open skies
open skies

A little of this


some of this


all of this

everything we are

simpler expansions of nothing

aching to be something

dancing in the night

stars shower round us

such steel

in shadow

velvet wrapped over

these humble forms

become wings



Her eyes crimson glow become all. A little shared passion, the sadness tinged delight. A word spoken, at night. So soft her skin, rapturous tender delight. The mind devoured - an awesome sight, the pain bourne of love.

Sociology, psychology, spirituality, entomology, mythology, and anthropology. and don't forget mathematics. Some combination of the above. probably should add ecology into the mix. it would seem to fit. and marketing. actually no, strike that last, story telling worx a lot better as far as that goes. People get sandblasted by enough crap now a days. But stories though.... an art that needs to be kept alive. But not in the sense of - DID YOU SEE THAT MOVIE/SHOW READ THAT BOOK -more in the sense of passing stories down through the generations. More of the depths of what each and everyone of us encompasses - the lives of our ancestors - the connection that we each are to our descendants. That chain which keeps a culture alive allowing us as individuals to truly feel that we are part of something besides just a cog in some vast unfathomable corporate machine....instead something we can understand because we encompass it. We are it. There is no inside or outside, everything just is. So worried about wrong and right - human terms that have nothing to do with the real world, the world we turned our backs on after we felt we had climbed to the top. In the story Atrocity (at least i think it was that story) the alliteration of the lion on the savannah hunting its prey. When humans do that it's called premeditated murder. when animals do it it's nature. Where did we come from? Or that monty python skit where the soldier's saying how he killed all these other men, and how at home they'd lock him up and throw away the key but here (in a war) they give him a medal. Who draws the lines? Us as individuals, or as a group? If it's the latter, is it right (maybe prudent would be a better word here) for one group to draw the lines for another group? What if that other group had been drawing their own lines for thousands of generations? Right and Wrong. Murder as a nasty word for natural selection or simply a tool to ensure there's a Mickie D's on every corner. Nothing changes unless we change it.

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seasoning 7 years ago

liking it loving it thanks a lot

dyonder profile image

dyonder 7 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank You so much seasoning; you are my first comment ever & I tremendously appreciate the feedback.

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