12 February 2005

12 February 2005

Sparkling winter sweat
Dripped from her nerves.
Walking to an unforeseen
Rendezvous with a stranger.

A mutual decision of a public
Arena of sorts where the
Shadows of men and women
Are constantly fluttering.

She cannot know if the interaction
Will be safe or hazardous. In a sense,
A gamble, when it up heaves her life.
Good or bad, but absolutely unique.

She had to seek out a change
Something new, as the stale
Way of life had caught up to her.
Then he came into view.


This poem was originally written on May 14, 2008. Looking back, it isn't one of my best, but the subject matter is important to me because it is a very personal poem. I may one day redo or completely start from scratch a poem of a similar subject. And, in case it isn't clear, the subject matter is my significant other.

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hubpageswriter 6 years ago

Welcome to Hubpages. This is a nicely done poetry I must say.

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