't let me hurt them.

If someone you let into your heart hurts you especially if this is an often occurrence, it is a good thing. Then you know that they do not belong there in your heart, they do not deserve you or your love. It is much easier said than done, but this is indeed a lesson learned. One must move on and it will be hard. At first it will feel impossible, and within the next few days it will be even worse. However, within a week or two, or maybe a couple of months, you will realize that you are better off without this person. Spontaneity is a beautiful thing, that being said just when things become hardest, you will meet someone and something will happen to make you feel better. It may be a minuscule encounter with someone who will become insignificant in a short while, and it may not be a permanent fix but that is where things do an about face and start to get better. The best thing one can do in such a situation is get over that someone.

brzy 6 years ago

Very true. Only those that truly love you will suffer for you...wait for you...and be there for you, even when not physically there. Someone sent this article to me.


Colleen 6 years ago

@ Randy...its probably not you, its probably something she is going through and may or may not be able to explain...Hopefully he lack of 'feeling' has passed and you are once again on the right track. Sometimes we don't feel worthy of such Love of have to get through our lack of self love in order to rediscover you and her again! Good luck and keep your perspective. Only good comes from truly Loving regardless if you stay together you are moving toward something greater and one who will Love you back the same be it her or another! By doing so you are commanding this from the universe and focusing on what you want and not on what you don't want which is what the Universe will ultimately bring you!

mystifiedbyitall 6 years ago

This hub was written a while ago but I'm still going to comment. I personally love this quote. It took me a while to understand the message. Everyone will take something different from it and I have read some really great comments.

I believe, in life we all have to experience hurt and suffering or we would not know the wonderful feelings of joy and love. I think what Bob Marley is saying is by finding those who are worth suffering for we will truly now joy, love and peace. Because we feel so good with them whether they are a lover, friend or family. At some point we will feel hurt by or because of them. But we can only feel that hurt because we love and care so much for them and in our hearts know they care for us. Thus knowing they are worthy of our suffering. People we love will get sick, have bad days, say horrible things and ultimately die. And we will feel hurt. We will feel hurt because we love them so much. I guess what I'm trying to get at is the people that are worth suffering for are not people in our lives that routinely, intentionally hurt us. But people who we feel hurt because we love them so much.

I don't know if I made any sense but I just had to get that out and thank you for creating this hub. It is absolutely incredible and so are you.

Khushi 6 years ago

Its little late to make a comment but still i have something to say. I always believed that true love can never hurt you, the only thing it asks for is to be unconditional. If you love people just love them for what they are. Don't judge them, don't try to change them. Just spread love and go on. But at this point of time, my smile is all faded, even the unconditional love hurts, best friend of mine, who said he loves me, just left me after just 1 month that too after making me feel i love him too, without any reason, just asked me to stay away after being integral part of my life for about 1 whole year. I am not mad at him, but the thing that is hurting is that how could be the person you thought care for you can become so insenstive towards you that he even don't feel like giving a reason for what he did, even after knowing that he crushed you into pieces. Well, if about a quote, i feel if you truly love someone than pain doesn't matter, it doesn't even count. But one more thing loving others doesn't mean, to forget oneself. Love yourself than love others, trust yourself than trust others. :)

monica 6 years ago

i been dating this dood named xave and i fell in love with him the first i never really truly feel in love with, im only 18 but im in so much pain. i wish he didn't do the things he did. i don't know if i should stay with him or leave but i really do wanna stay and love him and be happy but he is 20 and likes 11 year olds. my heart is broken into millions of pieces.i wish people could really be real and honest and shit like his wouldn't happen is there really real love and real people or does everyone lie and hurt others. plz people stop doing this aswell as stop hurting people and stop making fun of people. where is the truth?!

Chealder 5 years ago

The quote is so true. I have two very close friends and in any relationship you're sure to hurt someone, whether you intend to do it or not. (Hopefully the last.) I've hurt one of those friends in a disagreement without intending to, and he hurt me as well. But we won't allow to let it break our friendship.

I'm really honest to them, and also really clear if they don't understand something.

The only way to truly hurt someone is by lying to them.

These two friends of mine, they are worth suffering for.

Mark 5 years ago

Way to many teenagers think they know Bob Marley.

Eddieg901 5 years ago

I found Bob Marley's quote last night and I agree

with him. The truth is that everyone hurts you

but you only really suffer from it when it's from

someone close to your heart. My experience

is that they may be close to my heart but I

may or may not be close to theirs.

Eddieg901 5 years ago

I found Bob Marley's quote last night and I agree

with him. The truth is that everyone hurts you

but you only really suffer from it when it's from

someone close to your heart. My experience

is that they may be close to my heart but I

may or may not be close to theirs.

