A Clear Prairie Night


By: Wayne Brown

A campsite under the stars; a clear prairie night

Stars twinkle overhead creating a heavenly sight

A campfire is burning low; the coffee is still hot

Just one good night of many in an old cowboy’s lot

Shooting stars flare and sail across the night sky

Wings flap and flutter as the hoot owl flies by

The call of a lonesome coyote echoes on the wind

His calls repeat again and again; looking for a friend

My saddle will be my pillow; a blanket over the seat

My gut is full of coffee and warmed up jerky meat

I’ll rest these ol’ bones; gain back my strength a might

There’s nothing like sleeping out on a clear, prairie night

There still a bit of color on the western side of the sky

That ol’ sun is slow going down, it just don’t want to die

Night time brings the calm; a time to think and reflect

To contemplate the heavens and the times of my life trek

A cowboy’s life can be a lonely one; lots of time alone

Time to see, hear, and feel the words of life’s ol’ song

A time to rest and dream away the hours until the light

A time to move closer to God on a clear, prairie night

God created the universe and all the beauty that is there

And he put us ol’ cowboys out here to sit in awe and stare

To praise the Lord for all the wonders he placed in our sight

The wonders of a big starry sky on a clear, prairie night

This ol’ cowboy has led an honest life; earned his keep by day

At night I grab a little rest and take to a knee to pray

To thank the Lord for all I see from the west to the east

To express my appreciation for the largest to the least

Cowboys are never really alone when they sleep on the range

Though progress marches on, some things just don’t change

The Lord is always looking down from his place of heavenly light

To keep an ol’ cowboy amazed on a clear, prairie night

So as I lay here gazing upon the beauty of the night sky

I thank the Lord for my life; the low part and the high

I thank him for the air I breathe and each star ever so bright

I thank him for letting me enjoy another clear, prairie night

©Copyright WBrown2012. All Rights Reserved.

13 January 2012

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My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee

WB you are someone I would be proud to call friend or neighbor. Too bad us poets have o live so far apart. I loved this poem, I love cowboys. voted up and shared.


GClark profile image

GClark 5 years ago from United States

Absolutely beautiful and voted up! Wayne you are a master at creating imagery and mood. Thanks again for sharing your poetry and powerful thoughts. Can't help but think that the world is a better place because of people like you. GClark

looniestlove profile image

looniestlove 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

wow I agree with them it is such a beautiful photograph, it looks like a painting if you ask me...by simply looking at this photo alone it is really breath taking...thanks for sharing this hub

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@My Minds Eye53...Well, thank you very much! I wish we all lived close enough together to meet at some little place and drink some coffee or the brew of choice and talk about some of these things...we could grow off each other in so many ways. I guess the Hub is as close as we will come. WB

@GClark...Well, I'll take tha as a high-level compliment any day! LOL! I get lucky with the words sometimes but I also don't play with them too much...jus go with my gut from the gitgo. Too often, we drive right through perfection to the other side by monkeying with things and then we don't know how to get back. Your first impulses about things are usually your best. Poetry at it basic is an economy of words...say all you can with the least amount of words. That is the magic of it all. WB

@looniestlove...Thank you! I love the romance of the cowboy life and it brings so many visuals with it when you take it into the poetry mode. Give it a go! WB

Rhonda Waits profile image

Rhonda Waits 5 years ago from The Emerald Coast

Absolutely breath taking, I loved your poem. It was just the best. I apologise for not being around as much, I have just had the winter blues lately and I took some time off. I am back in full swing now, if I like it or not. I have too take my own advice and just get up and get out. Voted up and awesome.

Sweet wishes Rhonda

profile image

Poetic Fool 5 years ago

Wayne, what an awesome write!. I've never experienced anything like the cowboy life. Indeed, my life has been about the furthest thing from it. Yet your wonderful word pictures took me there, if only for a short time. I don't think you can find a better measure of successful writing than that. Great job, my friend!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Rhonda Waits...This was a refreshing change. I wrote political essays last week and was overrun with liberal mindsets trying to change my caveman thinking. Poetry becomes my shelter from that storm if only for a while. Glad to see you back out...read your "Winter Blues" poem yesterday. WB

@Poetic Fool...Well, thank you very much. I am so glad that I could paint that image in words for you...I do it a bit for myself as well. It's like a mental escape of the mind to a lifestyle more palatable...maybe I was a cowboy in a past life. I hope so. WB

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 5 years ago from Arizona

Wayne, you dun good old son. Ain't nothing like a just right night laying on a just right mound of dirt or a nice warm rock heated all day in the sun and pulling my moth eat blanket up to my chin and looking and listening, then just listening and fading on out to sleep, it won't be long, gettin long in the tooth and late in the day, I'm hoping for a just right night to lay down after taken to that knee and just look and listen just that one more time,



Genna East profile image

Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

That "ol cowboy" I suspect has been blessed to be able to appreciate God's gift of the universe and of nature.

