A Colombian Dream Part 4


Note from the Author:

The tales of these young women come from real life stories, that perhaps due to our media and language barrier never made it into regular mainstream news, but they are out there. If you happened to follow us from the beginning, these women sense and feel their story.

At times you might want to help them, like from behind the scenes, and to be honest we do too. But stories have to be conflicting and keep you at the edge of your seat. Here we go again...




Ron 'alter ego' and his Coyote friends managed to sneak Christina and 4 other individuals through the border. How did they do it? Their truck had a double Decker platform under the chassis. You can lay down there like a mummy and get fresh air at the same time. But you wonder, what... or how did the Border Patrol didn't notice?

Is all about timing and Knowing the right guys. Why did she let it happened? Her daughter Isabel had Leukemia and her Insurance was not affordable. Her Mother had to work for more than 35 years as a seamstress, at 62, her hands were already absorbed by arthritis and modern technology and Catalogues did the rest.

Ron gave her a good time at Cancun and painted a picture of glamour and a better life for her. Whether she believed him or not, it was too late to go back.

After 2 hours of driving, Francisco the driver, pulls over in a one story mother-daughter residential home. His wife and 3 little children come out to receive them.

The human load has finally arrived to the United States of America. What's different for them? The language around. When they left their towns in wherever they came from. The signs were in their particular language. Is like us ending in Kuwait and not being able to read Arabic at all.

"Margarita!, we are here Mujer!," screams Francisco. " Yes papi, we saw your coming. Wow, five persons this time?" says Margarita, checking out the 'cargo.'

"You will be in good hands my Colombian dream come true," Says Ron Chuck with a sarcastic tone. "I have to buy the Tickets to take you to Vegas as I promised...hold it! Why are you crying woman?"

"You don't need to know, is just silly... I, ugh! I miss my family and why should you care?"

" You did the best for your family back in Colombia amiga. I'm here for you and ready to help you, Comprende?"

" Yes! I know now! Better here than struggling in my own Country"

The house is a middle point for connections. Her final destination will be Vegas...




Adrianna, has finally contacted her mother. First she had to find out the area code from Colombia, which she wasn't prepared for. Her doggie Ressy was taken away to a local Kennel and Manolo, the contact In Spain, was on his way to see her. What really struck her the most, was the cold temperature form Madrid. Being born in a tropical area, between Andean Mountains got her used to higher temperatures, but 65 farenheit degrees was too much. We see her checking out her wardrobe and products from 'Esika', A Colombian brand for Cosmetics. She is trying herself one of her jeans with 'derrier enhancer.'

"Oh my... My blond hair is a mess!, and my fingers are getting dry! No..! I gotta take a shower"

Five minutes into the fresh and warm tub. We hear someone knocking the door. Adrianna has to get out of the shower and hurry herself up. "Who is it?" We hear a deep voice, curiously with a Colombian accent. "Is me Manolo mami!"

Adrianne just has enough seconds to fold a towel around her wet hair and tighten a bathrobe lace around her waste. "Oh! Yes! the Casting Photographer," she opens the door and shakes his hands. " You made it finally babe. Nice to have you here. I heard you are from Tulua Valley, right?"

"Yes, exactly. You sound colombian, but with a madrilean accent"

" Everybody tells me that. I have been here and Barcelona for fifteen years and that is a lot"

"So you are from Cali Manolo?"

" You got it girl! Born near the Pasqual Guerrero Stadium, donwtonw Cali!"

Adrianna thinks he is cool, from the same area as hers and losens up. "You are the Casting Model Photographer right?" Inquires Adrianna as she dries her hair with a sexy smile. "Yes paisa. But I'm here also to decompress your worries, you know?"

"That's is wonderful Manny. Can i call you Manny?"

" Tha's fine with me. Adriannita!"

"Would you...could you give me 10 minutes? I gotta finish a well deserved shower"

"No problem mami"





Marcela's plane arrives on time. three Hours from London was enough. She is here to study International Business at Stockholm University, and do some modeling. Her Visa will expire in 6 months but she is willing to set roots or probably move to Paris or Rome. But she is already ahead of the game. Her dad was en ex M-19 Guerrilla insurgent, who happened to be lucky to find dirty money stashed between the walls in and old run down villa ranch, that belonged to a top notch drug Lord from the Northern area. He held the money for all these years and now was willing to give her daughter her freedom. Her dream was always to be a top model abroad. She was tired of local pageants, where the Sponsors usually get paid with the 'Intimacy' that you imagine. He knew his daughter deserved better and kept his grandson with him, Jairo Ricardo, the sweetest thing for a five year old.

Stockholm like any other European city is a cosmopolitan mixture of races. You can see Indians, South American and Asian exchange students and business people. The problem was the language, but Marcela knew decent English, and was able to learn quick. Swedish was close to Finish and both were a resemblance to a broken English. But like our other 2 girls, she was going to make it or else....


Stockholms universitet, Universitetsvägen 10, 114 18 Stockholm, Sweden
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Comments 11 comments

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

here I go enjoying the travels of the Coloumbian dream :) up and awesome

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Hello Frank!

You are the first to comment. How great! Probably the pictures caught your attention huh? Thanks anyway my friend! You are always welcome to stop by.


brittanytodd profile image

brittanytodd 5 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Another excellent story! Thank you for sharing. Voted up.

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

or else what...hmn...the story sounds more interesting...can't wait for the next part...

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Hi there Brittany,

The story evolves by the day, and we are glad we did a good research on the topic. At times, ideas and situations are channelized on the moment. Hard to explain at times but we call it Inspiration in general. We will se what will happened. We don't even know how all is going to end, but glad you enjoyed it!


Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

You think so Raciniwa?

Let's see how people react as they read the story that is put into paper by the day. We will try to catch up with them...because, we cannot forsee the ending of this tale. Like life itself, it can be crude and also fun. Take care my friend.


raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

yeah, it could happen to people in real life, but who knows what lies in that brilliant mind of yours...

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

You are funny!

we are as normal as any mortal. We just concentrate in our characters and see them in action... all we have to do is write down their vivd experiences. Thanks for your words Raciniwa.


raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

you're welcome...

brittanytodd profile image

brittanytodd 5 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

lord, the best endings come later (I think). Can't wait to read more.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Hello there Brittany,

In order to give our best shot in this evolving story. We will be extremely careful, due to the complexity of this tale. Thanks for your comments and words of encouragement.


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