Mandy 5 years ago

This is the first quote that has stricken right thru my heart......i agree with u tht trusting and having someone who cares for u unconditionally.....not necessarily a lover....maybe a friend is the best feeling anyone can have..If anyone has someone like tht better hold on to it tight....if its lost once...it will be difficult to catch again.

molly  5 years ago

wow you have truly inspired me i have been with my boyfriend three years and we have a son i am only nineteen but this feels right i have been hurt alot but i feel it is worth it in the end. you just gave me amazing strength and hope thank you :)

Chris 5 years ago

This quote is something I wish I could show to this person. She doesn't want to go out with me because of hard times she's had in the past yet still claims to like me. I can assure her that I wouldn't even hurt her, but she just doesn't accept it.

its me 5 years ago

I love this quote, as it has so much meaning... theres the guy i like, have been out with before, he's hurt me before, and is now a complete player. but the time when we were together was amazing. my friends think im a fool to think he is the one, and that he will hurt me again but i just responded with this quote and how even though he might hurt me in the end the stuff, fun and love embertween will be worth it..

Bad, mad, sad 5 years ago

I must say there are some very mature outlooks coming from some young and innexperienced (in relationships) people. Many of you have put an older and, self allegedly, wiser person to shame with some of these amazing perspectives. I myself have just come out of a 5 year relationship with a girl I didn't realize meant everything to me until she was gone. This girl used to tell me every day how she wanted to be with me forever, and that she thought the world of me. About 2 years into our relationship, I cheated on her with my ex girlfriend. I knew immediately it was a mistake and that I loved her and only her and finally decided I wanted what she wanted: a real life together. I told her recently around our 5th year together that I had been unfaithful. Obviously she was heartbroken, but she said she wanted to work things out. But because I had told her the truth, I felt that she could take revenge any moment. By cheating on her I not only lost trust in her (hey if I can slip up, she can too, right?), but also by telling her I broke her heart. Now here is my dilemma, I love her with all my heart and want her back, i didn't forgive myself yet and doubt that I ever will, but she is dating another guy now. So I guess by cheating I found out I am head over heels for this girl, and also by cheating she found out she is not willing to suffer this for me. So what happens when the quote is only true for half of a heart? :(

zzz 5 years ago

thank you so much for creating this hub. I've seen this quote already but passed it by somehow. now your post and the comments opened my eyes to the richness hidden behind those words. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about people I've loved in my life and this quote occurred to me instantly. loving means suffering, pain is the twin brother of joy. the greater love, the biggest pain. it's interesting to see how we can miss the person even though he/she is right beside us. even if we know they love us, we are afraid of losing them. and the same is with God. I know He's out there somewhere and I miss him, knowing His love is unconditional and he's always waiting for me. that's soul crushing. and it's so hard to open for love as you get so pathetic, weak and fragile. but I guess it's always worth all the suffering in the end. all we will be judged on will be Love.

Lyla 5 years ago

That is beautiful Randy!

Lezzy 5 years ago

I love this guy and i know he loves me too. But the thing is that i have started become possessive . I don't want to see him chatting with other girls. I trust him more than myself.He told me not think nonsense stuffs. As i am studying far away from the place I was born. Is it because of the distance ??? or Is it because that i care\love him the most??

Me 5 years ago

I have seen the quote somewhere, i have to say i like it,I found this hub and what you wrote it just make me thinking of someone who's not worth suffering for..and someone who's worth suffering for..somehow..i agree with u on the scary L word..its not so easy to define what is love for me..

mahbub 5 years ago

U r just excellent writer.i m excited to read this

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Silence 5 years ago

From reading these comments, I think I kinda know what you guys are going through. Love isn't a tamable beast, but it's sure worth suffering for. I have a friend and we've been tight since I can remember and though she's changed alot and she's not the friend I once knew, I still love her alot. She's always gonna be special to me, and you know friendship is tough. But it wouldn't be a blessing if it didn't come with some scars on the side, ja know? So I guess sometimes it's worth putting yourself out there, to meet those people who are worth it. If you meet people who aren't it's a risk you gotta take. Anyway, that's just my views