Your words truly take us there, and this is another gift. :-) Up and more, Wayne, for this wonderful poem.

Phyllis Doyle profile image

Phyllis Doyle 5 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

So beautiful, Wayne. I felt as though I was right out there on the prairie watching the stars and hearing brother coyote. God gave us that beauty of the prairie and great poets like you bring it to those who have never been there -- I have been there and you take me back to another time of wondrous memories. You paint such beauty with your words. Thank you.

Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

For those of us who have led the cowboy life there's nothing better than good cowboy poetry -- and your poem certainly meets that criteria. The only thing that might be better is a step back in time and living that part of my life again -- but like 50 Caliber -- time's growing a bit short. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. Voted Up. Best, Sis

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

Your usual poetic self Wayne? Super work and a great song.


Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Awesome writing Wayne, I reckon a cowboys life would have suited me...

Voted up/awesome

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@50 Caliber...You would be a guy who would know Dusty...you've lived it man! Thanks for the good words..glad I could bring back those memories. WB

@Genna East...Thank you...I appreciate the praise. I have been quite blessed in many ways in this life. WB

@Phyllis Doyle...Thank you, Phyllis...glad I could take you on that journey with my words. WB

@Angela Blair...That's about as good as feedback gets, Angela. Glad I can conjure up those images. I think life has some of its deepest meanings in those moments when we see and feel ourselves as a tiny dot in the awesome creation that surrounds us. It also reminds us that our troubles are smaller that we are as well. WB

@The Frog Prince...That'd be me,Frogman! Thanks for the good words. WB

@Movie Master...I think it is comparable to a pair of jeans that just fit so right that you could sleep in them...a reckon that would be one way to describe it. Thanks much! WB

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

You make being alone out there sound like a small party with God and the cosmos. Divine!

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

You've written such a wonderful poem, loved it to pieces.

Voted up, awesome and beautiful.

valeriebelew profile image

valeriebelew 5 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi Wayne, Good write. I did always love your westerns. Just makes me feel like I 'm out there with you looking up at the sky. Voted you up. (: v

WD Curry 111 profile image

WD Curry 111 5 years ago from Space Coast

Florida has more working cowboys than Texas. You had better be one if you wear a cowboy hat around here. The Florida boys use a whip like the Mexicans. They can throw a lariat, too.

Now, they don't sit and watch the stars much, there are too many mosquitoes.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@poetvix...It's nice mental vacation from writing political perspectives! LOL! Thanks much. WB

@writer20..Thank you! Glad that I could find the words. WB

@valeriebelew...Hey, Val...good to see you about...been awhile. I hope everything is going good for you. Thanks for the good marks on this one. WB

@WD Curry 111...They sound like some tough hombres...maybe it's the mosquitoes that make 'em mean! LOL! Thanks much. WB

drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

Beautiful poetry, Wayne, and an awesome video. I could easily picture the night sky ablaze with stars pver the prairie - probably in Texas. Well done, Sir Cowboy.

profile image

Vincent Moore 5 years ago

Your absolutely correct about a clear Prairie night. I have laid under the stars and gazed with delight, parked along the highway in my big shiny rig. Watching shooting stars and the Northern lights draw patterns with the fingers of God as their guide. Wide open spaces in Texas and the Canadian Prairies are quite the sight as a lone coyote howls through the night. Bravo, voted up awesome and beautiful my poetic Texas friend.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@drbj...Thanks much, Doc. There are still some big skies out htere and we should be drawn to them...they are so rare! WB

@Vincent Moore...I knew that you would be one to identify with this concept...Glad you liked it! WB

quester.ltd profile image

quester.ltd 5 years ago

Once again, your words brought more thoughts to mind. I love the fact of God being so much apart of this man's life - so be it for all of us, the good, the bad and the not so ugly.

Those skies are disappearing with city lights reflecting in the sky at night - too bad because the night sky is breath taking. Thank you WB


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@quester.ltd...YOu comments caused me to think that there are probably young generations living today that have never really seen the night sky in all its fullness and awe...what a treat they have missed. Luckily, we still have some places out west where the lights of the city don't override that show. I hope that we can always keep that opportunity at hand. Thanks much. WB

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

WB -- This one is quite special! Maybe your best to-date! Shooting stars, big starry sky. I gotta agree with Dan Seals -- God must be a cowboy.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Truckstop Sally...Yeah, I was feelin' cowboy after wrestling liberals in political arguments all week...This was a nice change of pace. I always like that Dan Seals song which came from the height of his popularit as a country singer in the late 80's. There was a lot of music out of that era that I thought was good...great transition point for C&W music. Thanks, Amy. WB

Senoritaa profile image

Senoritaa 5 years ago

Amazing portrayal of a cowboy's life. The words flowed as clearly as the clear prairie night.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas Author

@Senoritaa...Thank you, glad I could find that movement for you. WB

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