2010 Fisker Karma Review By Paris Hilton

God, It's Hottt!!!!!!!

Umm. so. Yeah. I am here to tell you what I think about my new BFKFFFF. That um. stands for Best Fisker Karma Forever, Forever, Forever, Forever. I like to repeat the "forever" part because when I was thinking about it, I was spinning around in a drunken circle.

So, the car is like really hot. I like the way they put the keyhole on the steering wheel. That's not only smart, it's hot. For me the passenger seat is more important because that is where I sit.

I stopped driving ever since I went to find that bridge? Yeah, the sign told me it was out. The car did not even tell me that it was like, going to fall down a long way. That was my worse car never.

So, um one of the cool things I like about my BFKFF...whatever....is um...the wheels can move around and they do it all at the same time. That is hot. I like things when they happen at the same time...mm.

Another thing I like about the car is the fold-out video screen on the passenger side. Yah, it is way cool. You open it up and it is just like a mirror. I know cause I see me and that is way....hot.

I sometimes like to lie down on the front of the car when it is sunny out. That's hot. No, really - it's hot and sometimes I can't get my legs off because the heat has like stuck them to burning metal.

My BFF b***es finally helped me get off and I look back at the car. My skin is still on there. That was my worst photo shoot never.

It is all good though. I know I liked the car because after riding in it, I went home and made a porn, leaked it to the web and pretend-pouted about it later.

Uh..so I hope you can see how difficult it is to be me. That I had to choose whether to talk about this car or not. So, umm, it is hard to talk about but at least I know that they are filling my bank account.

That's important because um...is it six or seven people that have to die before I come into all that money? Oh yeah, drive this car ...it's hot.

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