who cares?! 5 years ago

15 years i've been used like a bitch of a bitch, that's what he called me... he spent my money, beat me, lied to me and told my family lies about me to cover for his addictions... spit, hit, grabbed, yelled, humiliated me in public, private in person... he was the most evil thing that i've ever encountered yet i loved him? i was in a daze it seems like now... a bad dream that reoccurs every time i would be brave enough, so damn tired from him badgering me all day long... then he would slip pills into my food or drink so i had no choice, i would finally close my eyes... that's when the real fun started for him... he would let me drive a car, by myself, all alone, knowing that i was blacked out and then... one time i jumped a curb... i was headed for a chain link fence that surrounded an airport, my dog was with me, i was headed straight on into a telephone pole... the impact of the car jumping the high curb and the sound of sparks flying off of metal to metal, the fence vs me and mickey (my dogie) woke me and i jerked it back to the left... then to the right... trying to gain control... and then... i was in shock. i didn't know where i was or how i got there and the tears in my terrified, confused and frighted eyes swelled up so big i felt as if i was slowly being lowered into a pool of water that was covering my mouth... nose... now my eyes... it was just a matter of time before i would not be able to b r e a t h . . . it happen again and again and again... i asked my doctor 'i think i have', 'can you check somehow', 'i know this sound crazy', but narcolepsy??? he has been my doctor and friend for 35 years, but after he walked into my life and banged... pounded... on the door so sweetly and with such force, command, and yelling sweet, sweet NOTHING into my ear so loud? i can no longer hear out of it... it just rings constantly, all day and night, i can't tell my doctor any more because i'm afraid he will commit me...it's driving me insane... wait i'm already insane... in a way... he knew about my disorders in just a few days and was going to be my caretaker... aren't the people who dig graves caretakers or am i confused? he used them to his twisted advantage, and capitalized on my weaknesses, my miss :) :( configurations, my reality and how unreal he was able to re--- brake it over and over again until i was no longer real... am i real? is life real? what is real and what is not in your world? can you help me figure out this labyrinth and guide me to a safe place, i am blind, deaf, mute, dumb, lost in a place... locked in a prison for a crime i could not ever imagine i could do that was so bad... so hurtful... so damaging... so very very calculated... and executed... so fast and with a quickness by a thing that i know i have superiority in intelligence to... that i would have stepped on like a poisonous spider heading straight towards my infant child, as he lay sleeping, on the green clover in a field of poppy's and crushed him with all my motherly... loving and protected force... twisting my foot into the ground so hard that i could hear bones in it snapping of each one was heard and just smiling at that sound..., making sure that not a tiny spec of it remained... it left me crippled, but my boy... my beautiful, innocent and breath taking son... was safely in my arms again... as i slowly rocked back and forth... singing a lullaby softly in his ear... hush little baby don't say a word... Momma is gonna buy you a mockingbird... and if that mockingbird don't sing... Momma is going to buy you a diamond ring... and if that diamond ring don't shine .... shhh... shhh... sleep my love... i am completely alone... sad is not a word that could describe how it's feeling inside of my head, heart and soul... it's something far worse than that... please can someone help me i want to go home now... please??? l o v e.... is that the way it is spelled?

Nicho 5 years ago

That is so trut but tell me why is that i cant let go to a person that every time i see and talks to me hurts me, is that love what i am feeling for her or just some kind of obsesion

Regret 4 years ago

After looking for 8 months, I finally got a new job, but it required me to travel 4 days a week, leaving no time at all, and it impacted my relationship.. I became (unknowingly) depressed, closed up and didn't show how much I cared.. and I hurt my boyfriend.. after 3 months of that, we both agreed to breakup.. but it was only a few weeks later that I realised what I had done, and that I was depressed.. and I have had massive pains of regret ever since.. I want to try again, but he doesn't.. we're talking now, but just friends, and I don't think we will get back together.. It still hurts.. I'm also trying to find a new job.. I can't let this happen to my next relationship.. it's too painful..

cimraan khan 4 years ago

soooooooooooo painful

Bee 4 years ago

We only really get hurt when we care. Only the people you love and care about can truly hurt you. That is why is important to love yourself first so you know when to take so much pain or to walk away for your sake. Don't stay in a bad relationship because you care, care for yourself enough to not continuously stay hurt. All things start through self-love.

Maria 4 years ago

The truth is everybody is not going to hurt you . Love is give and take . Love that hurts is not love . People who love you don't break your heart . We break our own hearts . There's a deeper love than narsasistic love . Once we have that no one gets hurt . You hurt your self love you will continue to attract people who can't love .,

Penny 4 years ago

Very few people have unconditional love for one another & I believe this is what holy matrimony is all about. This is what suffering is all about & laying your life down.

dors 4 years ago

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Fred 4 years ago

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gina 4 years ago

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psychicdog.net profile image

psychicdog.net 4 years ago

Happened to be looking up this old quote and landed on this hub - now I'm following you JeniMarie!

SAMIR 4 years ago

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Jude junus 3 years ago


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helen 3 years ago

my thanks to dr.koko

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Charlot 3 years ago

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Vivienne 3 years ago

Hmmm. Those friends may be "worth suffering for", but the friends who are worth the suffering cause the most amount of pain. If we didn't love them and pine for them then our lives would be easy! Sometimes, this suffering can be so deep, so lasting, so devastating...is that ever worth it? No true friend would truly be worth that... If they really were "worth it", they would be a true friend and say "Im sorry..I hurt you.. Will you forgive me?". Then suffering is worth it as the best of the friendship is seen.

Brigitte 3 years ago

I am suffering can't feel love after too much trauma and stress


How to unblock my heart

Lucy 2 years ago

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Love you 2 years ago

Beautiful people. Learn to break your paragraphs more often. Language was born to eradicate confusion. Making your paragraphs too long makes life harder than it needs to be.

Also, there are many forms of love.

Trusting does not always mean suffering. Not all suffering is bad. I suffered rejection a lot. It strengthened my mind. When I stopped getting rejected, I think my mind weakened, which made me more dependent than anyone should ever be.

Be the one to save yourself and see who helps. That's advice for today, but I do change my mind.

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