100 trillion Stories High....But Reachable.


100 Trillion Stories High, But Reachable.


Our stairway to

heaven is carved,
from the many niches

we make in life,
the various detours

and turns we choose to make,
and by the steps we

take to help others.

Some have an escalator

to glide upward on,
others face crooked,

rickety, trembling climbs.
Many get turned around

in the fog of their disbelief,
and end up descending

to realms of damnation,
or stumble and fall

along their scrabble upward.

God is our handrail

to keep us steady,
if we lean on him he

can make the ascension easy.
Then once we reach the pinnacle,
and enter the sacred gates held wide,
all of our purest dreams ever denied
lie spread in splendor before us.

An eternity of the

realizations of our souls
to simply and joyously bask in.
Tread loudly and help

others achieve the summit.
One can truly make it to the top,
after life has failed all around them.






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