"You Choose" the poem

Which mask will you wear today?

my cousin Sally with her clown face on.
my cousin Sally with her clown face on.
My daughter dancing in costume.
My daughter dancing in costume.

You Choose

By A. Gagliardi

I don’t feel I can trust you

to look at me without a jaundiced eye

now that you know my true feelings.

I think I scare you with the truth.

I’m may be too fragile to commit your efforts to.

Perhaps I’ll shatter after your exertion

or get loud and abusive.

A person who looks you in the eye

and blurts out the truth

is dangerous, I tell you.

There’s no telling where things will go.

We are all more comfortable wearing our public

masks of polite talk.

You look into my shoulders

or ears

so that you

miss the wells of my truth.

I can place my mask upon my face,

just like you. Then I go about our time together

without your knowing the real me -

 as if that’s too hard for you to see.

I can present my bland experiences

that touch your toes but not your heart

that slap the water, but fail to submerge.

That tap the door, but don't enter in.

Is it truth you want, or just my presence

filling up this chair - going nowhere?

Do you merely want the titles of my life

or the real meat and juice of it?

Do you simply want to lick my bone

or taste the marrow of my existence?

Do you want the wine’s smell

or to drink it down to the last drop?

After all,

I only write about my own experiences

whether, I’ve had them or not.

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When do you wear your mask? 3 comments

agaglia profile image

agaglia 5 years ago Author

I am not quite satisfied with this one. There is still some work to do. But, what?

agaglia profile image

agaglia 6 years ago Author


Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your kind words of praise.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Deep thought! Very deep. Yet full and open. That is quite a feat! I admire this one much!

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