What Is Most Likely Iffy At Best

Iffy At Best.





If wishes were candy
I'd weigh several tons
my teeth would all fall out,
and I'd have to gum,
each dream, icing coated
or hope, chocolate dipped
my smile would be messy,
but despair would be whipped.

If love was a sandwich
you'd have to be bread,
I'd snuggle between you,
and joy would be spread,
nothing done in a jiffy,
but relished and savored,
then for sure we'd say "lettuce"
share some passionate flavors.

If puppies and parrots
could just switch their life spans,
I'd spent fifty some years,
with my best friend to man,
though I'd bury in fourteen
my parrot who talks,
I would cherish her last words,
Polly loves you, squawk, squawk.

If I ever was a poet
who would win Laureate,
I would wear my wreath proudly,
and each day I would sweat,
to find precious words that,
would make all people care,
bringing peace to the world,
from the thoughts that I'd share.


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