The Land Where I was Born

Pictures of my Mother; Mrs. Lillie Matheny Jones

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Of the South~

Of Sun and of Accent,

Love and Hospitality,

Don’t know What it is but I Love it,

This Place Where I Was Born;

Just Can’t Figure Out What Caused It,

Excitement Wild and Wonder-ment,

Yet it Come’s Through Open-ness,

From Deep Within My Heart-True;

Where is One to Share This?

Walking in My Thought-set,

Freedom Bred, Crossing Over,

Making Life What We Want It;

Magnolia’s, Belles, and Life-styles,

Star-lit Dreams and Realities,

I must Accept its Existence,

No Matter What I Do;

I Left This Place I Speak Of ,

Went to The Farthest Place Away,

But I Could Not Hide My Love Pain,

For the Place Where I Was Born:


April 12, 1997

( copyrights include photos and poem)



IN 2011 I moved back here to Monroeville, Alabama, and since being here, I have sought to belong. In many ways I already belong, due to being born here in the south, as well as having roots here with quite a few relatives, land, and memories from childhood. I am thankful that I do belong somewhere. If I had the finances, I would build my own little farm, or tiny plantation. Having many interests, I could maximize the size of my life by doing just a bit of each thing I like to do. Some of those things are flying, riding motorcycle, horticulture, hobby writing, woodwork, historical biblical events, and cooking. I also operate heavy equipment and do minor landscaping and monumental earthmoving every so often. So you see, there is lots to do here.

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Felina Margetty profile image

Felina Margetty 4 years ago from New York, New York

Nice one , simple. Cheers F.

Oscarlites profile image

Oscarlites 4 years ago from Alabama Author

thank you. I wish we could all keep it simple. oscarlites

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