9 Tips to Become a Remarkable One

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Positioning Yourself

9 Tips to Become a Remarkable One

Brand Positioning is one of the topics in our marketing class. Brand must be positioned properly and strategically to have a strong equity, an impact, and a good will, with that, the brand will be patronized and at the end, it would be the best seller in a particular product line.

In the middle of our class discussion, I’ve just realized, I am a brand, our selves are different brands where in we place ourselves in a big Gondolas in this humanity.

GREAT one doesn’t really mean, you have to be the BEST among the others, the number 1, always on TOP, the most intelligent, the kindest or what so ever. Great one means you are marvelous, stunning, and superb. GREAT one SIMPLY means being HIGH PROFILE, where in at the darkest angle, you are always seen, at the coldest place; you are always considered fire burning.

Here are my few tips to become a remarkable one in a faction.

1. Wear yourself and create a good impression. First impression really matters, somehow it will lasts, and that sense must be real or else you will end up pretending of something that will make you uncomfortable all throughout. You have your own identity as well as personality, showcase the actual you.

2. Observe the class, the group, the cluster. Consider the concept of having the same feather flocks together. Although, not all your feathers will be the same as with the others, try counting the greater part of it which will fit with your prospect links. Sooner or later, it must be SOLID.

3. Be sociable. Having your new group doesn’t mean you will be there all the time. Try to go back with your feathers and discover the different views of it. Split some times with the different HIGHS. The brainy high, “sosy” high, “mvp” high, rebel high and nice-guy high. Widening your sphere of friends will be a positive thing in different ways.

4. Share something. Sharing will always be the best manner to win people, to show appreciation, to give sympathy, to offer kindness. Sharing doesn’t need to be money or material; it can also be time, effort, and energy. Sharing is an ingredient to establish brand equity.

5. Give your best shot. Whatever work or task you do, make it at its best while enjoying it or at least set your own standards. For instance, your work must be 90% and above- better. With that, you will not just be an average or you won’t end up being the slightest. At all times, hope for the best and expect for the worst.

6. Have a strong disposition. In line with the tip number 4, you must have your own stand to all the things you say and you do. When the option is YES or NO, don’t go with the “or” I mean, abstaining. Only few have a stand, and fewer who can hold that stand.

7. Have connections. Connections with the head of the cluster such as bosses, teachers and other superiors, are not bad. You will not act as a pet; you’ll just have to do some favors from them. Time will come; you will reap the fruits of this favor that will be constructive for you and for the welfare.

8. Always do something different. Innovate! Do not be stagnant with the things you have and with the things you do. Have a twist with yourself in a manner that boring won’t come. Cool person has always its place for the CHILL purpose.

9. Always look back and move forward. Evaluate yourself for the better then, move forward. When you look back, accept the things such as your mistakes and failures then do something about it. Remember, being a high profile or superb doesn’t guarantee a zero mistakes, it just makes your profile more thrilling.

I hope you could successfully place your own brand in the life’s gondolas and you’ll be a remarkable one!


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Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

My friend always used to tell me that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that's a very good thing to remember. It has helped me ace a lot of job interviews over the years.

niceandcool profile image

niceandcool 6 years ago from Philippines Author

hi sunnyglitter, WOW! i hope my future interviews will be like yours. thanks for reading my hub and for being the first who posted a comment.

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 6 years ago from close to you...

Great tips in here. Uniqueness and confidence always leave a mark. And don't forget to be who you are ;) This is a great hub. Rating up :)

niceandcool profile image

niceandcool 6 years ago from Philippines Author

thanks caz for always reading me. :)

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